Sunny High 60FLow 49F
  • Temp: 40F
  • Hum: 89%
  • W: 4mph SE
Moderate rain
High 57F
Low 51F
Patchy light drizzle
High 55F
Low 48F
Patchy rain nearby
High 60F
Low 48F
Moderate or heavy rain shower
High 62F
Low 49F
  • 44m 48s
  • 1724.92 yards
  • 02m 36s /100 yards

First mile swim in a long time


  • 15m 57s
  • 492.57 yards
  • 03m 14s /100 yards
  • 05m

Day 2 of the planks challenge. Must more difficult. I did the left hand side first--but had to take a quick break on the right side. Also, had to put the knee down on the push up position for a brief second.

  • Yard Work
  • 1h 00m

Layton and I poured a umbrella mount out of concrete. Then, we clean out the garage to allow for Danette's car to be put into the garage.

  • 26m 03s
  • 2.69 miles
  • 09m 41s /Mi
  • 05m

Plank challange day 1 out of 20 (1 minute each of elbow, left side, elbow, riight side, push up), I am targeting 20 days this month. Good news is that I was able to hold all of the planks--except the left side--which I held for about 50 seconds). Bad news was I took significant recovery time before doing the next sets.

Sport #1
  • Kayaking
  • 10m 51s
Sport #2
  • Yard Work
  • 35m
Simple, skill run around Willow lake. Nothing exciting--nothing to see here.

Worked on setting up sprinker systems and mowed the lawn. Again, nothing to see.

Signed up for July plank challenge.

I kayaked for a couple of minutes before dark. Just a quick jaunt around the lake and back.

  • 26m 07s
  • 2.71 miles
  • 09m 38s /Mi
Sport #1
  • Kayaking
  • 1h 01m 01s
Sport #2
  • Yard Work
  • 10m
Nice skills run today. Nothing exciting--just two and a half miles. It was super hot already at 7:30.
In the evening I kayaked for an hour around Willow Lake. 3.28 miles.

  • 36m 18s
  • 1422.59 yards
  • 02m 33s /100 yards
Strong swim. I ended up doing 8/10th of a mile. I swam from my house, thru the willow tree entry. Then, I headed around first island and headed back.

Longest swim in probably a year. Arms were a little sore-but the good sore, not the bad sore.

Went to water polo all day. Danette was with me, so not much of an opportunity to sneak out for a run.
  • 1h 02m 10s
  • 6.48 miles
  • 09m 35s /Mi
Sport #1
  • Kayaking
  • 34m 33s
Sport #2
  • Yard Work
  • 18m
Was 104+ today.

Got up and got the run in early--I think I started about 6:40. The first mile was pretty tough, but I got it done. After my run, mowed the lawn--nice recovery.

I took Laura Tuller out kayaking--we did about 1.25 miles.

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