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  • 1h 40m

Walking in Guadalajara and in airports.

  • 50m

Walk 50 to bank at Ajijic

Ajijic Death hike with Fran and Kelly up in Sierra de San Jose Cosala. We started right above the hills near Dona Doughnuts.

Getting up there was pretty funny. Scott graciously agreed to drive us up to the start of the trail. As we were getting there, he pulled into a side street and went the wrong way. There was a lady sitting next to the wall and she and looked at each other and she started to shake her head.

We got to the start of the trail and left to head onward. The trail was very tough--lots of elevation change and lots of switchbacks. About 45 minutes into the trek we passed by three ladies--one of them was the lady who watched us go up the wrong way!

We got to the top of the ridge and needed to make a decision to go to the left or the right. We went to the right and continued downward into another revile and then back up to another ridge. We hiked along the ridge for a while before looking at Strava and determining that we were heading further away from the city. We back tracked a little bit and used Strava to figure out which trail to walk back downward on.

Fran was a little uncomfortable about hiking down a different trail than we went--but she did really well.
  • 20m

Runner 360 workout

  • Walking
  • 2h 00m

Walked downtown Ajijic with Kelly and Danette.

I did a short run around Ajijic. Running at 5K elevation takes it out of you!

  • Walking
  • 30m
Left for Mexico--only workout was a walking and hauling suite cases around.

Did a simple run from work. I got up really early and left from Discovery Bay.

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