Travel day home to Alaska. New video of Koda already this morning. He will be here in an hr or so.
Off day. Traveled to Columbus with sore bodies..
  • 6h 27m
  • 26.62 miles
  • 14m 32s /Mi

Hot for us (low 70s), 85% humidity, I had missed the cut off to downsize so I either did the half with no medal or finisher shirt, or I gave the full a try. At mile 4.5 when the marathon split from the half we went straight for the full. Walked the last 5 miles, we didn't get swept in, and we finished. I chafed in places I bodyglided but the worst are the blisters on my feet - a couple toes, most of the pads right below my toes on my left foot, and just one there on the right and a huge blood blister on the inside heel of the left foot. We had plenty of time to walk it in with sore feet and a cranky hip for me, a couple cranky toes and just overall stiffness for Chris. I said I would never do another one so we will see. Back in Austin and we fly tomorrow to Columbus to pick up Koda (puppy). Had the race almost 1/2 mile long and I didn't feel like I bobbed and weaved that much.

Off day. Drove to College Station, hit the expo, met up with my friend Sarah from OKC and dinner out and early to bed.
  • Walking
  • 45m

Last day in Bastrop/Austin. Head to College Station tomorrow. Today we did the pecan place where they had pecan pies and other things in a vending machine, Austin aquarium where we got to hand feed sting rays, koi fish and I fed the 13 birds from Australia nectar all at the same time, then to Texas Chili Parlor (part of the death proof tour) and then a little bar to finish up. Feeling quite round - Austin is known for food and now I know why...

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