Sunny High 79FLow 55F
  • Temp: 54F
  • Hum: 82%
  • W: 0mph N
Partly Cloudy
High 84F
Low 60F
Partly Cloudy
High 84F
Low 60F
High 89F
Low 61F
High 85F
Low 63F
  • 49m 47s
  • 5.59 miles
  • 08m 55s /Mi


Beautiful morning for a run with crisp cool air! I'm so glad that I was able to enjoy this gorgeous morning!

  • Stretching
  • -----

Pre run stretching: pigeon,prone quad stretch, thread the needle, seated spinal twist (2x), butterfly pose groin stretch

Team Cheetah - TdC 2015

Team Cheetah - TdC 2015

    • 1h 04m 17s
    • 2800.00 yards
    • -----

    4x50 drill (ftd, right arm, left arm, catch up)
    300 pull
    5 x 100 fast @ 10
    6 x 150 @15
    8 x 50 breathe 3-5-7, pull
    = 2800 yards

    I think that we lost Cindy somewhere during the warm up. I swear I saw her doing the single arm drill with a kickboard! The lane was Robert, Scott (new to masters) and me. (I'm writing down the names here in an attempt at remembering them.) Scott is training for IM Raleigh 70.3 which is in like a week and a half. He said it's his first and he seemed very excited.

    • Stretching
    • 10m

    Pre swim stretching: pigeon, plank (75), prone quad stretch, thread the needle, seated spinal twist, butterfly pose groin stretch, ab wheel (15)

    • 1h 32m 47s
    • 27.70 miles
    • 17.91 Mi/hr

    Olive Chapel-Tody Goodwin

    • 16m 39s
    • 1.74 miles
    • 09m 34s /Mi

    Brick run with Emma. I think that she may not be joining me for much longer due to heat and, sadly, her age. Between the two, this is getting to be a lot for her :-(

    √ Wee Brick Wednesday!

    • 1h 00m 01s
    • 2700.00 yards
    • -----

    Masters Swim
    100 SKPS
    300 swim
    100 kick
    300 pull
    2 x 400 as 100 ez/200 fast/100ez
    200 as 175 steady, 5 rest, 25 fast
    200 as 150 steady, 5 rest, 50 fast
    200 as 125 steady, 5 rest, 75 fast
    200 as 100 steady, 5 rest, 100 fast
    = 2700 yards

    Before today's session, I talked to Seth and said that I have been back from surgery for long enough now that I'm ready for some feedback from him. About 2/3 of the way through the workout, he stopped by my lane and said that I am a "hand swimmer" and I take a log of strokes to get from one side to the other (true) and that I should focus on the whole elbow to tip of finger part of my arm when I am pulling.

    I shared a lane with Cindy and Robert again this morning.

    • 58m
    • 6.50 miles
    • 08m 55s /Mi

    House Creek-Ridge Road

    Dew point of 70 so fairly uncomfortable. 2 miles at "10k pace." I didn't hit my Shamrock goal 10k pace but I did beat my MB2014 one so not too awful ;-)

    • 20m

    TRX and PT

    - Physio Ball: Ys (2x15) abd 90/90s (2x15)
    - Superband stretches
    - TRX: row, press and fly (2x15)
    - Lat pull down with resistance band on balance ball (2 x 15)
    - short stair seated balloon (paravertebral inhibition) and all four right arm reach (pelvis restoration repositioning), 5 sets each
    - rolling on the Trigger Point ball
    - foam rolling

    • Stretching
    • 10m

    Pre swim stretching: pigeon, plank (75), prone quad stretch, thread the needle, seated spinal twist, butterfly pose groin stretch, ab wheel (15)

    Here's a nice graph about dew point and comfort. 

    Dew Point Comfort Scale

    More photos from the weekend are coming.  The TdC has a professional photographer who has volunteered to cover the event for years.  He posts photos as he can process them and posts them for free.  How awesome is that?!

    I'm on the red bike on the left, red and black helmet, blue and white shoes, #145


    • Yoga
    • 1h 00m

    Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga at LTF

    • 4h 20m 32s
    • 79.19 miles
    • 18.24 Mi/hr

    Tour de Cure Day 2

    I got up and 6:30 to make sure that I found my group.  There seemed to be some confusion about who was leaving when.  We left just after 7:45 and made it back by about 1:00.  I rode with a smaller group Cheetahs today -- just 5-6 of us with only three real pullers. Celia, Mike and I pulled quite a bit, Doug pulled some at first but then he dropped back to take care of Nancy.  From time to time CBC Mike was with us.  That was the whole group.

    At one point somewhat near Southern Pines, we came upon a man standing in his front yard with a shot gun.  He was near the street with the rifle pointed more towards the street (us!) than at his house.  Celia yelled out, "What are you shooting at with that gun?!"  The man said a snake.  We felt a bit better after that.  We didn't need him to be picking off cyclists!

    Again, they took really good care of us after the ride. They had food from Moe's

    Overall, I had a good enough time that I’d kinda like to do this again next year.  This was my 8th TdC.  (I did 2006-2011 and then took a few years off and did the 2014 and 2015 events).

    Anyway, after doing this ride, I feel pretty good about the bike coming along.

    • 4h 22m 32s
    • 79.76 miles
    • 18.23 Mi/hr

    Tour de Cure Day 1

    Tour de Cure

     Team Cheetah

    We had pizza on Friday night, of course.  Since the kitchen was all torn up with the backsplash project, it wasn't the homemade that I envisioned but it was still super yummy.

    Up at 5:10.  They wanted us on site at 6am for the 7am start.  It was 61 when I left the house with a high expected in the low 80s.

    Team photos, etc. were to be taken care of in the hour before we started.  I pumped my tires, got dressed, loaded my gear, said good bye to Emma (Kevin was asleep!) and I left the house at about 5:45.  I had a banana at home and a bagel on site.  I met up with the group and we had our team picture take at 6:45 and rolled out at about 7:10 after the start was slightly delayed.

    On Saturday's ride, we had a pretty large group heading down to Southern Pines and we managed to pretty much stick together well through all the rest stops and I had a good time.

    The rest stops were well placed and the corrected some of the issues of years past (too much emphasis on gluten free and low carb options.  Totally understandable but they achieved a better balance this year.  The majority of riders and neither gluten free nor low carb.)   They also moved the lunch stop so that it was at the half way mark each day.  This was a big undertaking on their part because it was at the Water Towers on Saturday but at the Middle School Stop on Sunday.

    A lot of the group id the 100 miler but I elected not to do the 20 mile loop around Southern Pines.  I didn't feel trained for a century and I'm not that fond of the loop anyway.

    As with last year, the Saturday post ride activities were very goodand I enjoyed it a lot! They had a band, beer from Raleigh Brewing Company,  post ride food and dinner.  They really took care of us after the ride!

    Lunch stop on Saturday

    After the ride on Saturday.


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