So Dr. P - my chiro worked wonders - yesterday was mostly pain free run.

Today we got a couple inches of snow and everything is at a stand still. Working from home this morning with the puppies.

Hoping for more last night but I had dropped Chris off to run home from the eastern part of Anchorage to ER. I said if I didn't hear from him at 7:40pm I would come looking for him. Left the gym early and then off to find it - he was around the corner from home.
  • 20m
  • 1.65 miles
  • 12m 07s /Mi

All running - did a short "try to talk myself out of more" at 14 and then kept on.

Run tonight - hoping to do 20 min straight and then work up from there. Will see. :) A month from yesterday I head to Florida for the 10K - so not ready but working on getting there.

Bailed on everything today and just was a shut in. Just needed it. Got most of the things I bought on Saturday for Organization done but not all of it. Tired of not knowing where everything was.

Cut the heal of my foot open yesterday - stepped back and caught a metal piece on Gus's kennel so right where the back of my shoe goes is where this cut is. Walked a bit this morning in search of a fat tire bike and came home and my sock was bloody. Just called it a day. Hoping it heals up soon.
  • Walking
  • 45m

I went out and did some walking - was hoping the track across the road had been plowed like they have done in Anchorage but nope.

  • 33m
  • 2.38 miles
  • 13m 51s /Mi

A little shorter than Wed.

Took an off day - headache was back and didn't want to make it worse. Will be prepped to run tomorrow.
  • 36m 17s
  • 2.60 miles
  • 13m 57s /Mi

Did 5 warm up walk, 15 run at 5.0, 5 walk at 3.4, 5 run (2 min at 5.2, 2 min at 5.1, 1 min at 5.0) and then the 5 min cool down walk.

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