Time to Find the Big Girl Panties..and Suck it up!

Thursday - July 31

Wednesday - July 30

  • 45m 03s
  • 4.00 miles
  • 11m 15s /Mi

Ran 1 mile, stretched tight legs out, walked .05 mile, ran the rest of 2 miles to the turn around point. Ran 1 mile, walked .10 mile then ran the rest.

Run 4 tonight. Hip feels better today then last night. Was going to get up this morning and do half and do half tonight, choose sleep when the alarm went off at 6am. Boo. It was a beautiful morning.

Tuesday - July 29

4 miles didn't happen. Went home, sat on the bed and the comforter just tore - all the way across almost at a seam. Packed it up, and went to Kohls. They refunded my money to my card and I looked - they had all the same brand - not happening. Went to BB&B and found a nice one. Home at 9pm. :| Will make run up tomorrow. This marathon training is not going as planned.

will try for 4 miles today - if the hip doesn't want to do it in run form - I will do 4 miles on the elliptical. Will stick to plan this week. WILL!

Monday - July 28

Rest day - much needed.

Sunday - July 27

Run #1
  • 1h 03m
  • 5.30 miles
  • 11m 53s /Mi

2 mile run, walk .25
2.3 run, walk .35 (construction at a stop light so we walked a bit more)
Run the rest.

Off to meet Lotes for a bike ride and lunch

  • 2h 00m
  • 21.00 miles
  • 10.50 Mi/hr

First 11 then stopped for lunch (mushroom Swiss with fries - felt ok with all the exercise) then 9ish home. Lotes disagreed with the distance on the garmin so will try again another day. Crossed a ton of traffic, didn't stop garmin when we stopped for Gatorade etc. time is close. Nice to get out on the bike a bit.

Now to finish up the last 2.7 miles on the training run. Change back into run clothes.

Run #2
  • 34m 15s
  • 2.70 miles
  • 12m 41s /Mi

This was more walking than I like but hip finally cooperated. Holy moly tired legs.

Saturday - July 26

  • Hiking
  • 3h 00m
Not sure how to classify this - went on a hiking photography trip. The route was 1.5 each way but the first 1.5 was straight up. Then it was up and over rocks for most of the day taking pictures. Got to the site at 8am and left at 3:45.

Friday - July 25

  • Walking
  • 30m
Tonight is Matthew's football meeting at 8 - hoping to head out for that but hit the gym out there before his meeting at 8. Hip is a bit cranky this morning. Advil on board and will do elliptical and maybe some strength at the gym. Need to get in strength.

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