Riding the IRONMAN glow!!!

Saturday - September 25

  • 44m
  • 12.00 miles
  • 16.36 Mi/hr
Rode with Kevin,easy so not to stress the back. Legs felt great and at times didn't feel like I was pushing hard and speed was good. Must have had a great tailwind!!

Friday - September 24

Scope went well they found nothing abnormal. We both probably think that is was mostly due to stress.
That was the easiest prep I have ever done. I've had more scope than I would like and that was nice. Guess I'm good for 5 years now.  Hope to get back to the workouts reg again. Went to see the chiro yesterday and he worked on my back and its feeling much  better. Just a little electric current with some very minor manipulations. My plan is to find a good yoga tape and try that at home then move to some hot yoga in the winter. I was hoping to do another sprint in Oct but I've decided to just move into the winter phase. I am thinking of doing the Shamrock Mary with a friend  and the training during the winter should be easier than it was this summer.

Thursday - September 23

Wednesday - September 22

  • -----
  • 1200.00 yards
  • -----
Went to the pool to just do an easy swim to help loosen the back. Still a bit tight and I'm hoping that by the weekend it will be all better. HAve to do the colonoscopy on Fri. Not looking forward to Thursday night:( 

Tuesday - September 21

Monday - September 20

Work today thenhope to try for a swim tomorrow on my day off. Taking it easy on the back. It's better but I don't want to stress it to much. Work for 8 hours at the hospital should be a good test.

Sunday - September 19

Back went out on me Fri. Trip to the Er Sat morning for some good narcs and steriods!! Today at least I'm semi upright.

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