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Sunny skies High 93FLow 72F
  • Temp: 75F
  • Hum: 89%
  • W: 6mph W
Partly cloudy skies
High 89F
Low 68F
Overcast skies
High 88F
Low 66F
Sunny skies
High 87F
Low 60F
Sunny skies
High 81F
Low 58F
  • 1h 12m 09s
  • 22.92 miles
  • 19.06 Mi/hr
  • 56m 38s
  • 5.83 miles
  • 09m 43s /Mi

90% brick in preparation of next week's Olympic distance, at about 80% effort or so. Tried to do it about the time I'll come out the water next week, by the time I got off the bike it was a lot later than I usually run, and MAN it was hot. Drank plenty on the bike but didn't think to bring water/fuelbelt on a mere 6-mile run. Did stop at a business halfway and drink from their faucet.

Heat's definitely going to be a limiter next weekend. Best I can hope for is three hours total, broken down as:

  • Swim: 40 minutes (2:46 per 100) just to survive my longest OW swim.
  • Bike: 1:20 (18.6 mph average), probably could do faster but not sure how to pace to leave something for the run.
  • Run: 60 minutes (9:41 pace). Could be difficult at 90 degrees 90% humidity.

Transitions will have to be in there somewhere...

  • 3h 22m 50s
  • 60.05 miles
  • 17.76 Mi/hr

  • 1h 01m 22s
  • 2200.00 yards
  • 02m 47s /100 yards

Swam in the Team Javelin sausage suit. Got some strange looks, but it worked out OK, except my fat belly kept doing the Baby Huey thing.

  • 50m 28s
  • 5.50 miles
  • 09m 11s /Mi

Supposed to be a tempo run, 1-mile warmup at 10-minute pace, 4 @ 9-9:15-pace, then 1/2-mile cool down. Actually did the last fast mile at 8:45.

  • 54m 36s
  • 5.50 miles
  • 09m 56s /Mi

  • 3h 09m 16s
  • 53.65 miles
  • 17.01 Mi/hr

Got a break from the rain so I chanced getting the ride in. Rode to Acadiana Park, then through Arnaudville to Leonville then back home. Caught sporadic drizzle in the last ten miles but got the ride in, made my challenge goal for the month!

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