Saturday - September 20

Friday - September 19

  • 1h 15m
  • 3900.00 yards
  • -----

Warm Up:
300 of: 100 free, 100 back, 100 free
200 of: 50 kick, 50 swim
100 of: 25 scull (no buoy) 25 swim

Kicking / sculling set:
8x 50s 15 SR
with a buoy and snorkel Scull down kick back.

Pre Set: 20 SR
100 build
75 breathe every 5
50 half-sprint
25 butterfly

Main Set:
3x 800s, 1:00 recovery between each.

1st 800 easy endurance effort with the buoy. Breathing pattern of 3, 5 by 50s.
2nd 800 no equipment ~ steady state
3rd 800 fins and paddles.

250 warm down at the end.
Up too late last night for work, really struggled to get my brain or body going this morning. So in a funny way it was actually kind of nice to have 800s instead of a whole big mish-mash of stuff. Felt like I could just put it on automatic pilot and just peek at the pace clock every now and again - it dawned on me today that I don't even try to count laps or yards anymore - just watching the pace clock lets me know where I am in a set. I have no idea when that happened - does that mean I am finally a "real" swimmer? Ha - I think my pokey paces answer that question.

Endurance effort 800 with buoy was 12:32, steady state 800 was 12:00 flat, but admittadlly I probably pushed that over effort here and there just to hit the 1:30/100 consistently. Didn't time the paddles & fins.

  • Calories out: 3347 From lifestyle:2706, From activities:641

Thursday - September 18

  • 1h 00m
  • 3.75 miles
  • -----

Supposed to be a complete day off today due to work and travel. Slept in just a little but really wanted to stretch my legs out a bit before sitting in the car and meetings all day, so took a quick walk to breakfast before hitting the road.

  • Calories out: 3360 From lifestyle:2719, From activities:641

Wednesday - September 17

  • 1h 38m 15s
  • 8.97 miles
  • 10m 57s /Mi

This was really just a pleasure/recovery run - legs are still just a little bit stiff, but this run really helped out a lot in getting them right. Slept in just a little and then walked over to the park with Ken and just ran easy the whole way around the bridal path. Ken had to hustle back to get some work done, but I ran about 15 more minutes to get a full hour in and then walked to breakfast.

Finished up my meetings around 4pm and grabbed a black car and headed to LGA to try and get on an earlier flight. Everything headed to ATL was way over sold and I didn't have any luck, so now I am about an hour in to a flight that doesn't get in until 11pm. At least I don't HAVE to get up super early tomorrow unless I just want to - don't have to be in Auburn until 11am. But other than that Thursday and Friday are going to be loooong days. On the upside I have a long ride in the Gaps scheduled for Saturday if the weather works out, and the youth team I have been coaching has their last triathlon of the season on Sunday - so this weekend should be fun!

  • Calories out: 3736 From lifestyle:2686, From activities:1050

Tuesday - September 16

  • 1h 05m 47s
  • 20.00 miles
  • 18.24 Mi/hr

Over Gear.

Warmed Up 10 minutes, then:

10 minutes of:
30 seconds standing
30 seconds standing AND unweighting the recovering leg.

5 min recovery, but with cadence above 95RPM

Main Set:

4 minutes cadence @ 60 RPM and power at 210w. At the 4 minute mark begin accelerating while in the same gear for a full minute making a conscious effort to not mash and instead worked all other parts of the pedal stroke with my hip flexors and hamstrings. Accelerated each round to 500w.

Recovered a full 5 minutes between each 5 minute effort.

5 min cooldown at the end.
Quads are STILL really sore and stiff, but that sure got the blood flowing and loosened them up, at least for a while - ha. can't wait to see how the feel after sitting on a plane for a couple of hours...

took a quick shower and then hustled to the airport. Flight went without a hitch and got in to New York around 5:30pm. Met up with Ken and we went on a good walk around his neighborhood (upper west side) had a couple of cocktails here and there and then enjoyed a leisurely dinner at a neighborhood joint. Really fun to catch up.

  • Calories out: 3558 From lifestyle:2714, From activities:844

Monday - September 15

  • 1h 30m
  • 4400.00 yards
  • 02m 03s /100 yards

Emory Masters.

800 of 150 free/50 kick w/o board, IM order

1x400 pull, :30 rest
1x200 kick, 20 rest
4x100 IM, :15 rest
2x100 kick, :10 rest
6x100 IM, :20 rest
1x400 free, :30 rest
4x50 IM order, :15 rest

1x300, :30 rest
2x200, :20 rest
3x100, :10 rest

200 choice warm down
Legs are still (surprisingly!) really trashed - very stiff and sore. So today was really mostly another needed recovery day. Everything up to the 1x400 was done relatively at an easy/steady effort. While I didn't seem to have a lot of muscular punch today my lungs actually felt really good, and even though I was only going at a "steady" effort I hit the 400 in 5:55, the 2x200s in 2:55, and the 3x100s went 1:24/1:24/1:22

After masters I jumped in the car and dashed to auburn for a long day of work. Since I am traveling to New York for work tomorrow I headed back to ATL late in the evening, and didn't get home til almost midnight. oof. That is going to make tomorrow be an even longer day.

  • Calories out: 3463 From lifestyle:2693, From activities:769

Sunday - September 14

  • 1h 57m 19s
  • 28.33 miles
  • 14.49 Mi/hr

easy-peasy recovery ride in the drizzly, misty rain with JT. Legs are a little stiff today...

  • Calories out: 3924 From lifestyle:2670, From activities:1254

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