Riding the IRONMAN glow!!!

Saturday - June 21

  • 33m 29s
  • 3.70 miles
  • 09m 03s /Mi
When I'm at Kev's parents I'm up way to early so got a run in with him.  Its a bit more elevation and hillier than in Williamburg so that's why I thought I was sucking wind so bad.  As it turns out it's because I ran Alot faster than I ever have. Now I feel a bit better about the run.  I thought that I was really out of shape for some strange reason. Then spent the morning with my sister and getting ready for dh dad's surprise b-day party.

Friday - June 20

Finished the bathroom painting, then left for MD. DH family is having a surprise party for his dad.

Thursday - June 19

  • 30m
  • 700.00 yards
  • -----

Club OWS
Water was choppy

  • Yard Work
  • 1h 30m

Plan was to try and ride the bike to the OWS but had to take the girls short shopping.  I have been putting it off for awhile. When the youngest started to dig through the dirty clothes for a pair to wear this morning, I knew it was time.  Scored on some HUGE sale at Penneys, so I'm glad I waited.

Did get the yard cut before we have to go to MD this weekend. Hope I can squeeze a run or two in while I'm there.

Wednesday - June 18

  • 39m 31s
  • 4.13 miles
  • 09m 34s /Mi

Went for a run this morning with Kevin before he left for Georgia. He always has me run just a bit faster. Was a beautiful morning for a run.

Painting the half bath this afternoon. Cranberry Splash. Really looks nice, just a bunch of coast to cover:(

Tuesday - June 17

Have to work today and then hope to get out for a good run this evening. Maybe I can talk hubby into a run with me.

Monday - June 16

Bike #1
  • 16m 38s
  • 4.30 miles
  • 15.51 Mi/hr

to the rec

  • 40m
  • 1800.00 yards
  • 02m 13s /100 yards

200 w/u

Bike #2
  • 34m 44s
  • 9.80 miles
  • 16.93 Mi/hr


Man that's what I call a good workout. Really had a good swim. I really need to get back to the pool more than once/week. Haven't been able to ride to the rec since last summer and it felt great. Legs were a bit tired on the way back but am pleased with the speed considering the traffic on longhill and the always persistant headwind on centerville.

Sunday - June 15

Like yesterday, working and will probably not get to a workout.  Today, along with Fathers Day is our 23 wedding anniversary.  So we are planning to go to dinner with Klynne and her family to celebrate. Next week will be much better, I hope!!!

I sure hope that I can talk my hubby into joining me in a triathlon. He's been doing bike/run bricks this past weekend.  Yesterday he did 2i on the bike and a 3 mile run. Today he ran 4 then biked 11.  All I need to do is get his butt in the pool. 

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