Sunny High 79FLow 54F
  • Temp: 80F
  • Hum: 42%
  • W: 8mph NW
High 76F
Low 54F
High 87F
Low 56F
High 83F
Low 63F
High 81F
Low 62F
  • 2h 21m 44s
  • 9.59 miles
  • 14m 47s /Mi
Went back to Sabino Canyon park and ran Sabino Canyon. The first 3 and 1/2 miles are on pavement-which was good for the type of workout. I did take a turn down to Sabino Creek creek trail (which I did not see the sign that said that the trail ends in 0.5M). I got screwed up and got off the trail and ended up climbing up the cliffs to the trail. Dumbass.

Talked to a speed walker on the way up the hill and a couple of cyclists.

After that got on great single track trails and did some serious climbing. 1850 feet. I stopped a bunch of times to take photos.

Run #1
  • 2h 29m 50s
  • 9.03 miles
  • 16m 35s /Mi
Run #2
  • 20m
  • 1.00 miles
  • 20m /Mi

Turned off garmin. Estimate

Run in Tucson for Sabino Canyon Park on the Bear Canyon trail to Seven Falls
Got up and to the park early. It was 83 degrees and 7am and got up to 98 by the time I was done! The first part of the run was on a gravel. Then, it moved to desert trail and was pretty tough at parts. There was a lot of water crossing--which were all dry. I did talk to a couple of runners along the way.

At the seven falls, the falls were dry--but the view was great of the entire canyon we were in. I ran back and then took a mis-turn. I ended back at Bear Canyon parking lot and got an uber to my car.

My neck felt pretty good today.

Went to Chiro twice yesterday. He said I can run tomorrow. Good news!
  • 00m 23s
  • 0.03 miles
  • 12m 47s /Mi
Found a great chiropractor and he worked on my neck and back. Said most of the problem is due to my right QLk which is creating tighness and pain.

I stopped in Blythe CA on the was to Tucson last night. Neck hurt like hell. Not goo.
I woke up with a stiff neck today. There is no way I should run--I am skipping today's workout and will flip the speed workout to another day. This is the first run that I have skipped since starting my quest for a 50 miler.

So with a Granddaughter on the way, I will use today to get my house in order. I will pack the car and get everything ready to. Also, I need to get to sports basement to get nutrition and shoes.

Not looking forward to training in Tucson. It is going to be 105+ every day this week.
  • 1h 00m 05s
  • 6.04 miles
  • 09m 57s /Mi
Good run. 6 miles easy miles on flats. My body is holding up ok--other than the shoulder.

I stayed with in my workout today and did not push it.

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