• 55m
  • 2377.44 meters
  • 02m 19s /100 meters

500y wu and drill
4x25 on :40
Base Test: 3 x (3x200 + :30 second rest)
200y cd

First set avg - 3:05; Second - 3:10; Third: 3:15 --> Base Pace = 1:35/100yds

Ah, glorious sleep. Went to bed last night before 10P and slept until 6A. I need a few more nights like that to catch up.

Coach had us test today to establish base pace. I def. went out too hard in the first 3x200. Based off test, my base pace will be in the 1:30-1:35/100 yards. Converted into meters, that's aprox 1:45 per 100. The goal over the next 2 months is to bring that pace down under 1:40/100m.

Coach identified a few flaws in my stroke that can be fixed with a few drills. First, left hand is coming up, rather than down, when I'm reaching. She stated that's adding resistance to my stroke. Second, my head is not steady. I'm moving it around a bit. That, too, is adding resistance. Third, my hips are sinking a bit. That was easier to correct that than the other two.

I've ordered the LG Course and the Giro Air Attack helmets. Going to give them a try, and getting rid of the one I do not want.

  • 1h 01m 10s
  • 17.50 miles
  • 17.17 Mi/hr

10min WU
Intervals 4x (10min + 2EZ)
3min CD

OK, I think I'm on track to meet my volume goals despite everything that's happened in this crazy month.

Boy, 8 weeks to go...where'd the time go?

Army Reserves @ Gordon, then travel back to NC...

Taking the day as a rest day and getting back at it tomorrow.
  • 3h 00m
  • 46.00 miles
  • 15.33 Mi/hr
Long day and late start to this trainer ride.

So, it is what it is...a down week. It's all good. I'm feeling pretty good about training and plan to pick it up this coming week. Going to re-focus on the bike. The run is feeling great.

  • 52m 30s
  • 2500.00 meters
  • 02m 06s /100 meters

5 x (500m + 1 min rest)

  • 1h 59m 29s
  • 16.17 miles
  • 07m 23s /Mi
Moderate swim, then checked into barracks, and 30 minutes later started my long run.

Tried to write out "D00D TRI" on the inside of the 3 mile track. That's harder than it looks! You really have to have some good reference points! After the first letter, it was easier. Too bad it's upside down on the map!

  • 53m
  • 7.08 miles
  • 07m 29s /Mi
About as much as I can muster for today. Worked all day, then drove to Augusta.

I knew this wasn't going to be a great week of training.

  • 1h 21m 34s
  • 21.60 miles
  • 15.89 Mi/hr
  • 50m
  • 2194.56 meters
  • 02m 17s /100 meters
  • 1h 00m 17s
  • 8.02 miles
  • 07m 30s /Mi
Boy, amazing how the tides can turn so fast. One minute, feeling like training is going super great, the next, it feels derailed and out of whack.

I highly doubt I'll be able to get in a long ride this weekend, mainly due to a mandatory reserves weekend. This month was going to be a tough month to hit goals b/c of all the extra army stuff I had to do, but will just drive on and try to make up for it best I can.

Wicked Wednesday! Felt great during all three.

Started back up at Masters and the coach really worked on form with me. I'm doing a few little things that need to be corrected, but other than that, things are looking good. I'm feeling pretty good in the water overall...now just need to pump up the volume for these last 2 months.

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