Of course its hard, its supposed to be!

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Sunny High 74FLow 50F
  • Temp: 63F
  • Hum: 65%
  • W: 0mph NNW
Light rain shower
High 69F
Low 52F
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Low 54F
Patchy rain nearby
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Low 59F
Light rain shower
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Low 58F

Friday - March 7

  • 37m 14s
  • 1800.00 yards
  • 02m 04s /100 yards

Felt better this morning so I thought I would give a workout a try.  Felt the loss of fitness, but also a dull ache but nothing sharp. 

Good to see Dud too!


  • Calories out: 2791 From lifestyle:2468, From activities:322

Thursday - March 6

Feeling better today, just a dull pain today. I had a ultra sound this morning but no results yet.

  • Calories out: 2493 From lifestyle:2493, From activities:0

Wednesday - March 5

Not a lot of change, not sleeping much.  Getting an ultra sound done tomorrow, but not sure what will come of that as I am not scheduled for a follow up until the 17th as that was the next available appointment.  Added some stomach distress to the mix this afternoon s I am glad I am working from home.  That and I can lay down if I get loopy for in too much discomfort.

I am supposed to fly to FL next week to drive Connie home so I would like to be done with this by then.  I think she feels bad that I am suffering alone with the stupid cat, but if she stayed out of the cold another week or two she would be ok!  

  • Calories out: 2493 From lifestyle:2493, From activities:0

Tuesday - March 4

Dr. thinks its a kidney stone, I had one a couple of years ago but not like this.  This one hurts like a mother f.....er, and never goes away.  I have some outstanding pain killers, but they put me to sleep. 

Ultra sound on Thursday morning. 

Not sure when I will feel like training again, hopefully soon. 

  • Calories out: 2493 From lifestyle:2493, From activities:0

Monday - March 3

Nothing this morning, didn't sleep much.  Need to get in to see the doc today.

  • Calories out: 2493 From lifestyle:2493, From activities:0

Sunday - March 2

Travel day!  Booo!

Saturday - March 1

  • 1h 53m 20s
  • 33.16 miles
  • 17.56 Mi/hr

What is a gall bladder for and why is mine pissed at me? 

  • Calories out: 3890 From lifestyle:2419, From activities:1471

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