Woke up feeling quite shitty so I am working from home. The body aches have pretty much left during the day but I am still plugged up with plenty of pressure in my head and face (sinus pressure) as well as I can't get warm. But I am working.

New boss said thank you for not infecting others if you are sick. Told the rest of the group - general rule you don't feel well but till feel up to working from home please stay home... :)
  • Walking
  • 30m

Counting this because it was through snow in boots and over roots and such...

Today was family picture day out at Mirror Lake.... Matthew is 15, 16 in May and Chris and Matthew haven't had pictures since he was 5ish... I didn't lose weight like I wanted before them so hopefully I don't look like a house. :| Sneek peak sometime in the next few days, final pictures from 2-3 weeks. Hoping for 1 good one for Xmas Cards this year.

1. Matthew had some taken with his truck and after just 2 with the family he seemed to be done. Got him back out there.
2. We recreated the parents snuggle in the back while Matthew makes a "oh my god face"
3. I wanted one of all 3 of us walking away from the camera holding hands... Matthew wanted to do the "pick up the child in the middle" - he is 6'4" and 220....
4. We took quite a few with just Chris and I. I know of at least 2 poses that are the "Photo on Pinterest looks great, your actual creation looks like..... " :)
5. We have one with all three of us ducking out behind trees, since Matthew was on a tree behind us I don't want to know the poses or faces he made...
6. She wanted us to blow a light snow at each other. I did that but when I opened my eyes - Matthew had dumped snow on Chris's head.
7. Might be the best - In all of Matthew's football pictures he is tall and with a nice RBF.... So we all three tried to mimic RBF with Matthew.

Should be interesting...

  • Walking
  • 40m

I think from noon to 5 we kept moving. Just an estimate (low estimate) on steps.

  • Snow Shoveling
  • 45m

Part of the driveway.

First measureable snow fall - DOGS love it (ok Gus and Koda do - Daisy the dachshund NOT so much) but Chris and I realized just how big our driveway is. Snowblower shopping has started. :) Heavy wet (aka when the snow shovel pushed through it packed up - would have been wonderful snow ball snow)

  • Walking
  • 20m
Up from 1-2 this morning so the 530 gym didn't happen since I had to be at work by 8 and I enjoyed the sleep. Will push for tonight.

Up until 230, heard Chris's alarm go off at 615 to take Matthew, slept off and on until 830 and then back up for a meeting with my boss at 10am. Today might be an off day. Getting off a bit early to take Matthew to hockey but not sure I will drag my butt off the sofa after I get home from that.

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