Saint Charles,IL 
Light freezing rain High 32FLow 25F
  • Temp: 20F
  • Hum: 71%
  • W: 4mph SSW
Partly cloudy
High 36F
Low 25F
Partly cloudy
High 36F
Low 23F
Moderate snow
High 41F
Low 31F
Light freezing rain
High 36F
Low 25F
  • 1h 19m 45s
  • 18.10 miles
  • 13.62 Mi/hr

Bike Path. Crushed limestone for 85% of it. Loving the new bike. Loving. It. Met some guy who is a CAT 1 racer who is trying to recruit people for his CX clinics. He was riding a cross bike and he didn't use his hands for most of the ride. Even up hill. :O

  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 55m

Abs. Again. Abs, obliques, planks, etc etc etc. For 55 minutes. I was a wee bit late. Left a meeting early to get to my workout. Not sure where my priorities are...? Or actually, I'm pretty sure exactly where my priorities are. Heh.

9:08 AM: I have done something to my wrist. Owwie. I had something starting up with it after Ronsky last Thursday, but I seem to have sealed the deal with 45 wall ball/squatty things yesterday. Wrists just don't appreciate any of it. I think it's the way I hold the ball. Also, yesterday's burpees were on the ball, so that was awkward as well.

We'll see what he has me do today. I'll take a couple of Advils and soldier on.

Ronsky at lunch. Riding bikes after work. (Thinking the CX bikes... hope I'm right! So many bikes, so little time!)

A couple of the girlz from Happy Hour on Friday:

Me, Jillian and Kathy. My hair is getting LOOOOOONG.

  • 45m

This was a Ronsky-esque workout, but he wasn't there, so I'm not going to log it under "TRAINER RONSKY"

3 x 15 wall balls (12/15/15 lbs) slam/squat/throw/squat.
3 x 15 backward lunges with 5 lb weight shoulder raise
3 x 30 v-sit seated side to side ball slam
3 x 10 TRX Pushup
3 x 10 TRX Pull up
3 x 15 burpees + 12 lb ball
2 x 10 squat, curl, press. Meh.

Some photos from yesterday:

Trudy and me. MMMMMM. Mostaccioli. Garlic bread. Carbs. All for only $6.95! Wink

The RedBull and the PayDay were mine. Slugged down the RedBull, but couldn't get the PayDay down. Stuffed it in my jersey pocket and lugged it around southern Wisconsin. 

This is my commemorative mile 43 photo for my 43rd birthday. This right here is what your forties can be like. You too can be hoisting bikes overhead while your friends take photos on the side of the road. Get on your bikes and riiiiiide. Woot! 

Lift something too. Lift weights, kettlebells, giant bags of cat litter, children, spouses, cars, tires, whatever. Keep yourself strong and get some aerobic exercise from time to time. Strong body + strong heart. 

Then, fling that bike overhead and celebrate yourself! 

Bike #1
  • 00m 39s
  • 0.08 miles
  • 7.38 Mi/hr

Hah. This was supposed to be a bike ride but I messed it up. We stopped and reset the Garmin.

Bike #2
  • 3h 50m 32s
  • 63.01 miles
  • 16.40 Mi/hr

So this was pretty much just an out and back all the way to Twin Lakes Wisconsin, with Trudy and Scotty. We were celebrating my 43rd birthday and her 53rd birthday so we went 63 miles.

Felt good the entire time, kept the effort super easy and I could have kept right on going... to 73 or 93 or 103. Whatever.

This despite the fact that I had some sort of acid reflux or something happening for pretty much the entire ride. Felt like my breakfast was creeping up my esophagus. I pushed it back down with swig after swig of Infinit, but I was not able to actually EAT anything. So strange. This kind of crap doesn't happen to me as a rule. Had 2 bottles of Inifint for 260 cals each + a 12 oz RedBull, so I think I had enough cals (or I know I did... I felt freaking awesome) to support this ride at this pace.

We saw a random orange on the road. We also saw a random apple and a couple of random ears of sweet corn. Strange. Not all in the same spot, so it's not like someone's farmstand was ransacked or something.

