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  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 1h 00m

Legs. Disguised as "CORE". He lies.

It was rudimentary at best, but he got me bending my legs, which is good. That stupid L knee just doesn't want to bend.

After our session today Ronsky took me aside and told me how thankful he is for all of his clients, and me especially, and how grateful he is that we I am consistent and flexible, and we renew and and it helps him and his family... blah blah blah. He looks like such a thug sometimes, but he's really a great big softie.

Ronnie says:

Despite my "bro" appearance (and the fact that I actually say "BRO" an awful lot...) I just wanna HUG!


  • 1h 01m 38s
  • 3171.48 yards
  • 01m 57s /100 yards

Dear God in HEAVEN!!!!

This was the longest swim I've done in... at least a year. Probably longer.

200 S/K/P
11 x 50 1-5 pull/6-11 breathing drills
Broken mile
100 cool down
2900 M

My poor poor arms.

Schwimmin after work @ XSport. Found a website for swim workouts... since I am apparently not interested in doing anything I've done before. I scoured my own blog for an interesting workout and came up feeling... MEH. So... I've decided to try this place instead:

So, we'll see how it goes. I just needed something a little different for now. Once I'm back to Master's it won't be an issue. But until then...

  • 40m 01s
  • 10.66 miles
  • 16.01 Mi/hr

Figured I'd give this a shot. Now I can go to work, have Ronnie @ noon, and NOT feel any pressure or remorse when I don't make it to X-Sport after work. So. There. Better than nothing.

  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 1h 00m

Holy Shit. Arms. And Ronnie got a new iPad. And I keep forgetting to give him my contribution for it.


6:20 AM: Trainer ride. Let's give this a try in the AM. 

3:27 PM: Called for my ortho appointment. The woman that took the appointment was fairly confused about the insurance deal, stating "We don't normally work with managed health organizations..." even though I swore up and down that my PCP gave me a referral and I was holding the paper copy in my hot little hands. That sealed the deal. I made my appointment (they're booked all the way til mid January... I got in 1/13/2015...)  and I switched myself over to PPO, since it's still open enrollment time. It's going to cost about a $1200 more a month, but I won't have to jump through continual hoops. The referrals. The waiting. The letters in the mail. The hoop jumping. It's exhausting. The extra money is almost worth it. PPO and I go where I want.

I like that idea.

  • 1h 44m 05s
  • 26.84 miles
  • 15.47 Mi/hr

Dragged my bike and my trainer over to Sue's house and we had a little trainer party in her basement. There were 8 of us down there... and there was room for maybe 1 more. 

Was supposed to be 2 hours, but the Spinervals DVD was 1:45 so we left it at that. Was a ton of fun and we had breakfast afterwards! Woot! 

Used Chris' Power Tap wheel but I don't have any idea what the numbers mean. I'm sure they're no good. I'm fat. Out of shape and slovenly. I've got a long way to go before I'm Ironman ready! 

12:10 PM: Working. Re-did the report from the other day... and now am onto another report. Saving every 15 minutes. You don't have to tell me twice.

Ended up working 6:40 today. SIX HOURS AND FORTY MINUTES extra. ZOMG.

Here's the thing... our office has been identified as a NON GROWTH facility, which is a fancy way of saying we're not hiring. We're not expanding. We're shrinking. 

Our Company is going through a restructuring, and the job functions in my location are changing. And my department is shrinking. People are trying to leave. People *ARE* leaving. And when people leave, their work does not leave with them. No, it's divided amongst the pool souls remaining. Us. 

Now, mind you, I'm trying to leave too. I've posted out for a couple of positions, and I just haven't heard back yet. But imagine how hard it is to gather yourself to do your write up and actually post a coherent Request for Consideration when you're buried in work, and the phone rings off the hook. Every day is another 8+ hours of stress. My co-workers have migraines. I have high blood pressure. It's just ugly... and it's going to get worse before it gets better. If it ever gets better. Or until I leave. 


I got my referral to the ortho. It came in the mail. How 1968 is that? No phone call? No email? Nothing uploaded to the "MY CHART" website? Nope. Just a good old fashioned paper letter that I have to bring with me to the appointment. Probably so the doctor can apply his hot wax seal, and we can return it to BCBS via horseback messenger. 


Funny photo from IMAZ:


Pink mustache courtesy of our very own Dave Clough. 

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