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Wednesday - April 23

  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 1h 00m

Boxing. Tweaked my R calf attempting a kick. I wish I were less uncoordinated, and just maybe a bit more graceful and light on my feet. I am certain this all looked absolutely spastic. I was trying to release anger and tension but instead looked like I was having a seizure while simultaneously flailing around with boxing gloves on my hands. It sort of worked, though, and Ronsky listened and let me hit him, correcting my form and stance over and over and over and over again.

That man has the patience of a saint.

10:04 AM: Ronsky at 11. Possibly swimming after work, or maybe just going home and relaxing a bit after work. I've been getting home late every night this week... Monday I had a mani/pedi and got home at almost 9. Yesterday I worked til 730 and after stopping @ Old Navy to pick up a pair of flip flops, I arrived home again at almost 9 PM. I'd like to eat dinner at a decent hour tonight and chill.

It's been a weird couple of days. Got some terrible news in regard to a friend's family. He called me yesterday morning and through tears told me. Tragic. Unimaginable. I've been thinking about him and the strength he's going to need to just crawl out of bed for the next couple of months...maybe years. I've been thinking about him and wondering what I can do to help, from a distance, since he's hundreds of miles away. I've been thinking about him and it's bringing up my own feelings of sadness and grief. Had a good long cry this morning, mostly for him, but a little bit for myself and Chris too. Life can be so cruel and unforgiving. Life can be so full of happiness and wonder, but there are 2 sides to the coin, and it's that flipside that rips your heart out and can leave you at a loss for words.

Here is the story.

Please please please keep my friend in your prayers. He's been through the wringer. This event is the horrible culmination of years of caring for his daughter with a debilitating disease and also providing for his wife, who developed an equally debilitating and progressive disease of her own. Hopelessness. Despair. Frustration.

Tuesday - April 22

8:02 AM: I didn't swim. That is all. 

12:23 PM: Knee feels great. Swelling is going down. A mystery. But I'll take it! Advil ingestion = 0.

In the Photo Flipper right now is a photo of me riding a rented mule.


  • Health data: Hours slept: 6

Monday - April 21

  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 1h 00m

L shoulder still feels weak. Had to go lighter on some of the exercises. But all in all not terrible... and still got my ass kicked mightily.

10:54 AM: Ronsky at 11:30. Then mani-pedi tonight immediately after work. Chris leaves out of town again tonight.

2:08 PM: I am kicking around the possibility of swimming tomorrow morning. KICKING. AROUND. Not for sure. Not sure if I can peel myself out of bed to get to the pool, even though I used to do it all the time. I used to do it with all my HBFC friends... easier to do with people you know and like... than it is to do it with strangers. We'll see. It's on the radar.


We went out for Agnes' 35th birthday. Cooper's Hawk. It's a winery and restaurant, so we did a tasting and then had dinner. Nom nom nom nom. Not exceptional wines, but it's convenient.

Kristin, Agnes and I were each wearing our Express leather jacket. We looked like a gang. Except we're not tough enough to be a gang... and we all had our nails done. You don't typically find that in a girl gang, do you?


Sunday - April 20

Chris had a 2:15 run today. I cleaned the kitchen, folded the laundry, drank a gallon of coffee and peed while he was gone.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 10

Saturday - April 19

  • 2h 37m 41s
  • 37.90 miles
  • -----

This was so hard it's laughable. I've got a long way to go on the bike. Let's just all agree on that right now. Wow.

It was 34 degrees to start. Wore my magic jacket + shorts and full length legwarmers, a fleece band around my ears, and full finger gloves. Tried to ride without the gloves, but I lasted exactly 7 minutes before I had to stop and put them on. I also had a mostly flat rear tire that I had to stop and fill with air over and over again. Probably a tube issue, but my tires are pretty worn out too. Would serve me well to get 2 new tires for my non race wheels.

It gradually warmed up (and we were ROCKIN' a tail wind) throughout the first half of the ride. Then we went up DeerPass and back down directly into the cold wind, which was blowing from the SE. And we had to go both south and east to get home.

We can sum up my cycling like this:

1) I've very little cycling specific fitness right now, I am relying on strength training and whatever remnants of my cycling base remain to do what little I've been able to do on the bike so far. (Which, let's admit, is not exactly dazzling.)
2) My tire/wheel configurations are old/worn out/in need of repair or replacement.
3) Ummmm, that's about all I have to say about it. It was ugly. And it wasn't even due to my knee. I was just heavy-ish, cold, and not having a great time with the (very slight) hills or the (raging and incessant) wind. And my rear tire was mushy the entire time, providing extra resistance.

But again, a bad day on the bike beats a good day at work. A terrible bike ride also trumps my very best run... so there's that. A person really can't take 7 months off and expect to hop right back on and stun the cycling community with their fitness and grace. It doesn't work like that. Even though I wish it did.

I also dropped my bottle. This ride was pretty much a disaster. But it's done, and I kept it rubber side down. Always a plus.


Friday - April 18

  • 57m 16s
  • 12.50 miles
  • 13.10 Mi/hr

On the path with Chris. CX bikes. Very cold. Fairly miserable. Got a kink in my neck and an earache from cold air blowing into my brain. Ow. Glad that's over.

6:57 AM: Oh boy. My knee is swollen and stiff. Huge. Not sore, though, so I suppose that's good. Just swollen, and sort of "hard". Under different circumstances (and on an entirely different appendage, on an entirely different person) swollen and stiff (( AND HUGE!! )) would be great news. On my knee... well, notsomuch. 

10:26 AM: Riding tonight. Knee and all.

3:12 PM: My enthusiasm for bike riding tonight is dwindling by the minute. Would probably do better if I went home, iced my knee and swallowed a handful of Advil before I ride tomorrow. Hmmm. It is gorgeous outside. I should ride bikes. I can't decide.

Thursday - April 17

  • 1h 00m

Romanian Deadlifts 4 x 8. 90/110/110/110 Wanted to go up 10# but there is no 120 barbell.
Leg Press 3 x 12 90/140/160
Step up 12" step w/ 40 lb barbell. 4 x 15
Some misc corework/abs with Agnes
Farmer Carry, 25 # each hand, up and down the stairs x 5 + back and forth.
Walking lunges, 25 # each hand. (Exceptionally awkward. And these do not make my knees happy)
Calf raises 25 each hand, on step.
Quad extensions. Minimal weight. 3 x 15 single leg.
This seemed to take forever. My legs will be pretty well cashed tomorrow.
When I was looking for 25 # plates, apparently I inadvertently grabbed the weights off of some guy's calf raise machine after he'd set it up and walked away. So I took the plates off (by accident) marched around with them... up and down the stairs, lunges, etc etc and then went to bring them back... by then he was sitting at the machine and I realized what I'd done. I apologized profusely but this guy was kind of an ass. Some people just have no sense of humor... Clearly this was an accident. I said I was sorry over and over, but this little man got off on making me feel bad. Phooey. I still find it quite funny.

10:45 AM: Lifting today. Not sure what. Probably some legs and corework. Will resurrect an old Ronsky workout.

12:08 PM: My "Let Her Go" co-worker has been playing melancholy music all morning, culminating in the pièce de résistance: LET HER GO... as we speak. I peeked over the wall to see if he's crying. He says he's alright, but this music is throwing me into a depression myself!


Throwback Thursday in the photo flipper... me and my pal Dara, October 2000. We were in the hallway of our friend Kim's basement. It was partially finished. Like drywall only...perfect place to have a party!


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