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PT tonight. I feel my endurance returning.

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  • 32m 46s
  • 2.10 miles
  • 15m 36s /Mi

Again. To the post office and back. I love to keep it fresh. Haha. Just kidding. I do the same thing over and over and over again.

Chris worked on the outside of the house this weekend and got it looking all green and neat. Took Henri LeTurtle out to enjoy the sunshine....


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  • Home Improvement
  • 2h 00m

Mostly just shopping, but a lot of lifting furniture and moving stuff around and setting stuff up and taking it apart and this and that. By the end of the day my plantar fasciitis was totally irritated and I was freaking TIRED.

A week or so ago we ordered some bedroom furniture for our guest room. Today it was delivered. Got it all set up and then I took off for Bed Bath and Beyond to try to make it cozy and home-like.

$600.00 in Kenneth Cole bedding later, I give you this:

We still need some sort of window treatment and the stuff on the walls isn't hung up yet. But that's the general gist. Molly and Quentin have moved in already.

Pretty #%*)&#)%(&#)& expensive cat bed, if you ask me.


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I haven't been this tired since Ironman training.

1:36 PM: The highlight of my day! Alpaca is here working from the desk behind me for the day. I feel happy. Something I've not felt all week long with my return to this dungeon.


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I needed the reminder, however I'm not sure I believe the butt part.

2:49 PM: I'm literally exhausted at the end of each work day. Exhausted and my knee is swollen and upset. Clearly, I'm not spending enough time with my leg elevated, I'm not resting enough, and I'm somehow pushing myself too hard? I'm literally doing NOTHING except driving to work, working, and going home. Oh, I go out to lunch. But that's not taxing. That's just EATING. The recovery time for this thing is KILLING ME. I'd like to do some sort of exercise but I don't think I can...Aside from the pervasive swelling, I'm so sleepy after working all day I can't keep my eyes open to exercise. I got home last night, packed up an eBay shipment, and then FELL ASLEEP ON THE COUCH at 8:30 trying to watch the Tour of California. IT WAS STILL LIGHT OUTSIDE. It's killing me. 

I think I may cancel PT tonight so I can get home earlier and just rest some more. Ice. Elevate. Keep off my feet.

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9:07 AM: Today I got to work at 8:00 sharp. I rounded the corner to find my entire unit gathered around my desk, waiting for me. I was like... IS THERE A MEETING? And they were like... "No! We got you surprise breakfast!" (I had already eaten!)

So, I had breakfast #2. There are donuts and a bunch of stuff left over... I am going to try not to snack all day long. I am chubby already! I don't need breakfasts 1,2,3 and 4 before I have lunch 1 and dinner 1.

11:37 AM: I just received notice that I got an in-person interview for the training role I had a phone interview for a couple of weeks ago. This would be an ideal position for me; HOWEVER it's a good hour commute each way on the freaking TOLLWAY in "rush hour" traffic. I had what I thought was a fantastic phone interview, and I couldn't understand why they hadn't lept all over the chance to see me in person, in action. (I will have to do a 30 minute presentation on the topic of my choice...) Well now I get my chance. And they get theirs.

And I will have to decide if the commute is something that's worth it.

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