half ironman, here i come

The following equipment is nearing replacement:
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Thursday - January 16

Story about the local runner killed, for those interested.

Wednesday - January 15

Tuesday - January 14

Back is better today. Still sore, but not constant pain. Going to have to rest a bit, though.

Monday - January 13

  • 19m 27s
  • 800.00 yards
  • 02m 26s /100 yards

200 breast
200 free
200 breast
200 free

My back is even worse today than it was on Saturday. I don't know why. Maybe I need to take a break from picking up BOTH kids. Went for an easy swim hoping that would stretch things out. Tried to do some stretching in the water. Couldn't do much. Felt better walking, but now I can't even sit in my desk chair without pain. Iced this morning. Really frustrated with this.

Sunday - January 12

Saturday - January 11

Spent all day in the ER with my 4 yr old yesterday. His knee was swollen. They ruled out infection, and since there's no apparent injury we are going to the ortho Mon. Worried it could be something serious... like juvenile arthritis... And b/c he was refusing to walk, I carried him around all day and now my back is sore. Kiddo is almost back to normal. Workouts did not get done. Maybe tomorrow. Raining all day here anyhow.

Friday - January 10

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