We were also buzzed by not 1, not 2, but 3 (THREE!!!) red tailed hawks. In different areas. I told Trudy "The only way today's ride can get any luckier is if we found a bag of money on the side of the road." A great thought, but no dice. ;)

Bike #3
  • 1h 02m 23s
  • 14.51 miles
  • 14.01 Mi/hr

Chris, me, and our new CX bikes on the crushed gravel path out toward West Chicago. The paths are ours now! Used to be a huge bummer to ride my road bike on the crushed limestone... but NO MORE! CX bikes rule on this surface!

^^^ You can see where we left the path and did a couple of loopies in a park.

We rode our new CX bikes through our own lawn. (Which is preferable to riding them through the neighbor's lawn... just saying.)

Chris heading right toward me! 

Me. Yes. I did it too. 

  • 15m
  • 3.00 miles
  • -----

Test rode a couple of Cyclocross bikes today. Rode Jamis with SRAM (meh) and fell in love with a Cannondale. (again!)

9:04 AM: Soooooooo here we go with 43!

Last night's celebratory dinner took us to NICHE restaurant in downtown Geneva. We had the 5 course tasting menu plus an order of the sweetbreads. We also had the wine pairings. Delicious. Delicious. Delicious. The perfect amount of food. Perhaps even a bit on the light side, which is A-OK in my book.

Had a glass of vintage Madeira at the end of the meal. It was dated from 1908 and cost $45 a glass. Worth every single solitary dollar.

Me and my $45 drink.

Agnes got me that necklace for my birthday!

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7
  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 1h 00m

No rest for the birthday girl.
Today we did squat presses and a bunch of lunging type stuff. My balance continues to be bad... he started out with one exercise and had to switch it to a regression because I still don't trust my legs and knees. It's as basic as that. For good reason, the fuckers have been much less than reliable for most of my life!

Also did some deadlift/row type things. He's sending me the workout... I shall post it here, if and when it arrives.

Holy Food Day at work. Holy Crap. My co-workers want me to be 600 lbs. Hahaha. Most of the stuff is food I don't necessarily want to eat... lots of bagels, pretzels, carby deliciousness... I'm saving most of my badness for dinner tonight with Chris.

I probably will have some cake today. 
Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Have you seen the light
to the side of the house?
And have you seen
how it pulls each edge
of each leaf
of the agaves
into brilliant focus,
and casts shadows
in the folds of the
organ-pipe cactus
while it draws your eye
to the two shy flowers
blooming to one side?

And have you seen the light
on the bougainvillea
at the edge of the road
and on the lavender
to one side
and the soft, green sage
to the other
and on the million silvery spikes
of rosemary
just beyond?

Have you seen the light
on your hand
on your feet
on the gravel
on the asphalt
on the twisted wires
that seem to thread
from tree to tree
and through the haze,
on the softly sloping mountains
at the other edge
of the valley?

Yes, there are dishes
to be washed
and beds
to be made
and errands to be run
and to-do lists
to be done.
But they will be here
and this
will not.

Sit, if you can,
for a moment
and take in
what you can,
for now,
because you cannot
ever see enough of it
and because all of it
will change
in the blink of an eye.



  • 1h 00m
  • 2952.76 yards
  • 02m 02s /100 yards

300 warm up
16 x 50 (every 4th fast)
200 pull
12 x 50 with fins (every 3rd fly)
200 drill
8 x 50 IM down, free back.
200 Tennessee
2700 M

So much butterfly lately. My arms are all "FUCK YOU!"

Last practice with Kelly as the coach until NOVEMBER. Booooo.

Glasses. Reading glasses. I have them. I need them. I wear them (sporadically) but when I'm not wearing them, I wish I was wearing them. Especially at work.

Excessive squinting causes wrinkles. I must remember this.

Today is my last day as the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything"

43 can suck it.

Swimming tonight. Then a little post-swimmy drinkie with the Master's peeps. Partially in celebration of the end of the season, and partially in celebration of my birthday. It's not til tomorrow, but one can never celebrate enough.

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