• 50m

A day late, but not a dollar short!

A solid lift, and a great way to end the Max Lift block with several more BIG PR's - Leg Press, Hack Sq, Leg Curl, Leg Ext.

Leg Press: 1000x4, 900x6, 810x8 BOOM!!!!

Low Row: 180x5, 170x7, 160x9

Back Ext: 3x20@15
PushUps: 3x20
SitUps: 3x20@15

Lat Pull: 135x5, 125x7, 115x9

Hack Squat: 250x3, 230x5, 200x7 - DOUBLE BOOM!!

Leg Curl: 200x3, 170x7, 155x8
Leg Ext: 205x6, 180x8, 160x10

The Leg Press & Hack Squats were soooo freaking HARD, but in the way that is kinda awesome when lifting. I swear my eyes were about to pop outta my head on those. I think I could still push the Leg Press up higher, but I'm also kinda glad that Max Lifting is done so that I'm not tempted to - yet.

Leg Curl & Leg Ext - I wanted to end those for this block with attempting to do my body weight, hence the big jump to 200+ on those. It seems I should have tried it sooner, perhaps.

  • Calories out: 3171 From lifestyle:2801, From activities:370
  • 1h 00m 01s
  • 6.99 miles
  • 08m 35s /Mi

Wow, it's pretty sad that this is my first workout of the week, but I guess that is what's going to happen sometimes when I'm living out of two houses and I don't plan ahead well enough on which ones I'm going to be at on which days, and which ones my clean workout gear are at.

Anyway, this felt nice. Nothing really to report except that I pushed well out of Zn1 (and even a little into Zn3) in the last 12 minutes of this for no other reason than I wanted to hit 7 miles. I know, it's stupid, and it flies in the face of me asking if I should hover more toward the middle of Zn1 on these runs, but it just sounded like a good idea at the time.

  • Calories out: 3644 From lifestyle:2794, From activities:850
  • 40m 52s
  • 2400.00 yards
  • 01m 42s /100 yards
  • 40m 01s
  • 4.82 miles
  • 08m 18s /Mi

  • Calories out: 3898 From lifestyle:2779, From activities:1120

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