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Light rain shower High 78FLow 55F
  • Temp: 70F
  • Hum: 56%
  • W: 6mph SSW
Light rain
High 55F
Low 34F
High 53F
Low 27F
High 57F
Low 37F
High 66F
Low 41F
  • 1h 52m 15s
  • 33.37 miles
  • 17.84 Mi/hr
Race report posted.

Plan to ride today.

Boy, chalking this up as a mental training day...Tired legs, strong wind, tons of traffic, and to top it all off, not very rested...courtesy of my son's lack of sleep last night.

Kind of surprised how tired my legs felt, but I don't really rev up the body that much in training.

Rest day.

A little sore today, but nothing too bad. Hamstrings are the most sore of any muscle group. Achilles have not been an issue, nor have they been tight or tender. W00T!

Feeling very optimistic about Augusta and B2B at this point. I will probably readjust time goals a little (slower), but nothing too drastic.
Run #1
  • 15m
  • 2.00 miles
  • 07m 30s /Mi

Pre race warmup - with strides.

  • 31m 17s
  • 1500.00 meters
  • 02m 05s /100 meters
  • 1h 14m 29s
  • 28.00 miles
  • 22.56 Mi/hr
Run #2
  • 38m 42s
  • 6.20 miles
  • 06m 14s /Mi
Very happy with today's race. Minus the wind on the bike course, and trouble shifting, the rest of the day (and weather) was perfect. I reminded myself that this is probably what B2B is going to be like and just put my head down.

Compared to last year's race, I took off nearly 10 mins, but what's odd is that I placed EXACTLY the same. Top guys that won that same AG last year improved by 4-5 mins each.

2013 - 02:26:32 (26OA and 6AG)
2012 - 02:35:11 (26OA and 6AG)

I have worked really hard on my swim this year, mostly working on technique. Took off 4:15 there. For the bike, I cycled hard, but fought the wind for the first 15+ miles. To be honest, this is the only area I'm disappointed with. The run was a real suffer fest. I didn't let myself slack much, almost throwing up 2x towards the end.

My dumbass didn't get the laps right on my Garmin. They're all f'd up:

  • 41m 01s
  • 5.73 miles
  • 07m 09s /Mi
  • 30m
  • 1371.60 meters
  • 02m 11s /100 meters

  • 1h 22m 42s
  • 27.05 miles
  • 19.63 Mi/hr

  • 1h 13m 45s
  • 10.05 miles
  • 07m 20s /Mi
Long run day that I turned into a 2/3 long run day. White Lake this weekend!

Sure do hope the LBS gets my bike back tomorrow. They stated the parts all had not arrived. I may be racing White Lake on my old road bike, no aero bars...That'd suck!

Super busy day at work. The planned swim turned into an unplanned working lunch. Faq!

  • 1h 28m 31s
  • 27.08 miles
  • 18.36 Mi/hr
  • 46m 34s
  • 1828.80 meters
  • 02m 32s /100 meters
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