• 50m

20 min upper body dumbbells; 20 min lower body strength w/ leg weights; 10 min abs/core.

  • 47m 57s
  • 4.50 miles
  • 10m 39s /Mi

Finally got out for a run. Was feeling stiff and sluggish from not working out this week. I decided to run to Lake Rim because I knew I could take a break there at the restroom and enjoy the scenery of the park. Not a good run, but at least I did something.

Then I went to the store for carpet shampoo and spent the evening shampooing the living room and hallway.  Still need to do bedrooms.  Slowly but surely...


I discovered that the water line to the frige was still leaking even with the valve off.  No wonder I can't seem to get all the water out of the carpet!  Gaaah!  So I pinched the hose in half and taped it like that until I could figure out how to fix it.  Then I spent the morning cleaning and scrubbing my kitchen from ceiling to floor including washing the walls. Then  I had the water line hose replaced to the frige and thought that I FINALLY would have ice again; but the line immediately froze up.  I give up.

Later, Pete picked me up to go to a party at L.T.'s house to celebrate the end of the triathlon year with teammates.  Was good to catch up with everyone and celebrate this year's accomplishments.  More Redd Apple Ales (hiccup).

The wall guy arrived and scraped off the wall, but said that it is too wet to repair.  We must wait for it to dry out, but if the problem is still there it will only get damaged again.  I assured him that the new septic lines are going in today and there should be NO further leakage behind the walls.

OMG - The Calvary showed up!  I had No idea how big of an undertaking new septic lines would be.  They showed up with the big boy toys; heavy machinery!   ... then proceeded to dig my entire yard up 3 feet deep!

You can tell who does the dirty work.  This guy's overalls say "Money Maker" on the back!  Very nice, respectful, hard-working young man.

Done!  Nice landscaping job there, eh?

When it rained, it pours!  I fell asleep on the couch last night.  When I woke up, I reached for my phone to check the outdoor temp.  63 degrees!  Cilla, come on!  Let's go for a walk!  Then I planned on a 6 mile run before the septic system buy shows up. I headed to the kitchen for coffee and, splish, splash, splish!!!!  The living room carpet heading into the kitchen and the kitchen were COMPLETELY flooded!  I knew right away what it was.  I "thought" I fixed the icemaker machine in the frige yesterday.  I seemed to be working during the day and made some ice.  It waited until I was sound asleep just a few feet away to leak all over the house! I immediately turned off the valve to the tubing.

I decided to make coffee before assessing the damage.  Coffee is to morning stress as wine is to evening stress.  And I needed my coffee!!! Cilla did not go for her walk, nor did I go for my run.  Instead, I spent hours sopping up the water with a towel until I got enough up that I could use the mop.  Then I spent more hours with my carpet shampooer sucking up the drenched carpet.  It seemed like no matter how much I sucked up water, I could go back later and get just as much more.  Ughhh.

Then I went to the bathroom to remove the vanity cabinet so that I the handyman I called could repair some wall water damage (caused by the washer backing up).  As I tried to move the vanity, it snapped in half, crashed on my head, put a hole in the door and scraped the wall (sigh).  Nice.  I should have went to work this week.

I did not plan on drinking much this week, but ended up drinking several Redd Apple Ale's today (Hiccup).


My washing machine backed up under the walls AGAIN!  Gaaaah!!!!!  I've HAD it! 

I have got to get new septic system lines laid out.  I have 12 pine trees in my back yard and my lines are full of roots.  I called the guy who did my neighbor's house a few years ago.  He says I need a new distribution box too.  He is coming back tomorrow with a permit and an estimate.

I was in the county, but got annexed into city limits.  I've been holding out on repairs because I "thought" the city was going to make us hook up to city sewage not long after annexation. But iIt could be another 10 years before the city gets around to bringing out sewage.  Luckily, the Health Inspector says I will not be forced to hook into city sewage so long as my septic is working properly.  Thank goodness!

  • 29m 05s
  • 3.12 miles
  • 09m 19s /Mi

Warmed up for 10 min, then did 8 intervals of 30 sec sprint, 90 sec recovery jog.

  • 50m

20 min upper body dumbbells; 20 min lower body strength; 10 min abs/core.

Officially on a stay-cation!  I need some time to regroup and refocus; to let go of things that don't fulfill my priorities, and not allow them to influence my mental state.

I got to puppysit Colie while Pete worked the voting polls for a few hours.  Sweet as can be!

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