• 30m 17s
  • 3.10 miles
  • 09m 46s /Mi

Today's training plan called for a 30 minute easy run with 5 x 30 sec strides with 30 seconds between. I decided that since it was designated easy, I'd bring Em with me. I generally take her on runs 20 minutes or less otherwise. I wasn't sure how she'd like the strides but she enjoyed them. The first one I said, "Let's go!" and at the end of it I said, "Ea-sy!" The second one she picked right up on it! Good Emma!

  • Stretching
  • 15m

Stretch and roll

√ Short easy run tonight

Keep believing in yourself and your dreams

I also need to start building the info packet for Kevin.  I always put all of the race info together for him so he knows what the heck is going on.  Just because I've been totally immersed in this doesn't mean that he has been.  Plus I think that his mind reading ability is iffy at best.

I put together my "dream race" timing.  Stressful putting it on paper.

Laundry also needs to get done so that I can finish packing.  It looks like my be decision will be vest or no vest (on the bike).  What say you?  I'll probably wait for the hourly forecast to come out.  Right now the high is forecast for low 60s but trending downward.

Chris asked about the weather so I checked again

Source the low Friday/high Saturday/low Saturday followed by wind info

Weather Channel     37/63/39  10 NW

Accuweather         39/64/40  5 NW

Weather Underground 43/57/46  5-15 NNW

As you can see, Weather Underground is the real outlier here. 

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7.75
Sport #1
  • Stretching
  • 15m

Stretch and roll

Sport #2
  • Walking
  • 37m 24s

Early morning walk with Emma

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7
  • 1h 05m 19s
  • 7.50 miles
  • 08m 42s /Mi

Waterford Green-Haddon Hall

Beautiful morning for a run! The sun was just coming up and it was 51 degrees with no wind and virtually no cars on the road. Fun times!

Also, I was able to test out the shirt that I plan to leave in my run special needs bag.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9
  • 1h 34m 12s
  • 27.71 miles
  • 17.70 Mi/hr

Olive Chapel-Tody Goodwin

  • 21m 49s
  • 2.44 miles
  • 08m 56s /Mi

Neighborhood run with Emma.

  • 17m 54s
  • 874.89 yards
  • -----

I went out to Lake Jordan and swam at Ebenezer Church. The parking lot was empty -- expect of a half dozen or so other swimmers ;-) First wetsuit swim since Lake Logan.

I finished my workout stuff by about noon.  Kevin planned to be in Brevard this weekend but he crashed his bike on Thursday and cut his leg, requiring a few stitches. He was told that he cannot ride for a few days so the trip was off.  We ran a few errands in the afternoon, went to Carrboro for a bit, and then watched the Canes game at night.

I also got my SBR and SN bags out.  I've used the same 2 gallon bags the last two years.  Bike SN is done.  I have to do laundry to finish the rest but I made a good dent in it.  I also managed to locate some throw away shoes and a top for before the race (it's donation-wear or trash, we don't get the pre race stuff back).  I'd like to get something more than a LS tee for before the race and I've asked Kevin to see if he has anything that he's about to get rid of.  Otherwise, it'll be a $6 sweatshirt.  If I want something other than tri shorts in the morning, I'll be sporting some purple sweat pants.  Very high fashion!

Pre-swim:  “throw away” shoes and “throw away” sweatshirt.  These items will not be returned.  (bring goggles, swim cap, wetsuit, lube)

T1: bike shoes, dry tri shorts, arm warmers, short sleeved jersey, socks, possibly a vest (or possibly a zip lock bag to put under my jersey and dump at the first water stop), sportshield, chamois cream, towel (helmet, gloves, headsweats liner at bike; nutrition/hydration on bike). Remember to bring nutrition and water bottles with you on race morning.

Bike Special Needs:  CO2 cartridges, spare tube, extra nutrition (in case I drop something), extra chamois cream <- this bag may not be returned

T2: running shoes, running socks, hat, race belt, tri top, sportshield (roll on), tylenol (plus one in race belt)

Run Special Needs: Long sleeve shirt, sportshield (wipe), glasses case (will drop off sunglasses and get shirt)

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9
Sport #1
  • Device Upload
  • 37m

Imported from API

Sport #2
  • Walking
  • 37m 57s

Early morning walk with Emma. What a gorgeous morning! 63 degrees, low humidity, beautiful full moon...

√ Sports massage today!

Tri bike collected from Cycle Surgeon and all spiffy for B2B.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7
  • 1h 14m 05s
  • 2734.03 yards
  • 02m 43s /100 yards

300 w/u with spot forwards
2 x 50 kick
2 x 100 (50 drill, 50 swim), drill = 6/3/6
2 x 200 pull
4 x 50 @ 15 descending
4 x 100 @ 20 moderate
4 x 50 @ 30 fast
4 x 50 @ 15 descending
4 x 100 @ 20 moderate
100 pull c/d
= 2500 m (LCM)

I used my new goggles this morning for the second time. I think that I'll back to the old ones for B2B.

Bike #1
  • 1h 15m
  • 22.33 miles
  • 17.86 Mi/hr

Shearon Harris

Bike #2
  • 1h 15m
  • 22.33 miles
  • 17.81 Mi/hr

Shearon Harris

Sport #1
  • Stretching
  • 10m

Evening stretch n roll

Sport #2
  • Stretching
  • 05m

morning stretch out before heading to the pool

√ Ride tonight!

Made it over 5000 miles tonight. 

I've mentioned taking Coursera classes here before and I thought it was past due for an update.  I just completed a class called Generation Rx.  It was very good.  I think that I must not have read the course description too well (oops!) because it wasn't want I expected (it's about the prescription drug abuse problem) but the instructor was so awesome that I stayed for it.  ;-)

I'm about to finish up a class on Google -- Understanding the Media by Understanding Google.  This is also a good class.  It's about how Google has changed the media industry, newspapers in particular and how Google makes money (AdWords, etc.).  The content is good but its a bit time consuming.  Also, he requires that we post to forums and I hate that.  Odd since I have not problems posting to BT!

Finally, I'm just starting Securing Digital Democracy.  This is a computer security class as seen through the lens of voting machines.  The instructor is one of the guys that discredited Diebold voting machines.  It's been fun so far in a No Way! kind of way.  For example, do you think that if you encrypted files on voting machines that you'd use a different private key for each machine or one private key for all of the machines? If you had a lock over the memory card slot, would you use one key for all of the locks or a different key for each lock?  Would you put a high res picture of the key on your website that clearly shows the key number?  Doh!

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7
  • 48m 58s
  • 14.59 miles
  • 17.90 Mi/hr

Old 1 to New Hill Post Office

  • 17m 31s
  • 1.97 miles
  • 08m 53s /Mi

Grabbed Emma for a short run around neighborhood

√ Ride tonight!  Then a wee run with Emma!

New Hill Post Offce

Today's turnaround point.

Emma after the run

Emma after the run.  "Let me in already! I'm thirsty!"

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7.75

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