Saint Charles,IL 
Patchy light rain in area with thunder High 74FLow 66F
  • Temp: 70F
  • Hum: 97%
  • W: 7mph NNE
Moderate or heavy rain shower
High 81F
Low 64F
High 83F
Low 64F
Patchy rain nearby
High 85F
Low 70F
Patchy light drizzle
High 86F
Low 74F

Watching Brant run is pretty freaking cool. He's a little heavy on his feet for someone as fast as he is... but seriously... that doesn't seem to matter. The miles were just ticking off and before I knew it we had gone almost 8 miles! Sure, he was working hard, but HIS working hard and MY working hard (when I used to run) net us very different things. Me? I would turn myself inside out for a single 10:30 mile. Him? He was chugging along holding 6:00 flat in the heat. I could have sped up a bit and I think he could have followed. Just crazy. 

Tonight I have to work a little late bc I left earlyish on Tuesday to go to the podiatrist. But I intend to wear my new orthotics for a little walk tonight to see how I do with them. 

I also ordered some shoes for our trip to Paris/Montreux. They are VIONICS. Supposed to be pretty good for people with PF that can't fit their orthotics into cute shoes. Rachael has several pairs and she swears by them. She spent a long time in a boot last year, so I do trust her opinion. I tried to find the most versatile and least hideous ones. 

THIS ONE for cute dresses and summery stuff. 

THIS ONE for sporty walking around. 

THIS ONE bc I had to have a pair of black something... and they were on sale. Not so sure about the "gemstones" but whatever. 

Hopefully they don't suck. I am bringing my orthotics as well, but it's going to be summertime in Paris and I will want to look cute. Of course. 

In other news:

I saw an outfit on TV last night and thought... "That's cute... hey, I think I have something like that in my own closet!" So I put two and two together and decided to wear it today to work. I snapped a photo of my masterpiece to show my friend Agnes. 

Agnes responded by reminding me that the last time she wore an outfit in this configuration, I teased her relentlessly about looking like the Hamburgler. What a short memory I have... I do remember that vividly. And I recall thinking I was HILARIOUS

Who's the Hamburgler now!? Me! I'm the Hamburgler! 


  • 51m 24s
  • 7.28 miles
  • 8.50 Mi/hr

Take a look at those splits! Almost perfect, although it's hard to tell when you're averaging 8.5 mph on a bike.

Tonight I am supposed to bike pace Brant for at least 4 miles @ 6:00 pace. I mean that was last year's workout so I'm assuming this year he should be faster and maybe a go little longer.  I hope so, otherwise I don't even break a sweat. (Or maybe I will break a sweat, due to the HEAT DOME!!??!?!) 

Chris packed my CX bike into the back seat of my car, so I hope I can reassemble it. That's a story for another time. 


In keeping with the Snow White theme allow me to regale you with a photo of the toad I found in my friend's backyard...(That's me...of course, with the hair and the boob and all...)

I just love animals. That's all. I'm Doctorfuckingdoolittle. 


  • Podiatrist for orthotics
  • Sephora to return the thing I ordered that I do not need. (I realize that is MOST things I ordered) 
  • Pedicure to address my talon like feet. 
  • Clean/change remedy all litterboxes
  • Apply for Global Entry

I am the responsibility champion. 

Well we just booked our trip to France/Switzerland! We're hoping to spend a little more relaxed time in Paris (last time we went we ran around like lunatics)... and then head over to Montreux Switzerland for Freddie Mercury's 70th birthday bash. Yes. You read that correctly. 

Read more here Fun! 


  • Health data: Hours slept: 8
  • 1h 12m 09s
  • 17.17 miles
  • 14.28 Mi/hr

CX bikes on the path. Hot. Of course.

It could very well be that I'm not spending enough time outside this summer... because I'm simply MELTING every time I step outdoors. I am 100% NOT heat acclimated. I don't think I've ever sweat more or just felt more *HOT*. Unless this is just an unusually hot summer... the problem is probably me. 

Bike #1
  • 1h 04m 57s
  • 18.83 miles
  • 17.39 Mi/hr

The happy ride out, with a tailwind and not so hot yet!

Bike #2
  • 1h 23m 22s
  • 18.63 miles
  • 13.41 Mi/hr

Ummmmm this was the hot ride back... into the wind.

I rode today. The Garmin file is at home. Went up to Woodstock and took off from Julie's house. Probably about 36-40 miles. Did it in 2 separate files bc I failed to get power on the first leg bc I didn't change the setting from BIKE 2 to BIKE 1. There's so much shit to remember I tell you. It's amazing I get any of it done. Hah

Hot as hell out there. LIterally, MELTING hot. And so so humid. Yeow. I don't think I've ever been sweatier. I should weigh myself today, bc I've sweated out all of the water I've ever had in my body. I'm shriveled!

Will upload the ride tonight. 

  • 56m 47s
  • 3.65 miles
  • 15m 33s /Mi

I don't know how Strava calculates the paces... and I only got satellites for part of this endeavor. It's so. so. so. so. hot.


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