Saint Charles,IL 
Sunny High 86FLow 63F
  • Temp: 84F
  • Hum: 53%
  • W: 0mph ESE
High 88F
Low 74F
Patchy light rain in area with thunder
High 90F
Low 62F
High 88F
Low 55F
High 75F
Low 55F

8:32 AM: For as bitchy and as difficult as Molly can be, she lets me give her an actual pill every single morning. I pinch open her mouth, pop it in, and she swallows it on the first try. No holding her mouth closed, no rubbing the neck, no excessive drama. Pinch, pop and gone! I anticipated an epic and grand struggle to get her to take 30+ days of pills... and so far it's been a breeze. **KNOCKONWOOD**

  • 1h 09m 22s
  • 16.92 miles
  • 14.64 Mi/hr

Killed our average speed by going up the last hill on a wooden zig zag ramp on our bikes. This was CX bikes, fully treaded tires and the bicycle path.

Decent effort today. I feel like I'm getting back into some semblance of shape. Sunday will tell the tale for sure.

12:30 PM: Riding tonight, weather permitting. It's very soupy outside right now. 

7:27 PM: Weather permitted.

Cheesy. Again. But what's the sense in having all of these mattching jerseys if we're never gonna wear them together? 


  • 23m 29s
  • 1.70 miles
  • 13m 48s /Mi

Had to run across the street bc I made it just in time for the walk signal! Very awkward feeling.

Started to rain & thunder about halfway through, Chris came out to retrieve me. Since I'm not training for an Ironman and I don't need to flex my mental toughness, I got into the car and came home. Haha. Why not. I only want to suffer when absolutely necessary.

You can see where the FINISH was.... That's where Chris picked me up! 


Horribly unflattering photo of me and my new helmet. Haha ^^^ I am not sure that I like the big open vent in front... looks like a CYLON


  • 1h 24m 31s
  • 20.03 miles
  • 14.22 Mi/hr

On the path... we did all the hills. CX bike with fully treaded tires. Not too bad for an old lady with a fake leg.

Remember when I couldn't get my Garmin to sync? I hated Garmin and my computer and the inventor of electricity and everyone in the supply chain of my frustration... until today I realized the #(&#(%&(#@@* ANT stick hasn't been connected for like 2 weeks.

"Is this thing on?"

8:55 AM: Was going to ride bikes last night, but came home and found the AC broken. While Chris and I were outside inspecting the unit, Molly slipped off the back porch and tried "running away". This stuff occupied our time when we should have been changing clothes and getting onto our bikes. 

After about 45 minutes running around getting repair referrals and tracking down our wayward animal, we decided to have a glass of wine and call it a night. We'll ride tonight.

4:17 PM: At the end of every work day I feel like I have done an Ironman. In a cute outfit. Without even having the finish line experience. No medal. No pizza. No bottle of water. No nothing. 


8:37 AM: So here's the story about Friday's fall, immediately before the interview... Took the 9:30 train into the city, arrived about an hour and a half before the interview, so I had time to grab some lunch and find the building. I am a mess in the city... like I cannot navigate myself from block to block without getting turned around and LOST. It's as if my inner compass gets turned off. Completely turned off. I had my maps app, but that wasn't picking up the right GPS signals. I don't know north from south, from east from west. It's actually quite pitiful. 

Anyway, I made plans to meet Brant for lunch. But, true to form, I couldn't find him. It appears we were walking around in circles around one city block, trying to find each other. I kept saying I was one place but I kept moving to another place. I finally got frustrated and just sat on one of those big city flower planters and waited. 

We ultimately found each other and headed off in search of someplace quickish to eat. Ended up at Jimmy John's which is not my first choice, but I made it work because I was too nervous to really think of another alternative. I didn't want to have Chipotle because of the beans (farting! farting! farting!) and I couldn't come up with any other viable choices. So, Jimmy Johns it was. 

We sat and chatted and ate and he talked me off the ledge. I was so sweaty and hot and discombobulated. We finished our sandwiches and started to head back to the interview building. We were walking along, I was wearing sensible running shoes, just chatting chatting chatting and then suddenly I'm on the ground. Mid sentence. I twisted my R ankle some how and just went down. I was holding a bag and my purse and I was splattered on the pavement in my cute interview outfit. 

Brant said he turned around to say something, and suddenly I was gone. One moment I was there, the next moment I was gone. DOWN GOES PARKER. 

It was a really busy city street, so people were walking behind us and my downfall caused a bit of a jam... I guess I can consider myself fortunate that I didn't get trampled by the city lunch rush. 

I am also fortunate I didn't rip my pants or scrape my knee. Or otherwise hurt my new knee....With 7ish minutes to go,  I changed into my heels with whatever shred of dignity I had left, tried to gather myself, and marched into the building.  I couldn't even check myself in a mirror because all of the bathrooms were locked and required keys. 

Before I hit the deck... ^^^

Woke up hobbled from PF pain on the R foot. L knee was sore from falling on Friday. Felt like a generalized disaster in the making, due to this foot and knee pain + stress regarding the jobs and the interviews. I mean REALLY. Can everything just not happen all at once? 

Father's Day as well, and I'm not celebrating on either end. My Dad is gone and Chris is not a Dad. 

I generally moped around the house, left for a spell to buy a new helmet, returned and moped some more. I got a Specialized S-Works S3 in white. It was light weight and not too terribly ugly. Both good things. 


Last night's neighborhood graduation party. Too bad you can't see my whole dress... it's super cute. 

  • 34m 21s
  • 2.10 miles
  • 16m 21s /Mi

Post office and back. Had to be careful... I wiped out yesterday walking to my interview. That's a whole 'nother story. Maybe tomorrow I will fill you all in on it. ZOMG.

PF feels fine. Will stretch the shit out of it today so it doesn't seize up on me tomorrow.

Molly has recovered, btw. Thank God. I still don't know what happened, and I still don't know how it all went down hill so quickly, but I'm glad she turned around just as fast. She used to get bladder infections when she was younger... and I've been feeding her special food to prevent bladder crystals. The vet still found bladder crystals and still found a bladder infection. I don't know what else I can do to help her out.  

She's back to hating everyone, though, so now I know she's feeling healthier. 


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