Speed Kills.

Saint Charles,IL 
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Tuesday - July 29

Monday - July 28

  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 1h 00m

Total PT.
This is good, though. And I think it's actually helping.


9:53 AM: So sad the Tour is over. I will have to go back to watching... regular TV. How is that going to work out?

Ronnie at lunchtime. I think we're going to do more of the PT knee type things.


Sunday - July 27

Spent all day today doing laundry. And cleaning up. And nursing my hangover. 

Out last night to celebrate my friend Kristin, who is going into lockdown for a body building competition she's doing. 18 weeks. No alcohol. No restaurant food. No fun. No...nothing. 

So we whooped it up at Cooper's Hawk for one last night. Got home at almost 3 am. Those young kids can really party. Haha

Saturday - July 26

  • 5h 08m 33s
  • 81.79 miles
  • 16.01 Mi/hr

More later. I'm going to take a nap.

So, this was my first REALLY long ride out in this area. Yes. I have lived here for almost 2 years. I have ridden a 40 ish mile loop before, and I have ridden that 15 mile loop with the Thursday night girls, but today, I added all sorts of stuff in the middle and we ended up with over 80 miles. I'm pretty proud of myself. Did this without Chris. And without Trudy. (My 2 biggest safety nets) Cassidy has no idea where she is out here, so it was pretty much my show. Took a couple of wrong turns and ended up at a dead end where the road was closed and the bridge was out... but other than that... success! 

We lived. It's all good. 

Friday - July 25

I've still not learned which buttons to press (or not press) on my phone... Here is another messed up photo... from last night. This must have happened when I was handing the phone over to the lady that took the pic.


Thursday - July 24

  • 51m 19s
  • 15.08 miles
  • 17.70 Mi/hr

This was fun. I got stuck at work and knew there was no way I'd be able to make it by 7. Rushed home, literally threw the bike on the back of the car, tossed the helmet and shoes into the backseat, gathered some sunglasses, changed clothes and took off. Arrived at 7:09, took off at 7:11, exactly 11 minutes behind the group, who was proceeding at 15 MPH.

I rode like a lunatic for about 10 miles. Breathing hard. Sweating. Spitting a bit. I kept looking ahead, thinking I was seeing the group, and it kept being mailboxes or streetsigns.

Then, finally, around mile 9 or 10... there they were... rounding the corner. I pedaled pedaled pedaled and caught them with time to spare.

Soft pedaled for the last 5-6 miles, and brought up the rear of the group with one of the other leaders.

You can see where I caught them...

Right there around mile 10.

And here's the obligatory post ride photo... the group is growing... and next week I'll have a top to wear:

Wednesday - July 23

  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 1h 05m

Core. Knee felt weird the whole time. Ugh.

^^^^ Still learning how to work the front facing camera on the new phone. Hahaha. A couple of fails from yesterday.

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