Speed Kills.

Saint Charles,IL 
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Wednesday - August 27

No workout today. I'm off from tomorrow through Monday and I need to sit here at work like a good little worker bee and work. No time for an extended lunch with Ronnie.

Out late-ish last night at my friend Jill's party palace. She has a pool and a bar outside and a fire pit and a hot tub and a DIVING BOARD and all kinds of opportunities for fun. You know me, I can't turn down a little fun.

So I sprang from the board, executing a couple of pretty darn good dives for a 44 year old. I swam in the pool and practiced pushing off of the walls. My knee at this point in time, feels pretty FREAKING AWESOME. Still a little pain, but much improvement. Like 70-80%. I am not able to run, but I do think I'd be able to get out of the way of a cab if it were going to mow me down in Chicago.

Tuesday - August 26

I have a legitimate sunburn on my back. My first of the year. My first in several years. I went all the way to Mexico this year and never got a sunburn. WTF. I guess 6+ hours in the saddle with my back to the skies leads to a sunburn. Phooey.

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