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Watched another episode of NARCOS. I just can't believe this all actually went down. Pablo Escobar was a genius lunatic terrorist drug lord. In every sense of every word. Imagine being his MOTHER??!!! WTF must she have been thinking...

I am speechless. Not in a good way. In a WHATTHEACTUALFUCK way.

Small chainring. Working cadence.

AVG RPM = 72/ MAX RPM = 86
AVG WATTS = 119/ MAX WATTS = Blank. Apparently I must have blown the system pushing huge watts. Right.

  • 12m
  • 0.65 miles
  • 18m 27s /Mi

Well I hopped on the treadmill while I was waiting for Ronnie to finish up with the client before me... then he comes rushing up to me to say... "I double booked noon! I have you and this other guy booked for the same time today! I'm going in 100 different directions and everything is all messed up!" I look over at the table and the other guy is 400 lbs, easy. He could barely sit on the chair where clients check in for Personal Training.

I told Ronnie to take that guy. I already had a workout this AM and I was going to walk until my foot told me to stop. Which was about 10 minutes, but I made myself keep going until I thought I might hurt myself... which was about 2 minutes later. GRRRRRR.

In other news:

THIS surfaced last night. Me and my Jr. Year Homecoming Date. Matt. 

Last night's dream was fragmented, in two distinctly weird parts.

  1. I was shootin' the shit with Khloe Kardashian in a locker room. I was asking her why her hair was blond, why she has a show called Kocktails with Khloe, why there's a freaking H in the middle of her name... I was asking her all of these questions and she was just getting dressed, blow drying her hair extensions, and providing answers. So weird.
  2. The second part had to do with a little mouse. I had a little mouse as my pet. I was carrying it around in my pocket, and holding it in my hand. I put it in the sink with some water, and it was swimming around, blowing bubbles and making noises. Like not TALKING but almost. I was fumbling around with my phone trying to take a video of this, and the mouse skittered up out of the sink and went running away. I started searching for her... and yelling her name... which was... cleverly enough... "Mini". (Which I can only assume is a take on Minnie Mouse?) I remember thinking how clever that was. Minnie was a fake mouse. But this MINI was a SMALL REAL MOUSE. See? See?

Again. It baffles me that I get any sleep at all.

Last night's smothering/choking theme sort of bugs me. What do we think that's about? 

Trainer ride tonight. Maybe with Chris?


  • Health data: Hours slept: 8
  • 48m 12s
  • -----
  • -----

Was supposed to have Ronnie but he canceled... (His wife has bronchitis and is super pregnant and he's literally afraid she's going to cough out the baby) so he stayed home with her. I woke Chris up and dragged him downstairs to the trainer.

Small chain ring today, trying to have a higher cadence.

AVG RPM = 72/ MAX RPM = 85
AVG WATTS = 105/ MAX WATTS = 144

Watched an episode of NARCOS.


I had a crazy dream last night... Chris and I were fleeing from the Taliban. They were hunting us down because we helped some young guy escape when he was going to be smothered to death in a grain elevator. We were in the grain elevator with him, but we were standing up higher and it started to fill up with grain. We (somehow) got the younger guy out and Chris and I fled...with this other guy to the airport.

Once in the airport, with all of our luggage, (which we kept exchanging for empty bags) we ran hither and tither trying to avoid the Taliban. I looked at a monitor (like a TV in the airport that was showing the news) and there was a photo of ME, with a superimposed bag of salt on my head and XX's over my eyes. It was the Taliban trying to send me a message letting me know they were going to kill me by smothering me in a bag of salt. 

I had a salad for dinner. I have no idea what brought this on. I definitely always have dreams, but this was scary, violent, and involved a lot of frantic darting around. My dreams are usually more unusual than scary.

  • 1h 05m

Chest and back and 2 shoulder exercises. With Agnes. :)

I need to take actual steps to get out of this FUNK.


  • Health data: Hours slept: 9

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