Saturday - August 23

  • 2h 46m 18s
  • 46.29 miles
  • 16.70 Mi/hr

Planned: 4:15:xx Zn2 Progression (start Zn1, last 45:00 in ZN2)

Bad workout. Bad day. Bad Timing.
Weakness, poorly fueled.

First off, I'm having to split this up due to time constraints. There just isn't enough time to get this in in its entirety before we have to leave the house for plans we have... so, given how I was feeling and the rest, I decided to cut it at 2:45 and then do the remaining 1:30 - including the Zn2 progression - before tomorrow's run.

Started the morning decently, even made a point of beginning to fuel early... then, I somehow never made it past having just two pieces of toast and some coffee. Then, I forgot the first two gels in the first hour of the ride. Ended up taking a break at 1:17:xx to put some solid food in me because my stomach was getting uneasy. Break lasted about 30 minutes. Ate two sandwiches and the two gels I had missed; gave them a little time to settle, briefly. Restarted the ride and got back on track with the gels at 1:20:xx and then every 30 minutes after. I still felt sluggish for about the first 20-25 minutes back on the bike, but then the energy returned a bit.

Eliza came in and reminded me that we have to leave the house no later than 3:30pm, which means that there was essentially zero chance that I could finish the ride and do the run, so that's when I decided to split up the ride. Given the fueling fail, it seemed to make extra sense to come back at it later. If there was any chance of being home before midnight, I'd finish it tonight, but it'll be much closer to 1am before I'm home tonight.

  • Calories out: 5188 From lifestyle:2723, From activities:2465

Friday - August 22

  • 59m 31s
  • 6.79 miles
  • 08m 46s /Mi

WU: 15minutes Zn1
MS: 1 x 3 mile Zn3 (*Record HR/pace)
CD: ZnR until final time

It sucks that Wednesday's swim isn't going to happen (lost my gym pass, held off on doing the workout thinking I'd find it... just getting a new one today), and that yesterday's run didn't happen until today, but I'm actually glad that the run got delayed. The hamstrings have felt pretty rough since Tuesday's bike, and I was glad for the extra day of recovery for them. They were a little upset with me early in the run, but then they loosened up.

Played with Garmin's workout creator again.... neat tool! It let me build this workout to the letter.

Warmup felt solid, and kinda flew by. The 3 miles in Zn3 felt great, but were a wee bit of a challenge. The heat and humidity got to me a little in the last quarter mile as I started to get a little dizzy even though I took fluids along. I may not have been well enough hydrated before beginning, however. At the start of the cool down, I tried to do a slow jog for a bit, but the HR just wasn't budging, and the dizziness persisted a wee bit, so I walked for a hundred yards or so. As soon as I tried to jog again, the HR spiked back into Zn1 within a few steps, so I decided I would just walk until my HR dropped to my cycling ZnR... 114bpm. That took what seemed like almost a half mile, and even then the HR didn't want to stay under 129 and I was having difficulty shuffling slower than 10:30/mi. Did the best I could to hover near ZnR until I got home.

  • 1h 02m 38s
  • 3600.00 yards
  • 01m 44s /100 yards

Triple Double!
3 x 300 ZnR on :15 rest
3 x 200 Zn1 on :15 rest
3 x 100 Zn2 on :15 rest
1 minute rest
3 x 300 Zn1 on :15 rest
3 x 200 Zn2 on :15 rest
3 x 100 BSE on :15 rest

Generally speaking, this felt great, but I also felt kinda slowish. A few aches and pains cropping up today, mostly related to my separated shoulder, but nothing to be concerned about. Had a few bouts of cramping in the feet and calves, but I'm going to chalk that up to this morning's run and my general hydration levels which were likely lacking even before that run. Had several long pauses and interruptions during the first 450 yds due to goggle malfunctions.

  • Calories out: 4375 From lifestyle:2756, From activities:1619

Thursday - August 21

Wednesday - August 20

Tuesday - August 19

  • 1h 36m 47s
  • 26.71 miles
  • 16.56 Mi/hr

Oh, man. It felt good to get some work done.

I'm operating under the assumption that the power is now "correct" since the last ride where I used the torque wrench to reinstall the Vector pedals. First interval, I got a little trigger happy with gear selection while trying to get the HR to climb up into Zn3 quickly rather than waiting for it. The next two intervals, I just shifted to the small ring for the recovery bits, then back again for the big interval periods (with a little bump to a higher gear at the start of the interval, but just until the HR hit 140+) and then let the HR settle out around 152/153 for the remainder of the time. That's the biggest reason that the power numbers go the wrong way for the intervals.... I was simply trying to get the HR up quick and didn't care about the power.

Overall, this was a crazy hot, super sweaty ride that felt really damned good. WAY too many days off coming into this.

TrainerRoad data:

Interval 1:
HR: 150
Pwr: 284
NP: 287

Interval 2:
HR: 149
Pwr: 269
NP: 271

Interval 3:
HR: 150
Pwr: 261
NP: 264

  • Calories out: 4209 From lifestyle:2774, From activities:1435

Monday - August 18

Sunday - August 17

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