Riding the IRONMAN glow!!!

Thursday - September 20

Not to sure if I'll get anything done today.  Working till 3 then have Ashley's back to school night.  Wasn't going to go, but she'll get extra credit if she goes. I'm all about extra credit!!!

Wednesday - September 19

  • 1h 08m 15s
  • 19.00 miles
  • 16.70 Mi/hr
That was a good ride, but a bit on the windy side for the ride down Centerville. Was praying the whole way for the wind not to be against me on the way home.  The prayers paid off becasue I felt like I was flying most of the way back on Centerville.:) Had planned for a quick run but I pushed to hard and the legs are a bit tight.  Have to run tomorrow!! Have a tri club meeting tonight. Sure hope we have a better turn out!!!

Tuesday - September 18

  • 55m
  • 1800.00 yards
  • -----

2x50 speed

  • Yard Work
  • 1h 00m

Getting tired of cutting the grass!!!

Man I really needed to get back to the pull. The lack of speed showed.  Was hard to get into the flow again. The pool was pretty crowded and had to share a lane two different times. The first lady didn't have a clue and I had to run into the lane marker and her:(. The second one was OK but I was a bit on the nervous side after the first lady. Saw a guy doing the TI drills and chatted a few minutes with him. I would really like to take a TI class because I can't seem to get it from the book.

Monday - September 17

Will be taking the day off today.  Have to work 12 hours.:(

Sunday - September 16

  • 1h 09m 47s
  • 17.50 miles
  • 15.05 Mi/hr
  • 28m 19s
  • 2.85 miles
  • 09m 56s /Mi
After a couple glasses of wine last night, I really didn't want to do anything. Guilt got the best of me along with thinking about all my BT friends that were doing the Danskin race this morning. So I got my arse out for a run. Really just tried to relax through it this morning. After I got back had to take the oldest out to shoot a couple pictures for the photography glass.  We had to walk about 1.5 mile down a path. Boy the legs didn't like me much. Then get home and hubby wanted me to go for abike ride with him. We decided I would take the MTN bike this time becasue we went out to Jamestown Island and most of the roads are all aggrigate(sp). Oh my gosh the wind was bad. Now my legs are spent. Sure hope that I can walk tomorrow:) Sure did miss the road bike.. 

Saturday - September 15

  • 53m
  • 14.20 miles
  • 16.08 Mi/hr
Had an impromptu ride with another CAT member this morning.  Was a bit nervous that we were going to get wet but it was a fantastic morning for a ride. Went around Longhill then home. Kept the pace at a B ride. So glad that I got something done early, we have a freind coming for dinner tonight.

Friday - September 14

  • 30m 55s
  • 3.00 miles
  • 10m 19s /Mi
This run was painful!!  I hafta, hafta, hafta run more!!! Now to go to lunch with Klynne.:)

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