• 1h 00m 05s
  • 8.03 miles
  • 07m 28s /Mi

1 hour Z2 with 3 x 800s @ Z4 + 400 easy jog

Went out today and realized I didn't know what the workout was. I figured it was an hour with a few Z4 efforts sprinkled in. The workout called for 10 mins Z4. Glad I didn't try that in today's humidity and heat!

It was HOT. After the Z4 efforts, I was really feeling it. I think it may be more prudent to start doing those runs in the morning and moving the swim to the afternoons.

Missed this morning's swim b/c I was taking car in to get a hitch put on.

Will be missing most of my workouts this weekend. We're going camping. Guess I could use the time off.

  • 1h 42m 52s
  • 32.28 miles
  • 18.83 Mi/hr
  • 45m 09s
  • 2000.00 meters
  • 02m 15s /100 meters
Rode at Pope Air Base this morning with Steve and David. Fun time.

At lunch, did mostly drills, focusing on kicking and form. Good session.

  • 1h 03m 34s
  • 8.71 miles
  • 07m 17s /Mi
Ran through tummy trouble today. Stomach felt iffy at the start and then gave me probs at mile 4ish. Glad I ran at a track that has a bathroom.

Feeling a bit tired, too...

  • RACE DAY: Triangle Triathlon
  • 28m 30s
  • 4.00 miles
  • 07m 07s /Mi

0.5 mile warmup
2 mile PT test @ 11:20
1 mile as pacer
0.5 mile cd

  • 1h 33m 40s
  • 26.62 miles
  • 17.05 Mi/hr
  • 04m


  • ABS - Sit-Ups, Flat
  • 1

2 min Pushups: 67
2 min Situps: 70


Reserves @ Ft. Gordon

PT this morning. Lowest I've scored in a long time. Not worried about it, though. I'm not training for.

Would like to run more later, but riding with Doug on the Ft. Gordon ranges. I hope to ride for 2 hours.

-Update- Doug and I rode around the ranges and found a really good route. This was more of an easy, conversational ride in which we didn't attack the hills. The weather was perfect, with some welcome drizzle towards the middle miles. Really enjoyable ride.

If possible, will run tomorrow. It's my rest day, and I will be busy with military stuff, so no worries if I cannot get it in.

  • 1h 15m
  • 2743.20 meters
  • 02m 44s /100 meters

500m WU
500m Pool Buoy
300m Kickboard
600m Speed Drills

  • 1h 35m 05s
  • 28.82 miles
  • 18.19 Mi/hr
Reserves @ Ft. Gordon

Swam during lunch. Nice pool here! It's 50m and indoors. I had a lane to myself.

After the duty day, went back out on the ranges of Ft. Gordon. Saw a racoon! He took off like a bat out of hell when he saw me, though.

At the turnaround point, I realized I had forgot my flat kit! Crap! I was very careful on the way back. There's nothing/nobody out there during that time of day (and week)! A flat and I'd be out there, in the dark with no lights, little food or water.

One thing about those roads...They are hilly, hilly, hilly. Boom down the hills and struggle up them.

  • 1h 20m 48s
  • 24.95 miles
  • 18.53 Mi/hr

1 hour Z2

Reserves @ Ft. Gordon

After the duty day was complete, rode back on the ranges of Ft. Gordon. Not a bad place to ride. The first few miles, before you get out there, are rough. After that, it smooths out. Very hilly route.

Pool closed at 1PM...F'n banker hours.

Hope to ride the Augusta 70.3 course on Saturday...kind of doubt that'll happen, though.

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