The following equipment is nearing replacement:
Sunny High 40FLow 26F
  • Temp: 25F
  • Hum: 58%
  • W: 12mph NNE
High 56F
Low 35F
High 64F
Low 43F
Partly Cloudy
High 61F
Low 44F
Moderate rain
High 53F
Low 48F
  • 36m 43s
  • 4.25 miles
  • 08m 38s /Mi

Ice free downtown-Ambergate

Schools are on a delayed opening today due to a black ice warning. It was supposed to be about 22 this morning and last night Kevin encouraged me to consider the gym. We had rain all day yesterday and the weather reporters were issuing dire warnings. When I got up, I looked at the temperature, 29. I looked outside, dry. I ran outside. I encountered no ice of color.

6 x 100m strides

  • 59m 16s
  • 2500.00 yards
  • -----

Titans-OSB Masters

500 w/u
100 kick
100 pull
100 swim
Three rounds
50 ez
100 fast
150 moderate
50 fast
50 drill
400 pull
100 c/d
= 2500 yards

Sport #1
  • Physical Therapy
  • 45m

Warm up on arm bike then evaluation and assisted range of motion stuff. We went over exercises and stretches. I was approved to ride in aero whenever I would like to start. I asked for, and was given, a stretch to help me post swim. Basically, it's a glute bridge on a stability ball -- engage abs, put arms out into a T and get the shoulders to relax doing some yoga-like breathing. We also went over the pull downs with the resistance band (again, this time I brought mine for the demo) and discussed the single arm row (I need to put more resistance on the forward arm). Jeff also suggested that I do more rolling with the Trigger Point ball and suggested that I might want to invest in a Superband for stretches. (No bodyblade today. I'm not exactly crying about that.)

Sport #2
  • Stretching
  • 15m

Before heading to the pool: pigeon, prone quad stretch, thread the needle, planks (2x70) knee pushups with protraction of shoulder blades (30), seated spinal twist (2x), butterfly pose groin stretch.

  • 55m 55s
  • 6.51 miles
  • 08m 35s /Mi

House Creek-Ridge Road

Lunch run, in SHORTS. It was overcast and breezy with gusty winds but warm enough for SHORTS. :-D Yeah, in a few months I'll be dreaming of low humidity days when I wasn't wondering how little I could wear in public but for today, I was really happy with the turn of events.

  • 30m

TRX and PT

-Seated scapular pull backs (warm up)

** Squat to press (3 x 10)
** Chest press (3 x 10)
** Knee tucks (3 x 5)
** Squat to single arm row (3 x 10)
** Fly (3 x 10)
** Row (3 x 10)
** Tri kick (3 x 10)
- Lat pull down with resistance band (2 x 12)

- Physio Ball
** Ts (2x15)
** 90/90s (2x15)

 Cutting the Cord

For quite a while, we discussed cutting the cord -- cancelling our DirecTV subscription.  How much value to we really get from watching TV?  Well, we've finally done it.  As of February 28th, we no longer have cable/satellite TV services.  Instead, we are watching everything either streaming or over the air.   

First, we made a list of the channels and programs that we actually watch.  Most of them are either on channels available on Sling TV, Hulu Plus or broadcast TV.  The big exception is sports where we would kind of like to have our Fox Sports regional network, Big Ten Network and NBC Sports.  Some of this is made up for with the fact that Sling has Universal Sports and ESPN.  A few programs are not available in the Sling/Hulu packages but we can get a season pass for them if we would like.

About two weeks ago, we decided to start the Cord Cutting Trials.  We ordered a Mohu Leaf 50 antenna to confirm that we could get good over the air reception.  This exceeded our expectations.  The over the air picture quality is better than we were getting with DirecTV local channels.

The next step was to confirm that the Sling TV and Hulu Plus services would work for us.  We haven't had any problems with Netflix or other streaming services but we anted to to verify that the picture quality/dropouts are acceptable. 

A few days into the test, we discovered that we missed the on screen guide so explored TV guide apps for either an Android phone or an iPad. We don’t need an on screen guide but it would be nice to know what’s available to watch.  Yes, we are still in the “appointment TV” mindset.

Another hurdle is no DVR.  Sling allows time shifting but what if a show is on past my bedtime and is a channel that doesn’t allow for time shifting?  To test out this situation. we used Chromecast to watch Amazing Race. This didn’t work nearly as well as the Roku. Our Roku is on a wired connection and that does a lot better.  Plus the CBS app just kind of sucked (even on the computer). Obviously we still have a few things to work out but overall, I feel like it's going to go well.  After all, who has a goal of watching more TV?

√ Lunch run on tap for today.  It should be warm but windy.

