Riding the IRONMAN glow!!!

Saturday - April 12

No workout today.  Had to drive back then the pile of laundry called.:(

Friday - April 11

we had a great time today walking through the Smithsonian Air and Space, and Natural History museums.  We also saw the WW2, Vietnam, Korea war memorials. Probably logged at least 5-6 miles for the day.

Thursday - April 10

  • 43m 13s
  • 4.00 miles
  • 10m 48s /Mi
Need to get a run in this morning because we a re taking the girls to DC for the weekend. I think the run was 4, if it wasn't its pretty darn close. Felt good and glad the weather is a bit better. Now for lots of walking.:)

Wednesday - April 9

Today I have to work 12 hours, so won't be able to get a workout in.:( Surprised that the legs aren't hurting after yesterdays 10!!

Tuesday - April 8

  • 2h 07m 33s
  • 10.50 miles
  • 12m 09s /Mi
OMG!  That's without a doubt the hardest thing I've done in awhile.  I'm so proud of how well we did.  Def not the fastest people on the planet but we were out there run/walking for 10 miles.  That's probably more than most do in a day, except here on BT, of course. I know that the half will be do able but it won't be pretty running at the end. LOL Knees and legs really felt it the last 2 miles.  Fell good knowing what an accomplishment we did today!!!!

Monday - April 7

Probably nothing today either.  Had to work and now I'm trying to find out how my grandmother is.  I got a call that she's in the hospital, doing OK I think? Having to make alot of calls to get some answers because my mom (her daughter) didn't say alot last night. Long run tomorrow with Klynne.  Hopefully 10!!!

Sunday - April 6

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