Riding the IRONMAN glow!!!

Wednesday - November 9

Thought I had to work today and when I got there found out I wasnt sched till Thursday. Darn thing is that ended up staying to help out because we had a sick call before I got to leave. Still feeling good but taking the week for recovery. My CRAZY friend Dottie wants me to do the RIC MARATHON ON SAT. good thing I have to work!!!!

Tuesday - November 8

Got home last night and finally able to get back to normal life. Had mounds of laundry and errands to get to today. Back to work tomorrow then trying to get back into the swing of workouts on Thursday. Going to sign up for the Shamrock this week. Have to get the stand alone marathon.

Monday - November 7

Sunday - November 6

Saturday - November 5

13:47:05!!!!!.Killer swim,windy first half bike, and a decent first marathon. Race report to follow when I get home.

Friday - November 4

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  • 5.00 miles
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Just to check out the bike gears

Took the bike out for a short 5 mile ride just to make sure the gears were ok after the 15 hour ride on a bike rack. Everything is good to go. Transition bags and special needs bags are packed and leaving to drop the bike and bags of in a few minutes. Funny how a year ago signed my name to this thinking how far off it was! It's finally here and I am more ready than I ever thought I would be. God willing I will cross the finish smiling and happy that I did this!

Thursday - November 3

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  • 1000.00 yards
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Met the BT gang for the swim this morning. Water was a bit rougher than it was yesterday when we got here. Have never done a swim like that in the ocean so really needed to get in and get the feel of the waves. Did pretty well. Did swim hard, just kept the pace steady. Saw HUGE JELLYFISH and freaked me out! Winds are bad here today but by Sat supposed to be better on Sat. Forecast says 74 for a high and low winds. Going to test the bike for a short ride to make sure everything is working after the drive.

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