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Dove in and swam straight 800m in 15:12. That's 1:54/100m, or 1:44/100yds. I'll take that, considering how seldom I swim.

Then I did a few "race" 50m on 1:45. Those were :42, :41, :44.

Also did some drills and kicking to get to 35 minutes.

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Adding this because I did it, but it was pretty pathetic. I was tired, but went out and did the :30/1:30 workout again. Soooo slow, but it's done. I didn't wear the Garmin, so I don't know the distance, but that's probably a good thing.

Thank goodness I rode my bike yesterday. While it was certainly breezy then, it's WINDY today. It would have been just brutal riding today.

  • 1h 08m 25s
  • 14.63 miles
  • 12.83 Mi/hr

Well, was only going to do the 42 minute workout, but off I went. And this includes all hill climbing, hence the slow pace. As usual, it's glorious downhill on the way out, but all uphill on the way back. Ugh.

Volunteered at a mountain bike race this morning. I was at the water station. Learned a lot.

I've been thinking about getting a mountain bike for a long time now, but just haven't wanted to plunk down the cash. That race made me really consider it though. It looks like so much fun! I've said before that one of my biggest problems with motivating myself to get on my bike is that is get soooo bored. I do 99.99% of my bike riding alone, and I'm apparently not that great of company. It seems a given that mountain biking would be more interesting. There are miles and miles of trails not far from my house. I had no idea!

Of course, it's been 12 years since I last bought a bike, and I've never bought a mountain bike before, so I'll have a lot of reading to do.

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  • Kayaking
  • 2h 00m

Rush River kayaking with friends. Actually more than 2 hours. I managed to completely flip and submerge my kayak once. Awesome. lol

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