Sunny High 45FLow 27F
  • Temp: 39F
  • Hum: 38%
  • W: 12mph NW
High 52F
Low 38F
High 67F
Low 40F
High 66F
Low 47F
Partly Cloudy
High 73F
Low 51F
  • Walking
  • 36m 41s

Early morning walk with Emma. There was a foggy mist thing going this morning but at 37 it was already two degrees warmer than yesterday's high temperature (and nearly 30 degrees lower than it was when I walked Emma on Friday morning).

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7
Run #1
  • 1h 02m 42s
  • 6.97 miles
  • 09m /Mi

Olive Chapel-Kelly Road Part 1

Run #2
  • 20m 17s
  • 2.25 miles
  • 09m 01s /Mi

Olive Chapel-Kelly Road Part 2

Misty morning run. It was about 35 with a steady mist/drizzle the whole way. This is logged as two runs but actually one 9.22 mile run. I wiped the mist off my watch and accidentally saved the workout so I had to restart it for the last bit.

We rented Mortal Instruments: City of Bones from Redbox.  Decent movie for a rainy Sunday afternoon.  I read the Infernal Devices series so I knew that it would involve swordplay and vampires and demons and so on because that's the author's style.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9
  • 46m 26s
  • 13.62 miles
  • 17.60 Mi/hr


Damp Saturday morning ride. It was in the low 40s with a misty drizzly thing going so I was kinda glad that a long ride wasn't on the schedule. ;-)

Another kitchen transition day.

  • 27m 29s
  • 3.11 miles
  • 08m 50s /Mi


Brick run after the ride. The wind picked up here. I got to downtown and there were lawn chairs lining the street. In the rain. Whaaa? Oh! People are already saving spots for tonight's Christmas parade!

Holiday tri club party tonight!

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9
  • Walking
  • 37m

Early morning walk with Emma

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7
  • 1h 04m 46s
  • 2450.00 yards
  • -----

300 w/u
4 x 100 (50 drill, 50 free. drill = SPD, fist, stop rest, catch up)
50 fast
100 swim
150 pull
200 build
150 pull (ankle band, buoy and paddles)
100 swim
50 fast
100 kick

4 x 200 pull with ankle bands and buoy
50 kick c/d
= 2450 yards (SCY)

  • 52m 56s
  • 6.04 miles
  • 08m 45s /Mi

Shepherd's Vineyard-Hillcrest-Center

The training plan called for 6 miles with 3x1 mile @ 1/2 marathon pace with 1/2 mile easy between. I used the route that I checked out on Tuesday for this. In fact, I ran slightly longer, however, I messed up and hit the pause button instead of the lap button on my first one mile interval (making it really 1.3x miles but only recording the last mile of it). If I had to mess up, why couldn't I have accidentally given myself and extra bit of recovery? Pfft. I thought that my heart was going to explode but it did not.

And why has DH started to make a habit of coming to meet me at the door after my run and then starting to set the table. Hello?! I haven't made dinner yet! When I ask him about it he says that it works out fine for me to workout after work but in reality...

  • Stretching
  • 05m

√ Run tonight!

Foggy this morning!  I had to remember how to turn on the fog lights!

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7
  • Yoga
  • 50m

Hatha yoga at LTF Apex. Short class today.

√ Yoga night!

The dental saga continues.  Appointment this morning.  Fun times.

Survived the dentist and I am no sporting a temporary.  One more visit to go.

There's a whole back story here.  When I was in about first grade, I was learning to ride my bike.  The training wheels were off.  I fell and broke my front tooth in half.  Yes, my brand new adult front tooth.  This was filled in with a half tooth that was replaced repeatedly over the years and eventually with a crown.  That's the short version. ;-)

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7.75
  • 1h 03m 50s
  • 2300.00 yards
  • -----

300 w/u
200 pull
100 kick
6 x 50 (odds free, evens drill. drill - 6-3-6, catch up, 6-3-6)
200 swim @ 20 seconds recovery
100 goal pace - 2 seconds @ 1:15 recovery
200 pull @ 30 seconds recovery
100 goal pace - 1 second @ 1:30 recovery
200 swim @ 40 seconds recovery
100 goal pace @ 1:45 recovery
200 pull @ 45 second recovery
100 goal pace
200 pull c/d
= 2300 yards (SCY)

  • 55m 42s
  • 6.30 miles
  • 08m 50s /Mi

Shepherd's Vineyard-Hillcrest-Center

I decided to try a new route today. The route had fewer intersections with signal lights for me to navigate.

Of course today was a shorts day! I ordered tights yesterday!

Sport #1
  • Core Training
  • 10m

Pre swim core workout

Sport #2
  • Stretching
  • 05m

√ Run tonight!

Yesterday I asked the Manatees how many fields they display on their running watches.  I am trying to decide if I would be happy with a watch that displays three fields. The results are below.

  • 4 fields displayed: time of day, current pace, distance and total time. Probably the most useful are pace and distance.
  • I have 3 up, but that's the limit of my watch (Garmin 210). Pace and distance are always there. I spend more time with HR as the third, but also check time elapsed as well. When I had a 310 before I had all 4 of these on one screen. A second screen swapped in current lap time & distance for overall on the 1st screen. I didn't like going from 4 to 3 items at first, but got used to it soon enough. Now I don't really care.
  • I use 3 data fields on 1st screen: elapsed time, pace and distance. Screen 2 holds time of day and sunset time (important to know when I run on the trails late).

To clarify, I currently have a Garmin Forerunner 310XT with the quick release band.  My wrist gets beaten up on long (12+ miles) runs and was so bruised during IM training that I found it difficult to run with a watch at all.  I am looking for something smaller and lighter for running (will still use the 310 for tris and as my bike computer).  It's also kind of a gift to myself for completing B2B and training for my seventh marathon.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7

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