Planning to ride today, but prob in the gym.

Just me being a nerd here. I went back to compare 2012 and 2014 at B2B. Both years, I will admit that I went as hard as I could have with the fitness I had at the time. I don't race any other way.

IMO, the swim currents were similar during 2012 and 2014. Improved swim by two minutes, but more importantly, moved up significantly in the standings, both overall and AG. Improvement.

During both years, I exited the water at around the same effort. In 2012, I didn't have any hiccups and was out quickly. In and out. For 2014, and basing it off the 2012 T1, I'm assuming the helmet malfunction cost me around 2 mins, which is how much the 1AG guy beat me by.

2012 had some winds (mostly headwinds), which at times were kind of strong. 2014 had light winds, with some tailwinds towards the end. Improved by over 8 mins, but more importantly, moved up in OA and AG standings. Improvement.

Slightly faster in 2014, which leads me to believe that T1 would have been faster, too.

A little better than 1 min improvement in 2014. Weather was not a factor either time, so I think the improved bike fitness came into play. OA and AG rank differences negligible. Improvement.

So, marked improvement in pretty much every discipline, but especially on the bike. Good stuff. B2B is also becoming a faster race. Every year, the times drop more and more.

Although I have a marathon in early spring, Im going to work hard to improve the bike in the offseason again. It's all about the bike.
  • 51m 38s
  • 7.04 miles
  • 07m 20s /Mi
First workout in a few days. Felt great! Funny how an easy training run pace can be a HARD racing run pace.

Plan for November is to just take it easy, especially on the run. Going to strive for:

1x swim a week
2x bike a week
2x run a week

Goal is to take it easy, let body rest a little and heal. Also going to work on rehabbing Achilles Tendons in prep for marathon training. Going to start to ramp it up at the end of November and once December comes around, I want to be in full marathon training mode.

I'm wrestling with the idea of signing up for IMKY next year.

Third day of no workouts...

Will go for a swim tomorrow, then a few easy rides and runs this weekend. I'm going to "Louiskie" it for November.
A little sore today, but nothing too bad.

A few days of down time never hurt anyone. :)

Race report posted.
Good day at B2B! Raced very hard and came out with a 2AG and 20OA. We had a nice current for the swim, a low wind day for the bike, and perfect temps for the run. I also got to see a bunch of buds racing/hanging out there! Awesome.

2014 is definitely going down as the Year of Bad Luck, though. First, after sprinting out of the swim to T1, I accidentally tore off the aero helmet clip that secures the strap to your chin and dropped it in the grass. It took me an extra 2+ mins to find it and thread it back onto the strap. Then, for the entire ride, my front wheel chirped b/c the brake would rub on the wheel. B/c the new wheel is wide, I had VERY little space between the brake pads and wheel. I kept having to adjust throughout the ride. I need to buy a wider brake caliper for these new wheels.
  • 28m 37s
  • 3581.54 meters
  • 00m 48s /100 meters
  • 2h 29m 14s
  • 56.10 miles
  • 22.56 Mi/hr
  • 1h 31m 05s
  • 13.10 miles
  • 06m 57s /Mi

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