Christmas break is so close I can almost taste it and it tastes like eggnog and cookies!  Two early-out days and I am done, Done, DONE... I had hoped to spend this afternoon doing my Christmas shopping but got an anxious call from my daughter last night that when she went to the daycare to pick up her youngest they had posted a sign on the door that they would be closed today for deep cleaning due to flu and germs.  This is not the first time this daycare has done this!!!  She absolutely could not take off work, so she managed to find someone to watch him this morning and then I will have him at 1:00, hopefully ready for a nap, ha ha!  He is adorable, but a real handful and jibber jabbers constantly... "Gamma, gamma, gamma, gamma..." LOL!  Why they don't pay their employees overtime and clean the place afterhours, or hire someone to do it overnight, I don't know.  But to find out at 5:15 that they are closed the next day is just crap.  It's not like it's ebola!

Dermatology appointment yesterday... the 3 moles I thought were iffy were fine, but she took off 3 other ones for biopsy, so hoping all comes back okay! 


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Last full school day of the week!  Supposed to be rainy, but I'm hoping I can stay in my classroom today.  Stayed up past my bedtime last night so no run this morning and I can feel myself getting fluffier and fluffier and we are not even officially to Xmas break!  Hubby and I went out for a really good dinner at a new place last night, for our 31st anniversary, very low key, we exchanged cards, ha ha...


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Oh brrr, the weather changed!  Yesterday it was 64 at this time, today it's 39 and breezy.  My hamstrings were really screaming yesterday, they got more sore as the day went on, so I decided to take a rest day today. 

I got my pre-op paperwork in the mail yesterday and unbelievably I won't have to take anytime off for any of it!  All the appointments fell on time off, or where I can manage to leave early so I don't have to put in for a sub.  And yet I have to take a half day to drive my hubby to the dentist since he is such a weenie he has to be sedated for almost everything...


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  • 37m 08s
  • 3.04 miles
  • 12m 13s /Mi

5:15 a.m.
64 -- 83% -- WSW 8 mph
Nice and easy, with a couple of walk breaks the last mile. Hammies were tight from all the bending over bagging leaves yesterday. Warm out there! Shorts and I was still a sweat hog. Looks like it's cooling down the rest of the week, not to actual winter cold, but awesome running cold.

First day of the last week before Xmas break, whoo hoo!!!!  Hoping to make it stress-free, but I'm sure the kids will be hyper.  Can't wait for the break!


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  • Raking leaves
  • 3h 00m

Since my bike buddy is out of town and the forecast was calling for rain, I decided to do some "cross traing" and get some upper body workout by cleaning up all the leaves in the front yard. Picked up about 30-35 30-gallon bags worth. Took a break in the middle to get some lunch with the hubster. And I managed to beat the rain!

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  • 34m 08s
  • 3.15 miles
  • 10m 50s /Mi

9:00 a.m.
55 -- 88% -- SSE 7 mph, overcast
Okay race... not as fast as the last one, but it was quite a bit warmer and in spite of shorts and short sleeves, the Santa hat was very hot. Since there was also a half marathon going on, I managed to pull off a 1st AG, which is a nice way to end my 2014 season!
Daughter also ran as did my 6 year old grandson (1K). I had not run since Monday, so the legs felt really fresh, but man I was breathing hard. Last race I forgot the HR strap, this race I had it and I was red-lining it near 180 the whole time. I think it freaked me out because I stopped to walk a few times trying to bring it down and the most it would drop to before I ran again was 171... had a friend in my AG behind me and I did NOT want her to catch me! Now time to focus on a 10K in January, gotta build up some mileage!

AG, 1st out of 6
OA, 132/281




  • Calories out: 2395 From lifestyle:2099, From activities:296

Choir concert last night, my school day lasted from 6:45 a.m. when I left my house till about 7:30 p.m. when I got home.  I. am. tired.  And my legs STILL felt tired when I walked upstairs last night, so not sure how this 5K is going to feel.  Temps are looking to be in the upper 50's, good enough for shorts!  My daughter is also running it and my grandson is doing the 1K fun run with Santa and he is on the brink of not believing anymore, this might be the last year, he is growing up so fast   .   I am taking it easy today and showing ANNIE to my kids, they are excited about the new one coming out next week.  One more week of madness!!!!!  Then a glorious 2 weeks off!


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