• 26m 55s
  • 1500.00 yards
  • 01m 47s /100 yards

Whaaaaaaat?????It's a workout!

First bit of exercise since B2B. I was seriously Jones'ing for this... I was actually DREAMING, literally, of being able to go for a run, but the schedule just hasn't worked out for that lately.

So nice to finally be able to get back to doing things!

As for the work itself... holy crap, that felt a little awkward breathing to the left, hehehe.

  • 29m 52s
  • 3.46 miles
  • 08m 38s /Mi

Short run on the treadmill.
Set the speed at 7mph figuring that it should put me right in the middle of Zn1. Didn't have the HR strap, so no HR data.

Felt like Zn2 or more at first, lol. Took about 13 minutes before things settled down and felt the proper level of "easy". I think the HR was still elevated from the little bit of lifting I did when I first climbed on.

Just wanted to get on and get the legs moving. Haven't done that in a long, long while.

  • 25m

Kinda half-assed this a little.

Basically, this was my first time using the new gym at my office and what I found is that even though it is owned and operated by the same folks that run my normal gym, the equipment isn't quite the same and I don't really like all of their choices.... such as seated leg curl machine, no Smith Machine for Hack Squats, no standard Lat Pull station, no Low Row station. So, I sat on the floor to work my way through some Lat Pulls, did the Leg Press (450# for all reps, all sets), added back & side extensions, as well as some dumbbell shrugs... skipped row, leg curl, leg ext. and then decided to jump on the treadmill for a little bit just because I haven't run in a month.

  • Calories out: 3694 From lifestyle:2786, From activities:909

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