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Swim in Canandaigua Lake with Ridgelake to try out my wetsuit. Oh my goodness, it was sooooo cold. Not looking forward to Sunday now... Glad he met me because the fog was so thick we couldn't find the buoys and I wouldn't have swam in it by myself.

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Easy bike on canal path this morning.

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Felt much better tonight than last week. Did intermediate master's workout. Times were easy to get (by probably a minute or more on some) so I might feel comfortable enough to move up to the next level soon. But really need to concentrate more on technique right now, so that's what I'll worry about more.

Had a calf cramp in left leg tonight. Never has happened during swimming before and only one other time in my life. Still a little sore more than an hour after. Need to keep an eye on that. Ridgelake - your calf troubles are contagious! Stay away!! :)

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Short run once we got to Camp Winona. (i.e. wedding camp :) ) Ran around camp to see what it was like.
When I really paid attention to my HR and keeping it down below the max, I felt that I really was relaxed and enjoyed the runs more than normal. I think I'll really appreciate having the monitor and learn to use it to my advantage soon.

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Run in Sugarloaf campground in White Mt. Nat'l Forest in New Hampshire. First time using HR monitor. Found it helpful, but also distracting because every time I went above the supposed max HR it beeped. Finally had to shut the darn sound off! Need to try to adjust the HR settings, or maybe just slow it down?? Who knows...

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