Feel better today - might try the run for this weekend. 6 weeks from Sunday to race day! Need to start feeling better. I am better today - just feel worn out very easily... Stayed home again today to be able to rest. This weekend. Hoping for a run and Chris, Matthew and I are going to see the United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra tomorrow night at the Performing Arts Center. Should be a good show.
2nd day in a row that I have worked from home since I feel crappy. Got afrin for my nose (that was a first time experience I am not al that happy with) but at least it opened up my nose so I can sleep. Slept pretty good. Feel better today but not 100%.
SICK AGAIN - this time it appears to be viral and head stuffiness, sore throat, etc. Feel like death warmed over right now but took drugs last night so hopefully it gets better. Didn't go to get blood drawn today since they said if I was sick it could mess with the results. Will see how I feel tomorrow and run to do that.
T4 came back high on my company's blood draw. Went in to talk to the dr about it today. She said it could have been contributed to since I was sick with bronchitis when they drew the blood last month. She said lets re-test tsh and t4. Ok. Blood tech missed the vein in both arms. Said I was done. Will go back tomorrow morning before I get my final crown to get blood drawn. Ugh.

4 mile run tonight.
today was a lazy day on the sofa. Woke up with a headache that wrapped around the front of my head, down my neck. Just left me pretty nauseous. Dr. apt tomorrow morning and will run tomorrow night. Need to get back on track for this full coming up in 7 weeks.
  • 45m 20s
  • 10.00 miles
  • 13.24 Mi/hr

At the gym while the boys played basketball. Run tomorrow

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