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Happy Thanksgiving!

  • RACE DAY: Ridgewood Turkey Trot
  • 1h 01m 31s
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LTF spin class

Note to self: replace battery in HRM strap


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Hillcrest-Peakway with 5 x 30 second strides

  • Walking
  • 10m

Warm up walk with Zoe.

Cracked a tooth this morning :-(  I thought that I had a raspberry seed stuck there so after breakfast, I flossed and out came... a piece of tooth.  Ugh.

I left a message for my dentist before leaving home.  They called me back with good news and bad news.  The bad news is that my dentist is off this week so there is a sub.  I've had the sub before and he is fine but he only does checkups for Dr. Foy, no drilling or fillings or anything.  The good news is that he can see me today. I'm going to see him at 2:00 this afternoon.  I just think that I will feel better having someone look at it and making sure that what's back there is at least semi stable.  Then we'll have to make another appointment to actually fix it.

UPDATE: More good news/bad news at the dentist.  OK, mostly bad news.  I didn't break a tooth, I broke a crown. It doesn't hurt because it's a crown (the tooth is still covered) so that is good.  They trimmed it up so there are not pointy edges and I am scheduled for more work next month.

My dentist is just the other side of Honey Baked Ham.  There were signs warning: Ham Pickup.  Expect Delays.  The ham (OK, they do smoked turkey breast too) pickup line was in the opposite direction so I thought to myself, "I think that I should go around this.  I know!  There is a Trader Joe's one street over, I will stop and pick up the four things that I need because my mom changed the menu and get that done on my way back to work.  TJ's shouldn't be too bad."  How wrong I was. It was full on crazy. As I waited in line, the lady in front of me asked the lady in front of her, "Why is it so busy on a Tuesday?"  The second person said something about people thinking it will be worse tomorrow.  The first lady said, "We had OUR Thanksgiving on Sunday!"

Aw fudge!  Zoe was on a good no accidents streak but we had a in-the-crate accident this morning.  Poor thing!

  • Yoga
  • 1h 00m

Hot Vinyasa Yoga at LTF

√ Yoga tonight.

Dog school went well.  We worked on sit and down as well as place (they use a blanket to be the dog's place). It was funny because I had just gotten down the Mutt Mats.  I wanted to introduce them to her and eventually put them or something similar into her crate.  She ran right to the mat when I put it in the living room. I had no idea that we would be using a blanket in school!  Zoe did well and enjoyed herself and pretty much offered to go home with the instructor!

Dog school started none to soon for Miss Zoe. She had a major meltdown on Saturday night.  We know that she was just overtired but no one at our house was very happy by the time it was over.

This morning, Zoe and I walked up to Satinwood and back.  She's getting faster -- well, it's taking us less time to complete the walk at any rate.  She is sniffing less.  We may be able to lengthen this a bit in a few weeks.

Three days of no accidents!  Potty training is progressing well.

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Around the Peakway

  • Walking
  • 10m

Warm up walk with Zoe. I followed this up with some dynamic stuff.

Puppy School this afternoon

I ordered holiday socks for my upcoming turkey trot and jingle bell run.  They arrived on Friday and I tried them yesterday. I was really disappointed in how they look when I put them on.  The elf looks all misshaped and stuff when he's pulled over the calf :-(  I wonder if the Yakety Yak! knee socks have the same issue?


Zoe likes her Star Wars chew toy.

And also, day 2 of no house training incidents. She even managed to tell Kevin about a pending situation when we were at dog school.  Good Zoe!

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  • 08m 22s /Mi

Downtown loop

  • Walking
  • 15m

Warm up walk with Zoe.

OMG, total Zoe meltdown tonight. Lunging, nipping, bucking bronco when we went outside on the leash. I understand that she is overtired but geez. We went from a sweet puppy to Cujo! It was hard to calm her down enough to crate her (the crate is not a punishment but it is a safe place to sleep).

On a more positive note, there were no house training accidents today.

Oh, and she's 11 weeks old today.

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