Slept through the night last night and the night before. I heard Chris get up this morning but I couldn't keep my eyes open to get up and head to the gym. Raining outside. Will try at lunch or after work.
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Chris had a long slow run today and he did well slowing it down. I rode with him with fluids and food. Multiple stops where I didn't stop the watch. It was 77* and sunny (yay) and I actually got sunburnt. I didn't care about time. It is nice to go out and bike without pain. Then to an outdoor patio for a drink and food.

  • Walking
  • 45m

Wrestled the boys to the vet - Koda is 91.4 lbs and Gus is 106.5... and to think Gus was 7 lbs when he came home just about 2 years ago. Then I left from there and drove sout along the inlet where Chris was doing a 5 hour bike ride. And then was his mobile aid station. At 3.5 hours he was happy to see I brought a coke :)

worked from 1130 last night until 630 this morning. I am beat today. I managed to sleep until about 1230 but still tired. Ugh.
Sport #1
  • Chiropractic
  • 30m

Popped my wrists, ankles and back/neck - all with another headache. Hope it helps later.

Sport #2
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  • 30m

Nothing much tonight, battling the headache and just plain exhausted before having to turn around and head back to work at midnight.

No gym last night. Chiro today. Trying to see people registering for races and not sign up. Harder than I thought but I know deep down that I shouldn't right now.

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