• Walking
  • 30m

walk with my daughter that included about .25 mile of running

Really surprised how good I feel today. Was really tired (slept 11 hours last night!) and I am sore (but not as sore as my marathons). Only unusual ache and pain is some soreness on inside of one of my knees. Can't wait to get back out on the trails!

Race report is done.

  • 5h 52m 46s
  • 31.00 miles
  • 11m 22s /Mi

Awesome! I am hooked. It was fun. It was hard. It hurt. HUGE thank you to Dave for coming out and supporting me. More later

  • Walking
  • 30m

walk with my daughter. Helped get some of the stiffness out of the legs

T minus 1. Had a dream last night that I woke up this morning with a fractured hip and couldn't run tomorrow. Maybe someday, but not today. Little bit of butterflies, but mostly ready to get going. I think lack of real nerves come from the fact that just because you have never done it before doesn't mean you can't do it. There was a day when I had never done a sprint tri, never an olympic distance, never a 1/2 Ironman, never a marathon, never a Goofy's Challenge. But I have done them all, despite some doubts that I could. So I do believe I can do it (and maybe beyond). Couple things I do know: it will be fun, it will be hard, it will hurt, but I will be mighty happy when I cross that finish line (probably right after I get done puking. ;) )
  • 18m 37s
  • 2.00 miles
  • 09m 18s /Mi

easy little run post walk

  • Walking
  • 40m

walk with my daughter

I have to admit I am not really all that nervous about saturday. In fact I am a little nervous that I'm not more nervous. Weather is looking perfect, except a little chilly for short sleeves at the start (mid 40s) I will mull over arm warmers. I will do one more little run tonight.

more rest
  • 25m 40s
  • 3.00 miles
  • 08m 33s /Mi

Humid & warm (mid 80's), but this felt really good.

I am ready for saturday to get here. Little run today. Disturbingly, my weight has shot up 5 pounds (154) in the last 5 days. I believe crappy eating with lots of salt this past weekend is culprit. I will try and eat better, but I am not starving myself this week.

Today is a rest day. I expect I will take a couple of those this week.

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