Light drizzle High 73FLow 65F
  • Temp: 73F
  • Hum: 89%
  • W: 9mph ENE
Overcast skies
High 78F
Low 67F
Moderate or heavy rain with thunder
High 74F
Low 58F
Light rain shower
High 74F
Low 58F
Patchy light rain
High 72F
Low 54F
  • 1h 10m 05s
  • 2750.00 yards
  • -----

500 w/u
8 x 50 kick
200 pull
9 x 100 decend by sped (1-3, 4-6, 7-9) @ 20
9 x 50 decend by rest (1-3 @ 15, 4-6 @ 10, 7-9 @5)
300 pull (buoy only)
= 2750 yards (SCY)

  • 2h 05m 29s
  • 37.15 miles
  • 17.76 Mi/hr

Beaver Creek-Martha's Chapel-Davis

Nice evening ride. Solo effort with two 8 minute intervals, 5 minutes easy in between.

  • Stretching
  • 10m

stretch/planks/push ups

Ride tonight!

    • 1h 45m 58s
    • 34.34 miles
    • 19.44 Mi/hr

    OMV - Bonsal Bound route

    Nice ride today. Decent turnout of regulars from years past. Steve from Bicycle Chain took the second group out at a controlled pace and that kept a large number of us together. The Hammer Heads when with David Cold (now that he's retired, there's no hope for the rest of us!). Pleased with this effort. I feel like my biking self is coming back.

    √ Ride tonight!

      • 1h 09m 05s
      • 2700.00 yards
      • -----

      Erin usually leads the Tuesday morning sessions. Today Marty filled in for her.
      300 w/u
      100 kick
      2 x 50 pull, buoy only
      5 x 100 as 75 build by 25, 25 kick no board
      12 x 100, odds fast
      (Marty said to use equipment to break the 100s up. I mentally broke them int0 six pairs, the first two pairs were no equipment, the midde to pairs were fins and the final two pairs were buoy and paddles)
      400 negative split (by 200)
      100 c/d
      = 2700 yards (SCY)

      • 58m 45s
      • 6.18 miles
      • 09m 30s /Mi

      Museum Park Lunch Run

      This route is so much hillier than I remember it! Good stuff though :-) Run included 3 x 5 minutes at 10k pace with 2 minutes between. Slowed a bit more than I would have liked after the last interval to keep my heart rate halfway in check.

      • Stretching
      • 10m

      stretch/planks/push ups

      √ Run today.  I brought my gear and plan to run at lunch. I wonder what I forgot to bring...

        • 41m 08s
        • 1749.78 yards
        • -----

        Easy/moderate recovery swim at Lifetime
        400 free
        400 pull
        400 free
        400 pull (buoy, no paddles)
        = 1600 meters

        • Yoga
        • 1h 05m

        Slow burn yoga with Lois at Lifetime

        √ Yoga is on the agenda for tonight

        • 2h 13m 01s
        • 37.13 miles
        • 16.75 Mi/hr

        Beaver Creek-Martha's Chapel-Davis

        Windy ride! Very glad to be riding outside but could have done with less extreme wind.

        • 3h 00m 41s
        • 52.90 miles
        • 17.57 Mi/hr

        Today's ride was a rainout so I did a trainer ride while watching FoodNetwork and DIY (House Crashers, Pioneer Woman, Yard Crashers). Intervals at the commercials. Kept it in the right heart rate zone throughout. Sweaty!

        Indoor ride today.  Hoping (hopping?) to get out tomorrow.

        I hope that everyone is having a pleasant Easter weekend!


        • Walking
        • 38m 30s

        early morning walk with Emma

        Earlier this week I was pretty excited about my training schedule this weekend -- three hours on the bike on Saturday and two hours on Sunday!  Since then the forecast has changed from 70 and sunny to 55 and raining.  Ugh!

        Divergent cover

        We finally went to see Divergent.  I think that Kevin liked it more than I did but that's not too surprising since I read the book and he didn't.  I ended up doing some comparisons while I was watching the movie.  I had forgotten about Evil Janine -- not the character but that we share a name!  I also wonder about one of the initiates that was featured in the book but not mentioned in the movie.  He'll come up in the second movie and I wonder how they will handle it.

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