Speed Kills.

Saint Charles,IL 
Sunny High 76FLow 52F
  • Temp: 74F
  • Hum: 71%
  • W: 16mph NE
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Light drizzle
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Wednesday - July 23

Tuesday - July 22

6:48 AM: Today is the farewell dinner for my best friend Rachael. Her husband has accepted an ex-Pat position in Singapore and they will be there for 2 years. At least. We've been friends forever and a day and I do not like the idea of this one bit. I know I should be supportive, and I should think about her husband's career and the long term prospects, etc etc. But all I can really think about is how I'm going to miss my friend. A whole lot. 

So I will pout. For now. Here. But I will meet her in person tonight and be supportive. 

Monday - July 21

  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 1h 00m

So apparently Ronnie read some books or manuals or something and has decided that I'm going to be on the receiving end of a Physical Therapy type thing from him once per week. He gave me a band and I am to do this at home too... in addition to the PT I already do. It does help, I must admit.

A lot of foam rolling today. And "TIGER STICK" just just another word for "THE STICK" which we all know is absolutely NO FUN AT ALL. This was painful and I will likely have bruises on my legs tomorrow. My IT bands are off the hook. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.


Sunday - July 20

Sport #1
  • Home PT
  • 10m

The usual suspects.

Sport #2
  • Jockstrapping
  • 6h 00m

Probably longer but I'm only going to take credit for 6 hours.

Racine 70.3. I knew people from all parts of my triathlon life there. St. Charles, Crystal Lake, BT... all very well represented.

We took a convoy of vehicles up there to spectate. My convertible + 5 motorcycles. It was quite the parade.


Saturday - July 19

  • 3h 25m 03s
  • 57.25 miles
  • 16.85 Mi/hr

Gillian's birthday ride. Seems we have one birthday every weekend now! :)
Really nice day, very little wind. Beautiful weather.


Friday - July 18

  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 1h 00m

Core. This was hard because my legs were already very sore. And apparently Ronnie watched a video or something and he learned that trainers that yell and stare their clients in the eye while doing it cause their clients to burn like 30% more fat per workout or something. Probably due to the stress direct eye contact and a raised voice causes. I told him I wasn't interested in that, I'd rather burn 30% less fat and not have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

He only partially listened to me. Hah.

Knees were a limiter here today.

9:00 AM: Ronnie today at 11.

I am so ridiculously sore from that leg workout the other day. Like WHATTHEHELLHAPPENED sore. ZOMG. And I didn't even do the whole thing as originally written! I'd be in a wheelchair if I had!

Here's the group from last night:

The two girls to the R of me are the two other leaders. I look like I'm trying to stop myself from peeing.

Thursday - July 17

  • 1h 01m
  • 15.05 miles
  • 14.80 Mi/hr

I was the leader of this group today. Right out in front, with the responsibility of maintaining a 15 mph pace. I was barely breathing. I wasn't sweating, but I had to dial it back a bit because I was dropping people. So we end up with a one hour ride of just under 15 mph.

I stuck around to talk to the two other leaders and have found out that they're both planning an Ironman next year... One of them Lake Placid and the other Florida. My Wisconsin will fall right between... so this is good for me, training wise.

Just need to get myself back into the pool... And get that Synvisc injection so I can start spending some time on my feet.


The girl and the goat.



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