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Sunday - September 21

Saturday - September 20

Friday - September 19

Thursday - September 18

9:42 AM: I had a dream last night that I got steroid injections in my shoulder and in my knee. The doctor also shot me with some HUGE tubular VERY HEAVY machine and told me it was an ultrasound machine. Then he projected the picture of my shoulder onto the wall and told me I had bone spurs in my shoulder and that's why I was in pain when I swam. Seriously.

Wednesday - September 17

  • 1h 00m
  • 2734.03 yards
  • 02m 12s /100 yards

OK. Ouch. My shoulders... ouch.
400 swim
200 kick
2 x 300 (pull with paddles/IM)
12 x 25 sprint
2 x 200 (pull with paddles/IM)
8 x 25 sprint
2 x 100 (pull with paddles/IM)
4 x 25 sprint
100 cool down
2500 M


  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 1h 00m

Legs. Like remedial therapeutic legs. It's almost embarrassing. I simply cannot perform some of the moves he asks for. This is modified pretty heavily from what he wanted originally. :(

 9:15 AM: Ronnie at lunch, swimming after work. Bags are packed. All I need to do is get there.

Tuesday - September 16

  • Massage
  • 1h 00m

Glorious. With Mindy. She never says a word but she beats the hell out of me. Feels great, but it will hurt tomorrow. She bent my arm in a way I wasn't sure it would go. She called it a "stretch" but I swear to God I thought my shoulder was going to pop out of the socket.

Still, in the end, it felt good.

9:48 AM: The alarm went off at 4:45 AM... and I painfully rolled over and shut it off. No way. No how. Even though I went to bed at 10 PM and had everything all packed up and ready to go... My shoulders and lats were just screaming. Figured it would be hard enough for me to keep up during Tuesday morning Masters anyway... without adding exploded shoulders to the equation. So... I stayed in bed.

I'll swim tomorrow night with the Wednesday night crew. Not looking to do anything amazing at this point in time... just looking to get into the water. That's all.

Will take today as a recovery day. I've got a massage scheduled at 6. That should help work out some of the muscle soreness I'm feeling. Jesus!

8:54 PM: Am home and watching Intervention with a good old glass of wine.  Somehow, it just seems wrong. Chris is out of town for work, so I've got the bachelorette thing happening here. It's me and the cats. Had toast for dinner and now some wine. *sigh*


Monday - September 15

  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 1h 00m

Core/shoulders/upperback. WTF! Yeow!

11:48 AM: Ronnie at 12. Gotta goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

2:54 PM: My goal is to swim tomorrow AM. Just like old times... a 5:30 swimmy. I used to do this shit 2x a week. I can do it. I can do it. My limiter this time may be how FREAKING SORE my shoulders are after today.

My conversation with Ronnie went like this today:

Me: Here's what I need from you, in regard to my IM training... not right now, but definitely in the future.
R: What?

Me: I think we should do a day of light legs and a day of swimming type muscle training.

R: I can't swim.

Me: You don't have to swim WITH me, just help me with swim type training.

R: In the pool? I can't swim, yo!

Me: No. On land. In the gym. We do swimming type lifting. Lats/shoulders/back stuff like that. Core.

R: Oh! Yeah! We can do that!!!!

He actually thought I wanted him to do a SWIM WORKOUT with me. Like in the pool. Ha. No. No. No. No.

Ronnie. I just don't see him in the pool.

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