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Thursday - October 2

Wednesday - October 1

Ebola in Texas.

I knew it.  I am particularly annoyed with the government in ALLOWING people to freely come in from Liberia.  LIBERIA.  Are we that stupid?  Why-o-why weren't these countries on a full 'no fly' list?  Simply 'just checking' for flu-like symptoms before getting on the plane is 'THE DUMBEST IDEA EVER'.  We shouldn't even be flying people to the US from infected countries.  You can pick up the virus a few days before you get on a plane before you exhibit flu-like symptoms.  The administration made another epic fail in policy in doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about preventing the virus from getting to our shores.

I don't buy the authors reasoning that it won't 'catch on' here.  We have more dense population centers.  We have a much better infrastructure in moving people around the country to spread the disease faster.  Yes, there isn't much of a public health system to combat the illness in the countries that have had it - but the villages where it started were more isolated than we are in the it got off to a slower start.  People move much freer over here (not nearly as much poverty).  Since we do have a good healthcare and awareness system, what's going to happen is that our health system will be overrun with everyone with flu-like symptoms if this starts getting out more.

This is not good.

...and I'm not some doomsdayer hack...I have a degree in biology and chemistry with a good primer in microbiology.  This is just common sense stuff.  Though I hope I'm wrong.

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Tuesday - September 30

Monday - September 29

Autosending workouts to your BT training log via Garmin Connect and Express is now working.

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Sunday - September 28

Saturday - September 27

Friday - September 26

Allright, I just got the revised BT IOS app.  New social login and some bugfixes.  Will be testing this weekend.

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