Monday - July 28


rant on:

I've been following the NFL's ridiculous suspension of Ray Rice.  2 games for beating up his girl friend. Have you seen the video footage?!!  If he  smoked pot he would have received a 4 game suspension.  So, obviously domestic violence is a lot less important an issue than pot.  Michael Vick was suspended for a year for his participation in dog fighting.  I think he should have been suspended for life, but at least it was a significant (based upon the league's track record) suspension.  Beating up a woman apparently is less horrible than harming a dog.  Last year the Miami Dolphins suspended a  player for the rest of the season (8 games maybe) for being mean and making racist comments  to another player.  There was no physical contact b/w the two players, just words -horrible, unjustifiable words, but just words.  The Dolphins did the right thing.  The NFL obviously thinks domestic violence is less important than verbal abuse.  

Then we have ESPN's sportscaster Stephan A Smith who said that women should make sure not to do anything to provoke getting beaten!!   Seriously?!  No one paid his misogynist comments any attention until fellow ESPN sportscaster Michelle Beadle tweeted about it and called him out.  He responded and made things worse.  What has ESPN done to address this?  Nothing.  Had he made a racist comment or a homophobic comment he would have been suspended.  Rightfully so. But, apparently you can tell women they are responsible for their beatings and your bosses will look the other way.  Michelle Beadle's tweets seem to have caught people's attention and brought some heat to ESPN and Stephan A Smith.  Hopefully, the heat will intensify and there will be some repercussions.  Of course, that won't stop S.A.S. from being a misogynist, but maybe he'll learn to keep his stupid thoughts to himself.   

The message from the NFL is apparently that they are happy to take our (women's) money, but do not otherwise value us. DV is not a joke and should not be taken lightly.  Maybe Roger Goodell and Stephan A. Smith should visit a women's shelter and explain their positions to the residents.  


rant off.

Happy Monday everyone :)

Sunday - July 27

I've decided that the only was I can afford - both monetarily and time off work wise - traveling to all the cool races we've decided we should do next year and also go to 2 out of state weddings and another big family vacation is to win powerball. So, i bought a ticket last night.  I won!  4$.  Woo Hoo!!  I'm well on my way to financial independence 


5 work calls yesterday and 1 already (by 7) this morning means that I am sooooo ready for this call period to be over!!  Come on 8/1!!!

Saturday - July 26

  • 1h 59m 45s
  • 11.16 miles
  • 10m 43s /Mi

Today's run was in Apopka. We try to get out there 1x a month to get a little "hill" work out in. Start time was 5, so that means a 4:30 leave the house time which means a 3:30 wake up to walk the dog and otherwise get my stuff together time. Ugh. It was double ugh today b/c I got a work call at 12:30 and could not get back to sleep until about 2 and then I got another work call at 3! I was going to just get up at that point, but decided even 15 more minutes of sleep would be welcomed.

My booty injury is a lot better than it was before, but still not completely healed; so I decided not to run with my normal pace group and ran with Susan. We were a pace group of 2! As expected, heat and humidity were really high and Susan really suffers in it, so we did 5:1s. Way slower than my normal pace, but I was happy to keep it easy. I didn't start hurting until about 2 miles to go and then it was less hurty than it has been. So, yay!!

After the run we all take over the Perkins and eat and eat and eat. It's hard to believe that shortly after getting home I was hungry again!!

Friday - July 25

Another no work out Friday!  Didn't sleep in as late as other no work out days cuz I had to be in court early, but still I'm getting lots of sleep!!

Thursday - July 24

Run #1
  • 34m 24s
  • 3.24 miles
  • 10m 37s /Mi

Holy Moly! I thought Tuesday's heat and humidity were off the chain; compared with today, Tuesday was winter!!! REally, really oppressive this morning. The worst I can remember in a really, really long time.
5:1 warm up with Raymond, Rich, Larry and Susan.

Run #2
  • 34m 10s
  • 3.22 miles
  • 10m 36s /Mi

Work out was supposed to be a tempo work out and about a mile longer, but with my butt (which felt a good deal better!), the heat/humidity and the little issue of me going out last night for pizza and beer (too much) and getting little sleep, this was done pretty much like the warm up. Every time I tried to pick up the pace my stomach told me that really wasn't a good idea! Also, if i did run faster I may have felt the butt hurting, so really drinking last night has helped my recovery :)

Run #3
  • 09m 58s
  • 0.82 miles
  • 12m 09s /Mi

"cool" down run. Although with this pace I don't know that I can call it a run!

Wednesday - July 23

Another sleep in day.  I think I'm getting lazy.

Tuesday - July 22

Run #1
  • 34m 55s
  • 3.24 miles
  • 10m 46s /Mi

5:1 warm up with Rich, Raymond and Susan.

Run #2
  • 43m 17s
  • 4.48 miles
  • 09m 39s /Mi

Here's what this main workout was supposed to be:
jog about 150-200 yards from track into neighborhood to start a "hill" loop done at race pace; at end of loop recovery jog back to track for a 200 at 5k pace; 1-2 break for water and repeat up to 4 times.
Because my 2 days off did not heal me - but things do feel a bit better, I did this work out but did not run at the paces recommended. I think the 200 was done at around 9:30!! About 2 minutes off my 5k pace!!! Oh well, healing is a good thing.

Run #3
  • 09m 41s
  • 0.82 miles
  • 11m 48s /Mi

Little cool down run using walk breaks at whatever time we felt like!


Annual dermatologist appt today.  I'm guessing I will have 3 places zapped this time.  Hope so cuz it always looks so good to have a face full of blistering spots

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