Saint Charles,IL 
Sunny High 38FLow 28F
  • Temp: 33F
  • Hum: 63%
  • W: 12mph WSW
Blowing snow
High 29F
Low 9F
High 9F
Low 8F
High 33F
Low 20F
High 22F
Low 1F

Surgery on Monday! I am so looking forward to this!

Tailbone is full force irritated. I am having trouble sitting, walking, and engaging in general life activities.

Canceled Ronnie for today. Now, I won't see him for quite some time.

Ran around like a lunatic this AM trying to get my blood drawn for my pre-op bloodwork. The one lab I went to was completely shut down and out of business. A sign on their door re-directed me to the next closest facility, and that place didn't open til 10. Complete waste of time. Going to see if I can find another location that's open... now.

Tailbone not doing well. I think it was the deadlift low row squeeze things we did yesterday. Fx tailbone does not wish to be squeezed. That is all.

I am experiencing a hair anomaly today:

Not sure what's happening with those pieces in the front, but... there they are. Weird.

  • Health data: Sick: 3
  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 1h 00m

Whew. Ronnie said he's training me like his paraplegic client. Upper body upper body upper body with the slight exception that the paraplegic client can't do core. And I can. Sort of.

The stuff we did today really irritated my tailbone. Hurts again. Ow.

Ronnie at lunch. I also made some photos look cool, from my friend Brant's farm:


My latest eBay mailings:

That's a little over $90 going out the door! In used clothes!

Lots of driving hither and yon. Hither and yon.

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