  • 1h 16m 41s
  • 8.55 miles
  • 08m 58s /Mi

GPS woes run. GPS got it at 7.2x but when I've run it before and when I remapped it, I got it a just over 8.5. Super weird. From 39:23 to 56:26, my garmin files shows no pace. It does elevation and heart rate but no pace. I wonder if the footpod lost contact and caused the whole thing to go south? It should have, since outdoors the GPS is the boss but who knows?

Interestingly, I autoupload to MapMyFitness and they ran this Garmin data through their algorithm and adjusted it to 8.55 miles. That makes sense to me so I'm going with it.

  1. Garmin oddities

  • Yoga
  • 01m 15s

Yin Yoga at studioVibe


February Books

february books

Books that I read last month

  • Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
  • The Girl with a Clock for a Heart by Peter Swanson
  • Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel
  • Perfect Lies by Kiersten White
  • The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton
  • Cotillion by Georgette Heyer
  • Never Never by Colleen Hoover

The best books that I read this month were Station Eleven, The Miniaturist, and Cotillion. Among the others, Red Queen was a good opening to a trilogy and The Girl with a Clock for a Heart is sort of along the lines of Gone Girl.

Station Eleven was on several “Best Books of 2014” lists. I loved St. John Mandel’s writing style.  The book flowed beautifully.  I enjoyed how each of the character’s story unfolded.  I would recommend it and I don’t want to say too much about it except that I found it difficult to categorize.  I went with dystopian, mainly because I was already using that tag, post-apocalyptic might work.  I wanted to check time travel although they don’t exactly…   

The Miniaturist is a historical fiction book set in seventeenth century Amsterdam.  I picked up after seeing it on on some best books of 2014 lists and then noticing it at the library.  This book, which triggered a bidding war at the London Book fair, deserves to be on these best books of 2014 lists.  It’s a book of family, revenge, secrets written with a mysterious undertone. 

I gave Cotillion four and a half stars.  I enjoyed this book a lot and found it to be entertaining, engaging and funny.  This is the first Georgette Heyer book that I’ve read.  Since it is listed as a “Regency romance,” I thought that it would be more Jane Austen like.   While I enjoy Jane Austen immensely, it takes me a little bit to get into the language of her day.  I didn’t realize that with Georgette Heyer, the setting and time period are Regency but the language, other than slang, is somewhat more modern.  After reading the book and enjoying it, I did a little bit of research on Georgette Heyer and as it turns out, she more or less established the Regency Romance subgenre.  Cotillion written in 1953.

√ Yoga tonight

  • 3h 09m 38s
  • 20.25 miles
  • 09m 22s /Mi

Icicle run

It was 29 degrees with freezing drizzle when I left and 33 with moderate rain when I finished. I ended up using my Plan C route, just going on roads with cleared sidewalks, etc.

On Saturday afternoon, I did some recon and found some roads/sidewalks that were free of snow and ice. Most often, I do my long runs with stretches on the greenways through Bond Park, and along Cary Parkway and High House. None of these were good options. I went way back in time and used a route similar to the “find some hills” route that I did last time I did Vineman. This was in decent shape so I ended up running through the area between Beaver Creek and Old 1 and along Apex Peakway.

Unfortunately, the weather was less than cooperative. When I started running, it was 29 degrees and misting. About five miles into the run, the rain really started to come down. I was wearing a jacket and running cap with a Buff under the hat covering my ears. The bill of my cap was frozen at one point and icicles were on my water bottle and jacket front for a while. Then the temperature shot up to 33 and the icicles melted (sadly, the rain didn’t stop). Surely I’ll have better conditions for Shamrock!

Sport #1
  • Foam rolling
  • 10m
Sport #2
  • Stretching
  • 10m

Pre run stretching-- pigeon, prone quad stretch (2x), thread the needle, knee pushups with protraction of shoulder blades (30), seated spinal twist (2x), butterfly pose groin stretch.

I watched a few episodes of Sequestered, one while I was warming up post-run/shower/breakfast and one while Kevin was working.  I was tired but not feeling nappy...

  • 2h 00m 14s
  • 33.86 miles
  • 16.90 Mi/hr

Saturday morning trainer time

  • 30m

TRX and PT

-Seated scapular pull backs (warm up)

- Physio Ball
** Ts (2x15)
** 90/90s (2x15)

** Squat to press (3 x 10)
** Chest press (3 x 10)
** Knee tucks (3 x 5)
** Squat to single arm row (3 x 10)
** Fly (3 x 10)
** Row (3 x 10)
** Tri kick (3 x 10)
- Lat pull down with resistance band (2 x 12)

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