Riding the IRONMAN glow!!!

Wednesday - April 30

Working 12 hrs:(

Tuesday - April 29

No workout today or tomorrow.  Had to go the the GI Dr and have a endoscopy for the reflux.  I have a hiatal hernia and that's what has been giving me some of the problems when I run. She suggested surgury and I'm not really thrilled with that idea. Will try meds for awile and try to make the diet a bit better. Cut back on the coffee:( Tomorrow is a 12 hr shift.

Monday - April 28

  • 30m 04s
  • 3.00 miles
  • 10m 01s /Mi
Need to get my butt out and do something today! After a few loads of laundry decided that a little mist wouldn't kill me and went for a short run.  Actually glad it was misting because I got a bit warm. Pushed a bit harder than usuall and the left knee was feeling a bit strange.

Sunday - April 27

Decided to not run today. Hubby and I worked on refinishing a dresser for Abby. That's been a long work in progress and still will be:(   Then we took the girls to see NIm's Island.  Abby just finished reading the book so it was great for her to see that movies REALLY  aren't to much like the book.  Abby actually liked the book better. Great for me to because we did most of the reading for her since her reading level isn't that high yet.

Saturday - April 26

Beginner tri clinic was alot of fun.  I had to give a talk on the beginner terms and races. I think it went pretty good.  I'm not the best public talker, so I hope they learned something.  I actually learned a few things.:) Klynne and her family are coming for dinner, so I'll have to pass on a workout today.  MAybe a run tomorrow.

Friday - April 25

  • 45m
  • 1200.00 yards
  • -----
Was thinking of taking the day off, but I have to volunteer at the beginner tri clinic tomorrow morning, so out the the pool I went.  I'm really starting to get back to a good workout flow.  It's helped that I've had a long stretch off work. Now for a bit of cleaning.:(

Thursday - April 24

  • 1h 01m
  • 15.70 miles
  • 15.44 Mi/hr
Spent the morning making homemade strawberry jam, then shopping. Beautiful evening ride with DH. He really pushed me hard for a time.  HAd trouble keeping up on the hill.  Glad he now has a rode bike so I have to work hard.:)

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