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Run with Tracy

Back at it again.  I have a GIANT headache after watching the yoga video that I am using for my class.  Took notes and will study them this week and practice and will hopefully be ready for next Tuesday. 

Tonight, sparky has her middle school info meeting, then a few friends are coming over for a bit.  Should be a good day

It's a cabin weekend!!!! Cannot WAIT to get out if town! So needed in so many ways. I do have a Sh!t ton to do this morning, which includes going to Madison to see my mom but no working out. What can you do. Hoping to get some long walks in this weekend as it's supposed to be beautiful up in the northwoods.

Enjoy the weekend and happy Mother's Day to all of you moms to 2 legged little people and to those moms of 4 legged furry people!

And a totally random sidebar but how/where do I go to change my streamlined and ready for 2013?
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Taught Power Pump

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Walk with B. Sparky came home from school and put her pajamas on. She was beat.

Shorter work day today but I have to go back tonight :-(.  Sticking it out thru the summer as I can enjoy one last summer of flexibility.  Then the search is on ... I wish some rockin' 3/4 time, flexible with awesome pay job would just fall into my lap!!!  One can dream.  Can't really search that description tho .  I would love to be able to put it out on FB, but can't do that with all of the connections to the gym. 

Run with the Sparkster after school. 

12:00pm - do you think I can learn to teach yoga in the next 10 days?





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Spin class

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Taught Power Pump

A long work day today. 

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