Saint Charles,IL 
Cloudy High 41FLow 30F
  • Temp: 30F
  • Hum: 71%
  • W: 8mph NNE
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Low 36F
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  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 55m

Watched in horror as the car in the lane next to me was rear ended by a semi today on the way to Ronsky. Tried to call the cops, but I couldn't find a mile marker on the highway. Someone else called it in while I was on the phone.

As a result of all of this, I was late, but just by 5ish minutes. This was mostly legs today. Knee did better than I expected.


Our sweet kitty Orbit is very sick. Very very sick. He has a growth or tumor in his stomach/abdomen. It's been ultrasounded and confirmed and it's there and it's fatal. It's been impacting the amount he's been able to eat for the last couple of months... we took him to the vet before we left for Hawaii, because he was getting so thin... and we got the news then. Started him on a double dose of Prednisone, trying to keep the swelling/inflammation/whatever down enough so he's comfortable. It's also an appetite stimulant, so he can try to eat a bit more than he normally would feel like eating. We've got him in the front empty bedroom with a gate so that the other dickwads don't bother him too much. They were stealing his food and bullying him. Now he can at least eat and relax in peace and hang out and feel safe. He's eating human baby food. (Not food made from human babies, food made for human babies... just so we're clear...)

He's peeing and pooping on pads in the spare bedroom.

We're watching him for the signs... of when's the right time to put him to sleep... as long as he looks like he's generally enjoying being alive, we're not going bring him in. He's still eating, asking for food, walking here and there and eating treats, but mostly he's resting. When he stops eating, moving, etc... then it's time. He's very very thin right now. I'm sad.

In healthier times.

  • 30m
  • 1.82 miles
  • 16m 29s /Mi

3.7 or so on the treadmill @ 3.0 incline.

  • 20m

Legs. (Well as much of legs as I can do)

Leg press 2 x 15
Quad Extensions 2 x 15
Calf raise (L side only) 3 x 25

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