Today the property manager came back and told us the cleaning job wasn't good enough - after it was immaculate last week. Luckily my cleaning lady is understandable. I think this is ONLY because we didn't use a mass market type business. We used a small business that does a fabulous job. Really she has been cleaning my house since June every other week and is FABULOUS.

Still walking the dogs in the rain. I went with two until they pottied and I sent Chris back inside with them to start feeding and I went further with Gus. The walking is kind of nice but I wish the downpour of rain would stop.

Good news today: Meeting lady about ordering blinds for the new house today at 1pm. Getting excited. Close date is still on the 30th.
  • Walking
  • 30m

In the rain with the dogs. Chris was fighting with temporary internet and cable so I went with the dogs 1 at a time to avoid being pulled.

  • Walking
  • 30m

Dog walks. Kind of nice to walk Gus since it is not as "pully" as normal.

  • Walking
  • 30m

walking the dogs to potty and back - over 10k steps

And I am sicker yet today - today my face hurts so bad and I am coughing/sneezing and my nose is running so much. If I cough/sneeze or blow my nose my ears pop each time. I am ready to stop being an adult.

This morning I woke up with Gus and Koda sandwiching me in bed - one on each side. But I was afraid the phone was off and we had slept in too late - but the phone was on and I was awake more than 30 min early. Got up and got started. Took a couple bags to the landfill so we had the trash can empty. Then Chris came home and we packed the 4Runner with the last few things to go to storage. He did that while I got ready to go to work. We were going to drop Koda and Daisy off at daycare (which we found was FULL today) and we noticed blood. Gus had tore his paw open again. So off to the vet we go only to have Chris's boss say you need to come to work NOW. So off I went to the vet. Gus didn't chew the stitches this time he pulled them through his pad. So 2 options.... 1. no more stitches let it heal like it is - but it would stick out a ways from his leg and could get caught on things in the future and tear open again or 2. Put him under completely and take off the pad. It is the pad above where his due claw was so it isn't "needed" - I think that will be much more successful to get closed like his neuter suture was. Stop to grab some veggie tacos for Chris and a burrito bowl for me from Qdoba and off to work. Koda and Daisy are here with me today at work. Koda is now snoring in my cubicle - under a blanket and all.

They called when I was at Qdoba to say we needed proof that when I traded in my jeep for the 4Runner that the bank paid it off. That I didn't. For crap sake you have my back statements - you know I didn't pay out of that. What do you think I do to pay that off? Really. And we also found out that we won't close on Tuesday. The sellers agent can't remember who she hired for the appraisal and she can't push someone she doesn't know. This is ALL we are waiting on and the mandatory wait time and we are good to go. Come on!

So handing over the keys at the existing house tonight after work at 530 - figure when we can pick up Gus and go from there.

  • Home Improvement
  • 2h 00m

I was between home improvement and walking - 12,450 steps today.

Got in bed (aka queen air mattress) last night about 11. Boys got me up at 315 to both go potty (doesn't surprise me since we were late getting home from unpacking the uhaul at storage) so got up - did that and right back to bed. The alarm went off at 645. It was NOT FUN. Brought in the recyclables since there is a recycle bin here at work since the guy is just transferring the waste to his name tomorrow and keeping our bins. Trash is being dumped today but recycle doesn't go until next week and we were full! so we unloaded the bin into 2 big plastic bags and brought them in on our way to work.

2 humans, 2 big dogs and a dachshund DO NOT fit on an queen air mattress. Need to go today at lunch and get a copy spare keys for the tenant. Easier than fighting with the property manager to do it.

Tonight is moving the rest of the little things (we left out 5 days of clothes, and then toiletries) and then some of the food we left in the fridge to the apartment. We will stay at the house tonight but need to be out for cleaners tomorrow. and then it is touching up paint, things like that. And then we are out. Even considered an RV rental this weekend but they don't have availability until the 28th. Hoping to be in the new house by then.

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