Rest day. Feel great, and really feel like doing something, but training smartly includes taking rest days, whether you "feel" as though you need them, or not.
  • 4h 39m 13s
  • 91.14 miles
  • 19.58 Mi/hr
Five hour ride planned for today. Was going to leave at 6AM, but decided to wait for first light. Riding in the dark doesn't really bother me, but light is much better. ;)

Going to try a mostly different route today...don't know if I can ride it, though.

Boy, I haven't taken a beatin' like that in a long time. The wind was just brutal. Wow. I kept thinking that if it is going to be windy at B2B, this is how it's going to feel like.

Kept the pace at low Z2 and feel great now! If I had time, I'd go and run, but it's family time! :)

  • 1h 00m 58s
  • 7.70 miles
  • 07m 55s /Mi

Group run

  • 37m 30s
  • 1800.00 meters
  • 02m 05s /100 meters
Long ride planned for tomorrow. Leaving early and doing 100. Thinking of a different route, though...guess it doesn't matter if I get lost, as long as it's only 2.5 hours out and then 2.5 hours back!

Ran with the group today. Started off with everyone, but picked it up and had 2 other guys join in. Good run.

Swim was, well, the swim.

  • 1h 04m 46s
  • 20.09 miles
  • 18.61 Mi/hr
  • 45m
  • 1828.80 meters
  • 02m 28s /100 meters
Easy ride this morning with Steve and Mike. We mostly chatted about our races this past weekend and what's coming up next...iron distance races!


  • 2h 00m 08s
  • 15.48 miles
  • 07m 45s /Mi
  • 25m 22s
  • 1103.66 meters
  • 02m 18s /100 meters
OK, last day off...Going for a longish run, then possibly an OWS.

  • 1h 03m 06s
  • 21.94 miles
  • 20.86 Mi/hr
  • 51m 53s
  • 7.01 miles
  • 07m 24s /Mi
While I'm not a big fan of the brick, did one today to see how the legs would feel. Goal was to ride moderate to hard, then run low z2. Legs felt fine, but towards the end, HR started to creep up.

Long run planned for tomorrow.

  • 1h 52m 15s
  • 33.37 miles
  • 17.84 Mi/hr
Race report posted.

Plan to ride today.

Boy, chalking this up as a mental training day...Tired legs, strong wind, tons of traffic, and to top it all off, not very rested...courtesy of my son's lack of sleep last night.

Kind of surprised how tired my legs felt, but I don't really rev up the body that much in training.

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