Today is going to be an off day. Left Anchorage at 11pm last night, 2am Central Time. Got here to the hospital about 11:30 today and Dad had not the foggiest idea who I was. He thought I was “the little boy down the road that helped with...” It is now 3:30pm and we are still at the hospital - energy to started to fade. With the exception of a question of how many kids he had and how many boys and how many girls, dad hasn’t been lucid at all in the time I have been here. He just stares at me like he has no idea who I am.

One oncologist came down this afternoon and we are waiting for him to come back with another oncologist. They did tell us that he has Diffused Large B Cell Lymphoma.

It is hard to see my dad like this, it is especially hard to know that my dad has no idea who I am. He was asked when he got his last meds what his last name was, he didn’t answer, she asked him again and he said I already told you - she said can you tell me again? He rambled off a series of numbers. Mom said I know those - those are his dog tag numbers from Vietnam.

He has been up and walking a few times but it takes multiple people to help him and then he is very unstable. He is not sleeping, was agitated last night and they had to restrain him. Changing up a bit of his meds and hopefully it will help him sleep a little better and not have to restrain him. He has to have someone with him from the hospital 24/7.
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To and fro trying to remember everything that needed to be done before I fly home. Power of Attorney for Chris to sign for me if the house closes before I get back, resale certificate to the real estate company, transfer from GCI to AT&T since they have better service where I am going. A few shops for a few comfy clothes for the hospital and lunch and we left work at 1030 and got home at 340. Now 730 and I have gotten laundry done, dinner done thanks to Chris and finally done packinng.

Apparently dad knew who I was when mom asked if he knew who I was when she said I was flying in. A few minutes where crabby dad wasn’t there - dad has a lot of confusion/dementia and yesterday he was like drunk happy today he was mean to mom so much she left the hospital early. Should be fun what I find tomorrow. Thursday more labs and then a visit with oncology to get a few answers. Shiela who was there last week and can’t be there this week sent me a list of questions.

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3x20 - leaning cable raise & Front cable raise,
30 toe taps

3x20 - incline db raise & front bb raise
30 toe taps

Will try to do the 3x20 db lateral raise and db Arnold press later and an additional 30 toe taps.

Went down to get on the TM and do an incline workout for 30 min cardio and my mom called less than a minute in and that was done. Will try to do it tonight.

Dad was taken back to the hospital by ambulance last night. Mom found him trying to pull down the closet doors about midnight, claiming he had back pain radiating up his back, as well as it was hard to breathe. Home nurse line said to take him to the ER. He told the nurse in the ER when she asked if he needed anything that he wanted a rope to put around his neck. Ambulance ride back out to the hospital in Iowa City.

Update: I am on a one way flight home tomorrow night arriving late morning on Wed about 30-45 min from the hospital. It was to be a "just in case, can cancel within 24 hours", well mom called and I told her I was coming home. Update on dad - he is starting to retain fluid on his legs so they are going to give him something for that, they are going to start looking at his back to see if they can find a reason for the increase in pain and he hasn't said one coherent thing since Mom has gotten to the hospital. DNR has been filed.

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