• 40m
  • 1800.00 meters
  • 02m 13s /100 meters

500m moderate wu
500m @ 9:15
500m pull buoy
300m easy cd

  • 1h 06m 35s
  • 9.01 miles
  • 07m 23s /Mi
  • 41m 22s
  • 10.70 miles
  • 15.52 Mi/hr
This just doesn't seem all that important...

  • 45m
  • 2100.00 meters
  • 02m 09s /100 meters
  • 30m 04s
  • 7.47 miles
  • 14.91 Mi/hr
Swam and biked...Just not feeling it.

Heart is heavy today...My mother passed away last night.

In my opinion, losing a parent is about the hardest thing one can go through.

Very sad and pretty much heartbroken...

Taking the day off. Just don't feel like doing anything. Tomorrow's a new day, though.
Run #1
  • 34m 19s
  • 5.02 miles
  • 06m 50s /Mi
Run #2
  • 1h 12m 39s
  • 10.01 miles
  • 07m 15s /Mi
Long run day, but I'm splitting it up.

First run, during Physical Training, was tempo. Pushed it a little during mid miles. This will set up the longer run which I'll do later this evening. I want to hit my IM run pace during this next run.

Things are clickin'. Felt great out there and actually had to hold back to stay in long run pace range. Splits even, effort low. I really did not expect to feel that good.

I'm a really big fan of splitting up the long run. I'm prob going to do it more often.

  • 4h 46m 48s
  • 91.45 miles
  • 19.13 Mi/hr
Cold, windy, and wet day at the SCT. Almost decided to drive back to Augusta and just get on the trainer...then I though of 4 hours on that dreadful thing. I'd rather be cold and miserable.

Legs felt smashed from the run effort of the past 3 days. On top of that, I forgot to pump my front tire (I blame the trainer!), so I was riding on a soft tire at about 60-70 PSI! I didn't realize it until I hit the hills out past Rockmart.

Nutrition was great. Alternated between gels and perpetuem tabs every 15 mins, taking in aprox 300 cals per hour. Perfect. Could have drank more, but really didn't sweat much.

I forgot to clear yesterdays workout, so it's added to this ride. I'll see about deleting the first 13 miles so I can analyze the data a bit.

  • 1h 11m 50s
  • 9.51 miles
  • 07m 32s /Mi
  • 50m 12s
  • 13.15 miles
  • 15.72 Mi/hr
Good month of running. Hope to pick it up to 160 miles for March.

Going to get a ride in after work, then headed off to Atlanta to visit the Grandfather IL.

Riding long tomorrow. Should be fun.

  • 1h 00m 20s
  • 8.01 miles
  • 07m 31s /Mi
Feeling some slight fatigue from yesterday's workout. Awesome.

Going to hop on the tready for a medium distance run, then going out to meet a buddy for dinner tonight. Haven't seen him since Iraq, in mid 2011!

Didn't feel like running, but once I started, felt great.

Noticing how I've fallen off on they cycling a bit...bah. Still good volume, and still quality workouts, but need to increase. For March and April, would like to see mid 30 hours of cycling...

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