Of course its hard, its supposed to be!

Saturday - November 9

Another down day.  I need to clean the pain cave for the winter activities.  I am feeling pretty good other than some residual ITB soreness, but the massage yesterday did improve that.  Some of that is not from the race as much as the 2 days driving. 

Friday - November 8

  • Massage
  • 1h 00m

The massage felt really good!  I told her that next year I am taking her to the race with me! 

I spent a lot of time reading RR's from IMFL this afternoon (I will fire myself Monday), always fun to read people's stories and perspective of the same race that I did.  Interesting trend though that I noticed today, first there are a lot of fast first time racers, as in sub 11 hour fast.  The other observation is that most of these fast newbies were fast, some very fast, swimmers.  I guess that gives me an idea of where to look to take it to the next level. 


  • Calories out: 2526 From lifestyle:2461, From activities:65

Thursday - November 7

My only tri related activity today will be writing a race report.

UGHHHH!  I was about two thirds through my race report when my computer locked up and I lost it all!  It was fairly long too so I am extremely frustrated!

Ok, I did it again!  Here it is! 

Wednesday - November 6

  • Pilates
  • 30m

That felt good!

Good to be home, but it is setting in now that the season is over and that makes me a bit sad.  I had a great season and am looking forward to next year, but I need to refresh and I know that.  I will attend Pilates today and maybe swim on Friday.  Next week I will start a more organized strength training program for the rest of the year.

If I can find some time, I hope to do a RR sometime today, but I owe my coach a recap first. 

  • Calories out: 2562 From lifestyle:2481, From activities:81

Tuesday - November 5

Home without a problem!  Got home in time to unload in the daylight and half way decent fall day.  Back to reality tomorrow!!  The IM buzz can only last so long!

Monday - November 4

Sadly it is time to pack up and head home. It has been a great trip and a great season!

Sunday - November 3

Overall pleased with a 12:18, but I know I lost enough on the run that I could have been under 12.  Bike went real well and wasn't the problem for the run, my stomach started acting up on the second loop.  The bike time included 3 portopotty breaks! 

More later, but now I have to go gather up my gear!

Thanks for all the support!!

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