• Aqua Jogging
  • 45m

788 yards

This morning was supposed to be a 45 min run.  The right hip flexor is sore at the insertion point at the top of the pelvis.  The left ankle and achilles is achy this morning.  I know some of it is not having enough sleep.  Some of it is the accumulation of miles.  Figured the better idea was to aqua jog for the prescribed time today and thus be able to run tomorrow and make both long runs this weekend.  Hope that is how it works out.

  • 1h 16m 10s
  • 8.71 miles
  • 08m 44s /Mi

hospital loop and around the block

decent run.  warm and muggy.  this tends to mean that some strong thunderstorms may be coming in the next 24 hours or so.  it's supposed to be back in the 40's for highs tomorrow. legs are really tired.  probably has to do with the low quality sleep i have been getting in.  

  • 24m

pushups w/ rows x 10 w/ 25 lb barbells
split straight leg lifts x 10
squats w/ 90lbs x 10
assisted pullups x 10 w/ 30lbs
hip raises x 10
lunges x 20
bent arm pull downs 10 x 50lbs
foot circles x 20
hip abductors 12 x 120lbs
internal shoulder rotation 12 x 10lbs
plank on exercise ball w/ rotation x 10 (5 each direction)
hip adductors 12 x 120lbs
external shoulder rotation 12 x 10lbs
bend and reach x 10 each leg
straight leg raises w/ 6lb medicine ball x 10
shoulder adduction 12 x 10 lbs
step ups w/ 20 lbs x 10 each leg
glute curls w/ medicine ball x 10

  • Aqua Jogging
  • 21m 27s

252 yards

cross train day, but it will have to happen at lunch.  blood work this morning for the annual physical and then William will be home by dinner.  it will be a bit shorter than usual.

weight and such is up, but after a short week that isn't too surprising

  • 52m 33s
  • 6.00 miles
  • 08m 45s /Mi

same as yesterday, just slower

nice morning for a run.  a full 17 degrees warmer this morning.  legs are a tad fried, particularly the it bands/hip flexors.  

  • 49m 15s
  • 6.00 miles
  • 08m 12s /Mi

2 small loops, around the block and down the alley to get the distance

brisk morning for a run.  and i waited until 7 instead of the usual 5:30.  good run.  felt sufficiently easy.  

the weekly rest day.  This weekend is now a stay home since Wilson's left arm is now sore to the point of no swimming for a few days.  two short runs this weekend and maybe some yard work

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