Belly has calmed down. Not sure what today will bring. Legs are sore - I think it is time to get new shoes. Last shoes were bought in July - granted they didn't get miles upon miles. Also - work last night at midnight led to no in depth sleep until about 630 with an alarm at 715. Needless to say running on empty today. Meeting over lunch with people that drive me crazy when I have had a full nights sleep - can imagine what today will be like.

Maybe gym after work - maybe off day. See how I feel later. Dinner is in the crockpot - just need to make rice.
  • 37m 49s
  • 2.67 miles
  • 14m 09s /Mi

Went better than I thought - I slowed down from 5.2 on my run intervals to 5.0.

5 wu walk
3 run/1 walk/2 run/1.5 walk/3 run/1 walk
2 run/2 walk/2.5 run/2 walk/2 run/1.5 walk
2.5 run/2.5 walk/2 run/1.5 walk/1 run
4 cd walk

Neither of us wanted to get up and moving this morning. Need to run since I swapped the off day today for yesterday. Got woke up at 230 with a VERY unhappy tummy and it hasn't calmed down since. This should be fun.

After all the commotion yesterday with the missile scare trying to get Chris out of Hawaii and the lovely rain/ice we have gotten the last couple days I decided to spend the day doing mostly nothing with Chris.

Lunch at our Mexican place. Dinner was a place where it all started for us many years ago. Was to be the two of us then Matthew wanted to go with him and his girl. Sure it was he wanted to take his girl out but doesn't have any money.

Matthew took a lens he was borrowing from me and sold it with his camera last wed. Chris and I have both told him he was out of line doing it. As I went to the ladies room at dinner Chris brought it up again. Matthew was like it is over not a big deal - I said except for the person who doesn't have a lens. He said fine I will buy you a $60 lens. Unfortunately for him - the equivalent lens is over $300 for a replacement. For me - it isn't about the lens. It is about him lying about what he did. Boy said he "thought you gave me the lens" - nope LIE. He has borrowed numerous pieces of my camera equipment - these were older so I told him he could use them until he had money to buy his own. Second he had a larger lens of mine and had priced out the trade in value of it. He called me at work to tell me what he could get for it. I told him in now way to sell it. He gets off the phone and when I call him on it he says "I had no intention of selling it in the first place" - if that was true - why was it at the camera shop with you in the first place? Why did you see how much they would give you for it? I have priced it as a trade in - I know how much it is worth. If I wouldn't have gotten out of my meeting and taken his call would he have sold both of them.
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  • 45m

  • Walking
  • 45m
Choose lunch with my work group (me and all guys) instead of the gym. Will try to get there tonight but not sure I will. :) Sleep was not with me last night.

  • 38m 48s
  • 2.59 miles
  • 14m 58s /Mi

So I wanted to try to do a do over on Tuesday run/walk intervals but I thought I would try to skip it and see how I could handle todays. I again used my 5 min cool down minutes to help pad a few of the shorter intervals for now but didn't give up on the run intervals.

5 WU Walk
2.5r/1.5w/2r/1.5 walk
5 CD Walk which I helped paid mostly the 1w after the longer intervals. Just to real in the breathing.

Didn't get to the gym last night - WILL go today at lunch. Last night was talking to my sisters for hours in hopes we got good news today. We did get good news.

Dad's PET scan on Tuesday showed NO signs of Lymphoma Clusters or Tumors. He will have to finish up his chemo rounds (3-4 more to go) but he is already started talking about fishing trips in May around his birthday. He has to finish the rounds because the PET scan can miss bogus cells and if they decide to come back they will come back with a vengeance so they are kicking them some more before they are done with Dad. Next Chemo 2/1. Should be done overall by end of March. Shiela told me he has no recollection of the month of November. He remembers Chris and I being there in October; and stuff from December but doesn't remember me being there or any of what happened. Might be a good thing.

Mom asked when this all started if he could just make it to their 50th Wedding Anniversary the first part of May. I think Mom has got that and then some. We are all shell shocked and stunned but so happy.

  1. Mom and Dad heading to Chemo. 50 years married in May.

  2. Mom, Dad and my sister Shiela with happy tears after hearing he was clear

Yesterday turned into an off day even though I still managed to burn over 600 calories per my apple watch.

Will try to get to the gym at lunch or after work - it is hard after work since I feel bad taking the pups out of their kennels, feeding, potty and then back in when I go to the gym. They don't seem to mind. Just depends on what I feel like doing.

So being active and watching calories for a week got me MINIMAL weight loss. And no my pants don't fit any better I don't think this week. I know it is going to take longer than a week but I was hoping for a little motivation. Going to keep going.

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