run tonight. Need to run tonight.
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  • 1h 00m

Push lawn mower mowing tall grass.

Picture lady came early - I had finished mowing the lawn and then went to pick up the dogs and crashed on the sofa for the night. Pushing a lawn mower is work especially when it has rained for 5 days and the grass is LONG.

Pictures tonight at 530, pick up dogs from daycare after, and hopefully a run. :)

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  • 2h 00m

Moving heavy items from house to uhaul to storage unit.

Run didn't happen. Cell Phone Died - so I had to complain (yes I work for the company) to get it replaced after work and then went home and helped Chris load a 6x12 Uhaul with things to go from the house to storage. Some of our things make the place look smaller than it so with the pictures taken to list it being taken tomorrow night we took a lot of uneccesary stuff to storage. Big heavy table, two benches, two end tables, two filing cabinets, Matthew's desk, 10 cubbie thing from the office and more. We loaded the uhaul until 710 and then went down and unloaded it into the storage unit. Then came home and put up the new towel rack and shelf in the MBath that has been sitting there for almost a month to be put up. Finally went to bed at 1130 - had a snack at 1045 since we didn't stop to eat.

Tonight 2 run 2 walk x6

And moving more things to storage tonight.

  • 21m 05s
  • 1.58 miles
  • 13m 20s /Mi

Starting my fun run box again. 1 run 2 walk x7

  • Walking
  • 26m 22s

1.58 mile walk back home.

Things have been CRAZY here. Goodness. I don't know which end is up and it poured most of yesterday. UGH. Rain for the next 7-10 days - while it is helping with the wildfire close to Anchorage, it is taking my mojo with it. Didn't sleep well last night.

We went to see a movie, did a few errands but then was lazy due to pouring rain all day.
  • Walking
  • 40m

Spent the afternoon walking around show rooms for things for the house/yard. Nice sunny afternoon after clouds and rain in the morning.

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