The following equipment is nearing replacement:
Light rain shower High 83FLow 65F
  • Temp: 70F
  • Hum: 93%
  • W: 6mph SSE
Light rain shower
High 81F
Low 64F
High 74F
Low 58F
Patchy rain nearby
High 67F
Low 49F
Patchy rain nearby
High 69F
Low 53F
  • 1h 42m 37s
  • 28.76 miles
  • 16.82 Mi/hr

Clearly my bike isn't "back" yet. Trying not to focus on the speed here, although my heart rate seemed to not be cooperating very well today either. It was "fighting" me the whole time. It would go up to the 150s (zone 2-3) and I'd hit a very slight down hill and it was quickly drop to the 130s (zone 1). Like weirdly fast dropping to z1.

  • 10m 28s
  • 1.15 miles
  • 09m 06s /Mi

Grabbed Em and did a lap of the neighborhood.

Rain is still hanging around this morning but is a lot more widely scattered.  I swapped the trainer wheel for my Mavic Ksyrium SL on the road bike so that I can do my brick outside.

Tody Goodwin

I took the above photo on Tody Goodwin Road.  The sun is peaking out!



This photos is near the train station on Bonsal.

Bike #1
  • 1h 18m 01s
  • 18.99 miles
  • 14.60 Mi/hr

Pause mid ride due to bloody nose. Stopped the Garmin and went to deal with the nose situation and it decided that now would be a good time to upload the workout. I went to wipe the sweat off my face and my nose started to bleed. I'm not even sure that I *touched* it.

Bike #2
  • 42m 32s
  • 10.19 miles
  • 14.37 Mi/hr

The rest of the ride.

Rain seems to have parked itself over the area for the time being.  There may be a break this afternoon -- or maybe not.  The tri bike was just tuned up and has a new chain.  I'd consider riding outside but I'd like to preserve the newness of the tri bike a bit longer. The road bike still has it's trainer wheel on it so...  I'm opting for trainer time.

  • 56m
  • 2077.87 yards
  • -----

warm up

Short drill set (15:00)
4 x 50 side kick
3 x 50 single arm
2 x 25 climbers

workout (40:57)
1,000 @ 2 min, 10x50 fast
1:04, 1:05, 1:08, 1:08, 1:07
1:06, 1:06, 1:07, 1:08, 1:08

cool down

Weight up four pounds from yesterday.  What the heck?!

I have not heard back from the Turnpike Authority about the closure on Old US 1.  I contacted the town to see if they have any information.

  • 35m 08s
  • 3.62 miles
  • 09m 42s /Mi

Run with Emma through downtown. We looped around Peakway to make it a bit longer. This is Em's longest route.

  • 52m 05s
  • 15.14 miles
  • 17.44 Mi/hr

Olive Chapel-Richardson

Short loop out toward Humie Olive and back.

I contacted the Turnpike Authority about the detour on Old US 1 which is supposed to end next week ( I understand from a cycling friend that the steal beams over the CSX tracks are not even in yet though. It's been almost a year of that detour.

  • 15m 25s
  • 1.65 miles
  • 09m 20s /Mi

Short run through Seagroves Farm with Emma for the brick.

Brick tonight...

  • 48m 40s
  • 1859.14 yards
  • -----

warm up

Short drill set (7:00)
2 x 50 side kick
1 x 50 single arm
2 x 25 climbers

workout (41:40)
1,000 @ 2 min, 10x50 fast
1:05, 1:07, 1:09, 1:10, 1:08
1:09, 1:09, 1:08, 1:09, 1:09

cool down

A very bad storm cell blew in right after I finished my workout.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 6
  • Walking
  • 47m

Early morning walk with Emma.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7

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