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  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 1h 00m

This was hard. That is all.

Bike Riding on Saturday:

My legs (calves/quads the whole deal) were RIDICULOUSLY sore after WALKING at the MUSEUM and ZOO on Sunday and Monday. My knee, however, feels alright. I have been taking this stuff Chris discovered by accident... RECOVER AI Inflammatory Support. 

This is what it looks like... and this is what it is. I have also been taking Fish Oil and I can tell the difference almost immediately in my knee. I am not one for vitamins, voodoo, and/or unproven herbs and crap, but I have to say that I believe this works. So... we'll see.

Also, I have finagled my HMO so that I can see that ortho that helped my friend, and I can see him through the HMO. Turns out RUSH is not affiliated with my HMO, but this particular doctor belongs to some other group that *IS* affiliated with my HMO.... all I have to do is change "medical groups". So I changed medical groups, and will be making an appt at my (new) PCP to get a referral to this ORTHO. We'll see.

All this became possible because a girl at work happened to mention that there's usually a way to get to the doctor you're looking for... you just have to do a little research. She helped me out and voila, here I am. I have a new PCP affiliated with a new medical group and will hopefully be getting a referral to Dr. Bush-Joseph before the year is up.

Oh, and I 100% failed to work out today.


  • Health data: Hours slept: 9

Caught up at work.

This place is killing me little by little.

I think I would rather work at the zoo, where the worst thing that can happen is that an animal takes a dump on you. Or steps on you, I suppose... but I love animals... so it would be alright.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9
  • Walking
  • 2h 00m

Only taking credit for 2 hours here. Walking around the Museum of Science and Industry ALL DAY LONG. Wore my brace. Knee is OK. No Advil today, whereas yesterday it took 8 Advil to get me around the zoo. I will take some tonight so I can sleep, then see how I feel tomorrow.

  • Walking
  • 2h 00m

All over the Brookfield Zoo. My dogs were BARKING by the end of this day. We saw some awesome animals, though.


  • 3h 34m 12s
  • 52.78 miles
  • 14.78 Mi/hr

More later. I'm going to take a nappy.
Beautiful day. Terrible headwind. Figured we'd have a great tail wind on the ride home, but after about 12 minutes of glorious 20 mph riding, the wind shifted and we were back to fighting it. Exhausting.

Very nice day, though. Going to take a nap!

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