Riding the IRONMAN glow!!!

Friday - September 4

  • 28m 15s
  • 3.02 miles
  • 09m 21s /Mi

Well, yesterday turned out to be a bust.  Got home from work and had to get the grass cut before it rained. Then had to get dinner and go to Bunco. Man I really shouldn't be tapering this soon but things just got in the way. Hope to bike and run tonight.

Got home from work and decided to get a quick run in before the girls got home from Great Wolf. Plan was to do the hood twice, but stomach had issues after the first go round. That's the fast run in my hood I've ever done.

Thursday - September 3

Wednesday - September 2

  • 36m 44s
  • 3.80 miles
  • 09m 40s /Mi

Should have hit the pool this morning because now it's closed for a few days. Darn I hate when I get lazy in the morning. Ran while Abby was in dance class. Been habing ALOT of stomach issues and not sure what the deal is.  I wonder if my stomach is getting nervous already?? Or was it the Chipoltes from lunch?? All I know is the race will be hell if I can't get it under control soon.


Tuesday - September 1

Was going to try and fit something in today but the day got away from me.  Started off with having to take Ashley to traffic court for her accident that she had.  That went really well and she only has to take a def driving course, keep her grades up and no other violations, and then she's OK.  Otherwise points and the fine. She got scared because they pulled a girls license because of speeding.  Glad she got a bit nervouse before they called her to make her sweat!!.  Then we went to the beach and got blasted by the sand!! The weather was great here in the BURG but when we got there, it was crappy, but the girls and there friends wanted to stay. We got home to find out that it was open house at the high school. OH well, need to start and taper anyway, RIGHT??

Monday - August 31

  • 1h 04m 30s
  • 6.58 miles
  • 09m 48s /Mi

Plan to try and fit a run in this evening after work.  Hope the rain is light or over by 3.

Now that was a good run.  No walking!! Had to run into the neighborhood accross the street to hit a port a potty.  Man, having a few stomach issues tonight. So gld that is done.

Sunday - August 30

Should run long today but I'm taking the day off and spending it cutting the grass, then enjoying some time with my youngest!

Saturday - August 29

  • 23m
  • -----
  • -----

about 1/2 mile

  • 3h 23m 55s
  • 58.08 miles
  • 17.09 Mi/hr

Bunch of us did a OWS at the JAmestown Beach then did the Patriot loop HIM course.  Good pace on the bike, a bit slower than everyone on the swim.  I just have to remember to swim/bike/run my own race. It will be slow but I CAN DO IT!!!!!

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