Three Wishes

Sunny High 98FLow 73F
  • Temp: 93F
  • Hum: 47%
  • W: 0mph WSW
Patchy light rain in area with thunder
High 92F
Low 73F
Patchy rain nearby
High 92F
Low 71F
Patchy rain nearby
High 91F
Low 71F
High 94F
Low 72F

Friday - November 30

  • 57m 14s
  • 14.54 miles
  • 15.24 Mi/hr

Maiden voyage!

My initial feeling was that I was more upright than on the Madone (or maybe I am misremembering and comparing it to the tri bike) and that the cockpit feels more relaxed.  Very comfortable!

  • Health data: Fatigue: 2 Hours slept: 8.5

Thursday - November 29

  • 1h 10m 34s
  • 2405.95 yards
  • -----

200 warm up
100 kick
50 catch up
50 finger tip drag

4 x 400 @ 40, easy swim

200 cool down. I intended to do 100 with fins and 100 with pull buoy but the fins caused a cramp so I ditched them after 50 and did 150 pull.

Much better today.  Still a bit tired and my color is off a bit but otherwise I feel fine. 

Also, very important to my recovery, I picked up my bike!!!!

Note the lovely red color!  Note the Ksyrium SLS wheels with white spoke that was totally made to look good on my bike!

  • Health data: Fatigue: 2 Sick: 2

Wednesday - November 28

Made it to the office today.  Head still fuzzy but good enough to image machines for installation next week so I'm doing that.  It would be best if I didn't try to do any serious troubleshooting today.

Made it through the day.  Energy level way off.  I was ready for nap time at about 2:00.  Kevin said that my eyes look normal but my color is still off a bit.

  • Health data: Fatigue: 2 Sick: 3

Tuesday - November 27

Starting to see some improvement today.  Heading into the office tomorrow.

I checked in with Coach and she suggested that I start back with an easy swim on Thursday and that we go from there.

I'm reading Wolf Hall now.  It takes place in the 1500s (Henry VIII, Cromwell, etc.).  I cannot imagine having this virus during that time period.  yikes.  (P.S.  The book is kinda bad.  I wouldn't recommend it but I will finish it because I almost always finish books.)

  • Health data: Fatigue: 1 Sick: 4

Monday - November 26

  • Health data: Fatigue: 1 Sick: 4

Sunday - November 25

At least I was able to keep some food down today

  • Health data: Fatigue: 1 Sick: 4

Saturday - November 24

  • 1h 10m 32s
  • 18.09 miles
  • 15.39 Mi/hr

stupid idiot took her bike out despite illness. must. test. new. wheels.


Oh, it was 43 with 15+ mph wind took. nice.

My uncle was sick on Wednesday night.  Kevin and I both started to feel ill in the middle of the night on Friday.  I woke up at about 2 am with my stomach gurgling and rolling.  Oh no! 

Stupidly, I decided to ride my bike anyway -- despite the fact that I had been up about every half hour start at 2:00.

  • Health data: Fatigue: 1 Sick: 5 Hours slept: 9

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