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Too many priorities lately.  Need to focus on but a few things.

Marmadaddy is going to kill me.  Been working on the custom training plan creator the entire weekend.  I have just converted some 'point' data to line equations...yet the 3rd rendition of the result value.  It will be good though as I never was quite happy with the 'jumps' in data for a training plan for a person having a 7min/mile run than a person having a 9.9min/mile run.


UPDATE, well it appears that even if my sons wanted to circumnavigate the globe if they learned how to sail...they won't be able to...my wife spoke.  ;)

Interesting debate on the validity of allowing a 16 year old to circumnavigate the globe.  I am erring on the side of 'more power to her'.  Renee, Fastyellow and a few others have great points that I am in agreement with. There were a few good points on the other side of the argument though. I am a parent and can only hope that my child has half of her zeal for adventure/hobby as those are usually good indicators of how they will do as adults in life. Teenagers these days are losing a lot of that passion and becoming social-tethered zombies.  Though I'm sure my parents were saying the same thing when I was a teenager.  Pretty much all of them are tied to cell phones, TV or video games.  Those things were tightly regulated in my house as a kid so I had the 'time' to put a lot of heart into a few hobbies which I think has contributed greatly to the person I am today.  I actually had time to think!

There is so much focus on cell phones and social networking stuff today for middle schoolers and highschoolers (not to mention TV and video games) that many of them are caught up into this time warp that they can't get out of.  That's not life.  It's a kind of like living in suspended animation. Focused on keeping up with everyone else except yourself. One can't really get immersed in any passions with the constant distraction of texting, phones, etc.  Middleschool and highschool are formative years.  In retrospect highschool is the time to fall in love with a few hobbies and pursue them to the ends of the earth as when it's time to become an adult, those pursuits will bring a lot more to the table contributing to you as an individual.  Today's society allows this less and less.  There is no benefit to an individual to follow every update, tweet and text of all of your friends.  If anything it negatively impacts your life as it's taking time away from doing things that will really help you become what you want to be.  You just can't really get immersed in something if you phone is bleeping every 5 or 10 minutes.

It's transitioning to a lot of adults too that I see - where the parents should just stop the texting, shut the phone off and play with their kids.  People don't have time to just 'think' anymore without the endless need for electronic social diversions.

I am not an anti-futurist, I embrace technology and realize that 'things change'.  But I do have a strong 'Walden' side to me - self reliance and eliminating societal distractions that don't contribute.  So when this 16 year old does this, I applaud her as a lot of great traits can come out of being an accomplished sailor at that age. It sounds as if she was more prepared than even most sailors.  I would love to teach my kids sailing...if we lived near water.  It teaches a very independent spirit.
  • 35m 16s
  • 1600.00 yards
  • 02m 12s /100 yards

4x400 on 10' (9:13, 9:08, 8:55, 8:00!)
-For the last set I decided I needed to feel what it is like to go 2min/100yd for a 400. It was tough for me though I finished with a few laps in me. Started the last 400 on 4/4 and halfway through went to 4/3 breathing then the last 100 did 3/3 breathing. If I can get under 2'/100 end of the year that would be too cool.

I need to challenge myself in the pool more like this...more informally as I hate structure to my swim sets. I'm sure I can get under 2'/100yd.

Extremely disappointing with the personalized M&M's RUSH delivery (mymms.com).  The website says 'Choose RUSH' for delivery by XXX' and in theory I would have got it in a few days to spare - nowhere did I ever find a RUSH delivery option and the only choice I had was std shipping in the dropdown which was too late for my needs.  AND this was after two days of email customer support.  I actually tried to call the first day and EVERYONE was in training for 'better customer service' - my lily white you know what - that means NO customer service.  I hate it when TV commercials gets your hopes up than totally disappoint.  They tell me now to call them.  Too late even if it works.

  • 30m
  • -----
  • -----

Sometimes if baffles me as to what makes a 'great' run. Today was one of those runs. Coming off of the longest run I have done recently Sunday, coupled with a strong/longer swim for me Monday, and add to the fact that I have been increasing the strength training the last week, I wasn't giving much hope that this would even be a 'decent' run. But it felt great. The minute I knew that this was a great run...I just kept the pace to the end.

Believe it or not, we filmed this video and a few others at the AMSSM conference in Cancun, Mexico a few months ago.  It was a tough few days of work let me tell you.

  • 30m
  • 8.02 miles
  • 16.04 Mi/hr


  • 15m


  • GENERAL - Front Lever - tuck 1
  • GENERAL - L-sit-Rings
  • GENERAL - Planche - tuck 1

Added the planche into the mix.

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