Riding the IRONMAN glow!!!

Saturday - June 14

Will have another day off because I have to work 12 hours.

Friday - June 13

Probably nothing today.  HAve a graduation party after work.

Thursday - June 12

  • 58m 35s
  • 15.00 miles
  • 15.36 Mi/hr

Was going to get up early and hit the rec for laps but the thought of no alarm clock got the better of me and that dang friend of mine(Klynne) got me up.LOL Spent the day with the girls, now I have to talk hubby into going for a ride this evening.

Nice slower pace this evening. Glad that I got out, beautiful night for a ride.

Wednesday - June 11

  • 32m 57s
  • 3.20 miles
  • 10m 18s /Mi

For all of those who have been waiting patiently, the RR is up.

Not sure WTF that was but can say that it SUCKED. Not to sure if it was due to the lack of nutrition, water or hard ride last night. Had to take a few walk breaks and was really pissing me off. That was worse than the tri run. Oh well, at least the exercise is done for the day. Now wait for the girls to get home and got relax at the spa!!!

Tuesday - June 10

  • 54m
  • 15.20 miles
  • 16.89 Mi/hr

Really didn't want to do anything but Kev was going to run and I talked him into biking with me instead.  Was HOT and humid but we managed to ride pretty hard. Now I feel better about the day.

Was trying to get the RR done at work but was pretty busy with a few Bipap set-ups.  Really hate it when work gets in the way of BT time.LOL :)

Now I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with the girls.  Their last day of school is tomorrow and I think I'll surprise them with pedicures.  They both worked extremely hard this year and I'm soooo very proud of them.

Monday - June 9

  • Yard Work
  • 1h 30m
Really warm so had to get the yard cut before it gets to bad. We had Ashley's piano recital tonight so I'll take today as a recovery day.

Sunday - June 8

  • 36m 15s
  • 12.00 miles
  • 19.86 Mi/hr
  • 31m 39s
  • 3.10 miles
  • 10m 13s /Mi
  • 13m 01s
  • 650.00 yards
  • 02m /100 yards
Don't have a watch to have splits, but did great at unofficial 1:25 and change.  Swim went great, bike rocked and run was ok for the heat and fast bike! RR to follow after results posted.

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