Going to try to get in the pool again tonight. Was up at 430 for training at 6am (I had to come into the office) - got called for on call at 1130 last night. Hoping to get a nap after I get off work so I can swim tonight and then need to find time to get groceries. All when the back complains since I am sitting up right in my chair.
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Lower back is not happy. Not sure what the deal is. Spent the afternoon painting with friends and then dinner.

  • Snow Shoveling
  • 1h 30m

Shoveling since the person who usually snow blows is in Hawaii. No swim for me today since the instructors birthday is today. We have drills to practice. Instead, Koda got to go to an indoor doggie pool and got to swim for the first time. Not sure what he thought but he did well for the first time according to his "instructor".

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  • 30m

Off day. With on call and not sleeping well I am beat.
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Swim lesson tonight.

Koda - asleep on the arm of the couch yesterday - the repair guy came yesterday and Koda didn't nap well. So when he did crash he crashed on the arm of the sofa... He weighed in last night at just over 23 lbs. :)

1 year ago today my belongings arrived in Alaska from Oklahoma after the divorce. And 1 year ago today I had my last caffeinated sofa. I have had sips and such off of a coke here and there but nothing more than 5 oz here and there.

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