Brought the gym bag. Sore from yesterday in the hips area. Sure it was because the run wasn't a typical run - it was more of a "try not to fall down in 3 miles" run. :) At work today, but hoping to get cut out early. If so, gym it is. Another 3 mile run try tomorrow. Still feel like I am coughing up a lung every 10 min or so.
  • 38m 25s
  • 3.18 miles
  • 12m 04s /Mi

Did the local turkey trot. Between the icy roads and the stubborn cough that I have had for two weeks - the second half of this was NOT fun. First mile - mile and a half felt nice and easy. Second half the lungs just fought me.

  • Walking
  • 30m

After the normal drive of 35 min took over 2 hour last night, I fed the pups, got food for myself and called it a night. Last week we were at -18, this morning we were in the 40's and things are melting. Hoping we stay above freezing so we don't have ice in the next couple of days. Maybe take 2 at the run tonight. Swim at lunch isn't going to work with the schedule today.
will try a run after work. The cough from the cold is worse today than last week. We will see how this goes.
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  • 45m

With the pups

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