• 2h 29m 29s
  • 36.24 miles
  • 14.55 Mi/hr

7:00 a.m.
Feels like 73°
0 mph N wind
Humidity 73%
Beautiful morning for a ride, cool, no wind! Humid yes, but not unreasonably so. We did the Stringtown hills route, and we owned those hills today! Just a nice easy ride....

  • Calories out: 3311 From lifestyle:2021, From activities:1289

Yep, taking another rest day, still sore and TIRED!  I must really be an old lady, I sure don't bounce back like I used to!

  • Calories out: 2112 From lifestyle:2112, From activities:0

REST DAY!  A little sore today, definitely tired.  Really feeling it in my upper back/shoulders.  I think I must really tense up on the bike because when I get to the run I get these hard tension knots on the back of either shoulder and I can't massage them out.  I don't have any more tris on my schedule, although I really would like to do one or two more this year, but in any case it is time to do some specific run training.   There is a half marathon in November I have my eye on, and also one in December.... I've always gotten speedier when training for a HM.

  • Calories out: 2112 From lifestyle:2112, From activities:0
  • 10m 39s
  • 437.40 yards
  • 02m 26s /100 yards

Tri Waco!! Probably my worst performance, but I finished. I was in the last swim wave of the Sprint, got a good fast start, and started running into people from the wave ahead then the wave ahead of that. People breast stroking, back stroking, so I was sighting more to find my way between people than to see the buoys. Settled into a good rhythm, probably could have done this a little faster... Swim was 2nd out of 16 AG.

T1: 3:38 (includes a LONG run up a back and forth ramp to the street level from the river). Socks were sticking, just kind of slow.

  • 36m 10s
  • 12.40 miles
  • 20.57 Mi/hr

Whoo hoo! That speed really made all the intervals worth it! Felt like I rode fast and hard, we had 3 U-turns and I took them nice and slow. I was 1st AG out of 16! (They have the bike listed as 20K rather than 12 miles, woot!)

T2: 2:12 Long distance from the dismount line to my rack, I walked it rather than run it in cleats, trying to start getting my heart rate in check. 9th of 16 AG

  • 50m 34s
  • 3.45 miles
  • 14m 39s /Mi

And here's where it all went to hell. Could not get my breathing and legs under control, had to walk over and over. Never did hit a point where it felt good. Saw one woman in my AG pass me, then another, and another, and another and by that time I just wanted to finish. Managed to have enough energy to run across the suspension bridge to the finish. So not surprised there was no bling today, and I'm okay with that... Came in 8th out of 16 AG, 260 out of 367 overall. Overall time 1:43:12. There were definitely some power players that showed up today, my male friend who took 1st last year, took 5th this year with about the same time! TriWaco 2015 is in the books!

  • Calories out: 2931 From lifestyle:2053, From activities:878

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