Friday - April 18

I realized that it has been about 3 weeks since I took a day off, so I blew of swimming this morning and slept in until 6!!  Of course, Gunnar decided I was over sleeping and, being the ever helpful dog, came and whined at me at about 4 and then again 5. He's such a good dog!


For the smoky mtn relay we are running 2 teams with the plan that the teams will run the legs together.  It was decided to go that route this year b/c last year one of the runners got lost in the mountains for about 8 hours when he missed a turn.  I guess the thought is that with another person the chance of getting lost was less.  I just think it means that 2 people will be lost in the mountains, but at least they won't be alone!  So, not only did the team captain have to figure out leg assignments for the team, he had to try to set them up so that people with similar abilities would run the same legs.   Last night the overall assignments came out, so I know with whom I'm running.  But, he is a Cherokee runner, so I've never met him.  Hope I like him cuz we are going to be together for a while :)  With these assignments I also got completely new legs!!  Most everyone else stayed with the same legs that came out a few weeks ago.  I don't know why the change, but HOLY HELL I must have pissed someone off as I now have really, really difficult legs. 

Here are the descriptions:


Leg 8:  7.2 miles. Very Technical-Challenging. Some dirt, many roots, rocks and CREEK CROSSINGS.  The person who runs this trail needs to be an experienced trail runner.

Leg 19:   5.5 miles. Extremely Hard. Very Steep. This may be the steepest climb in any overnight relay.

Leg 36:  6.5 miles. Hard. Steep climbs and descents.


Leg 19 is the scary leg, it is straight up - no flats, no downs, just up.  Good thing I'm from Florida and am used to running mountains :) 

Leg 36 is the last leg, so that is kind of cool to be the finishing runner (s).  After I got this assignment, I emailed the team that we needed a van 2 rule that no one was allowed to start partying until the last runner finishes :)  I don't think anyone else agrees with the rule.

So, this should be an adventure!!


Thursday - April 17

  • 1h 08m 02s
  • 7.16 miles
  • 09m 30s /Mi

Another marathonfest workout, once again the people I ran with started it with a 3 mile warm up using 5:1 intervals. After that the workout was set for b/w 4-8 miles at tempo, pace or maintenance/recovery/slacker pace depending upon the individual's schedule. We have a lot of people going to Boston, Big Sur and the relay that I'm doing, so there were a lot of people choosing the shorter-slower combo.
Rich and I ran together at what was supposed to be a slacker pace. Towards the end of the first mile we started to pass others and Rich said, "I thought we were going to do the slacker pace and we keep passing people." I replied that I was just matching his pace, to which he replied that he was just matching mine. We then had the "well, slow down", "No, you slow down" back and forth and at the end we ended up picking up the pace!
So, the last 4 miles were: 9:48, 8:49, 8:34, and 8:18 with the last surge getting into the 7s. Not exactly a set the world on fire pace, but much better than expected!

On a "yay" note, I think my thorn pierced foot is finally healing. The area does not hurt nearly as much as it did the last 4 days and I did not feel like ripping my shoe off at any point during this run!

I may fall asleep at my desk today. The on-call attorney's father died yesterday, so I contacted the Comm Center and told them to give me any calls for the next few days (may end up being more). Damn, if they didn't listen to me ;) So, my last call came in around 12:30 and I finished dealing with it around 1 at which time I was wide awake. I did fall back to sleep eventually, but I am still tired. Oh well, much better that I get the calls then he does.

Wednesday - April 16

  • 36m 49s
  • 4.08 miles
  • 09m 01s /Mi

Yesterday, we ran in 70* temps, today was almost 20* cooler! It felt great :) Decided on a short, taper type run. Used the starbucks, DD, Einsteins route, but for some reason there were no good coffee smells this morning nor were any of the diners cooking anything yummy smelling. I was not amused!

On a different note, when i washed my screens and windows Sunday I wore flip flops. They bugged me, so I took them off and then promptly stepped heavily on what I think was a bougainvillea thorn! I can only surmise that is what is was because, unlike other times I've stepped on them :) this time it wasn't still sticking in my foot when I looked! It did start bleeding and hurt like a mother, but I soldiered on - with flip flops on. Now, every time I put on my running shoes, the area bugs me. My orthotics hit right on the arch area where the thorn pierced me. THe area is red and a bit swollen and I am slightly concerned that part of the thorn is still in my foot. I am hoping it is just a healing area and not something more.

Tuesday - April 15

  • 1h 10m 42s
  • 7.27 miles
  • 09m 43s /Mi

Did another early morning workout with marathonfest. First 3 miles were warm up miles using a 5:1 interval. Then rather than doing the posted speed workout, Rich, Susan and I decided that we were tapering for the relay, so we did an easy 4. We did pick up the pace during this portion and at one point were running 8 minute miles. So, we weren't total slackers!
I told Susan that since I started coming out for these stupid early workouts about 5-6 weeks ago I have only done 1 of the posted workouts. SInce then I've either been in recovery or taper mode (or slacker mode). I probably would be running faster on my own and at a more reasonable hour!

  • P90X
  • 30m

The Incinerator.

Monday - April 14

  • 50m
  • 1800.00 yards
  • -----

400 swim
400 pull
6x 50 breast stroke - OMG, I haven't done this in a long time and it really showed!
300 swim
6 x 50 backstroke - haven't done this in a really long time either, but I am actually relatively fast on the backstroke. Too bad it makes me sick to my stomach!
100 cool down.

Sunday - April 13

  • 1h 17m 28s
  • 8.30 miles
  • 09m 19s /Mi

Another Clermont run. Susan was supposed to join me, but she decided to sleep in after a late party night Saturday; so I was on my own. Pretty happy with the results as this is the fastest I've run this route. This is the exact route I ran last Sunday and I was about 20 sec per mile faster. I still stink at hills, but the stench is a little less :)


Spent a couple of hours scrubbing screens and washing windows.  I really hate scrubbing screens and washing windows! Too bad I can't justify hiring someone to do that little chore for me.  In a few weeks I have to clean the gutters.  That's another "i should hire someone" chore.

Saturday - April 12

  • 1h 34m 05s
  • 10.02 miles
  • 09m 23s /Mi

Decided to run this easy, so instead of hanging with the group that was going to push the pace, Hillary, Susan and I did our own thing. My calf is really tight for some reason and my hamstring still a bit sore, so this was smart of me - if I do say so myself!

  • Yoga
  • 1h 00m

yin yoga. Usually I call this class stretching while resting - although in most classes there is one pose that is particularly hard for me. This class pretty much every pose, with the exception of corpse :) was really hard for me. I actually was sweating with the poses, not because they required movement, but because they really hit my very tight areas and/or areas I have not worked on as much as others. So, this was a very successful class.

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