Thursday - July 24

Wednesday - July 23

Another sleep in day.  I think I'm getting lazy.

Tuesday - July 22

Run #1
  • 34m 55s
  • 3.24 miles
  • 10m 46s /Mi

5:1 warm up with Rich, Raymond and Susan.

Run #2
  • 43m 17s
  • 4.48 miles
  • 09m 39s /Mi

Here's what this main workout was supposed to be:
jog about 150-200 yards from track into neighborhood to start a "hill" loop done at race pace; at end of loop recovery jog back to track for a 200 at 5k pace; 1-2 break for water and repeat up to 4 times.
Because my 2 days off did not heal me - but things do feel a bit better, I did this work out but did not run at the paces recommended. I think the 200 was done at around 9:30!! About 2 minutes off my 5k pace!!! Oh well, healing is a good thing.

Run #3
  • 09m 41s
  • 0.82 miles
  • 11m 48s /Mi

Little cool down run using walk breaks at whatever time we felt like!


Annual dermatologist appt today.  I'm guessing I will have 3 places zapped this time.  Hope so cuz it always looks so good to have a face full of blistering spots

Monday - July 21

Guess what ...  no swim today either!  I think it's safe to say that July will be a no swim month.  I go back to the Dr the first part of August and will see what he says, but I'm guessing that unless things change significantly in the next 2 weeks that I will be getting a lovely shot into my hurty shoulder.  Since that will be right before I head to Alaska, where I plan to do some climbing and zip lining, a shot probably is a good idea.  Time will tell.

In other news, pretty sure all this inactivity is making me fat!! (or fatter).

Sunday - July 20

No, I did not race today.  I slept in - til almost 7!!!  Can't remember the last time I slept this late.  So, what do people do with their Sunday morning's if they are not swimming, biking or running???

ETA:  I figured out some things to do - signed up for a march HM and searched the web for diver certification courses.  Thinking reef diving could be a cool thing to start doing!

  • RACE DAY: Mack Cycle Triathlon Trilogy #2

Saturday - July 19

  • 1h 28m 36s
  • 8.15 miles
  • 10m 52s /Mi

Man it was super hot and humid this morning! I was very glad that I was running with Susan and we ran slowly and used 5:1s. My butt felt better than it had, but about 1/2 way it started to become sorer -still better than before, so this pace and shorter than normal distance was just fine!
Afterward we hit up Henry's for a bigger than deserved breakfast!
Yoga in a bit. I may just do the corpse pose the entire time :)

  • Yoga
  • 1h 00m

yin yoga. This class is always crowded, but today it was ridiculous! Our mats were within an inch or two of each others - you had to make friends with your neighbor. Almost every week more people from the hot yoga class that precedes it decide to stay for yin AND this week the paper had a huge story about this studio, so there were a number of new faces in class. She had to turn one person away from class, but really should have turned more away. In fact, before we began she made a point of trying to turn the crowdiness into a good thing and did say she hoped it wouldn't stop people from coming back and talked about maybe adding another yin at noon saturday. Some people seemed to like that time, but noon is too late for me; so I hope she adds it and takes some of the 10:30 people to it!
During class I tried to be really conservative with the poses and if I felt any soreness in my left butt back off the pose. It made for kind of a half-assed ;) class, but I think I still got some benefit without doing more damage - fingers crossed!! For a couple of the moves we really got up close and personal with our neighbor - I am glad that I was on the end with only one neighbor and that Susan was that neighbor! REally though, this class was too crowded.
Sometime during class the instructor/owner mentioned that she is adding a stretch/roller class for noon Saturday. Huh? Didn't she just ask about people's interest in a noon saturday yin class?? There did seem to be interest from some of the others in the class, so hopefully they skip yin and wait for it - do not do both classes people!!!
Even with all the crowded issues and not being able to fully participate, it was still a good, relaxing class and I came really, really close to falling asleep during corpse!

Friday - July 18

Sounding like a broken record here, but ... no swim this morning b/c of shoulder.  I am actually being smart about the shoulder and not rushing back too soon.  Of course, it helps that swimming is not something that I really love to do! Another plus side is I got to sleep in another morning!  My body isn't used to so much sleep 

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