Saturday - October 25

Friday - October 24

Thursday - October 23

  • 41m 27s
  • 4.76 miles
  • 08m 42s /Mi

Suppose to be an easy run through Belleville, but I went out a little faster than expected because I felt really good. After seeing an 8:07 first mile I had to get the reigns of myself. Next mile was 9:48 and then I kept subliminally picking up the pace and ran negatives the rest of the way. Towards the end I started to feel a little shin splint on left leg. I noticed I was landing flat footed at the time, so I concentrated on proper forefoot landing form and it went away.

Wednesday - October 22

Tuesday - October 21

Monday - October 20

Sunday - October 19

  • 41m 57s
  • 5.00 miles
  • 08m 23s /Mi

Trail Run at Crosswinds Marsh...
Ran negative splits...which was awesome. During the first mile I did not feel that good and was really fighting myself mentally. Then I saw that my time for the first mile was 9:09 I realized I was running better than I felt. I started convincing myself that I should enjoy things because the trail was flat out wonderful this evening, the scenery was great and the weather was perfect. Then the second mile was 8:59, than 8:38 for the third, than about 8 flat for the forth, and finally the last mile was 7:09. I really burned the last mile and was surprised I had more in the legs. I think I could have gone in the low 6's if this was a race, or at least held on under 8 for another mile maybe. I do have to be careful pushing it so fast with so few runs a week. I was feeling the shins and achilles a little as my stride was breaking down in latter parts of the run.

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