Looks like I made the correct decision yesterday... I got an email from my friend who did ride. They were riding in the rain, and about 1 hour in were crossing a Rail crossing (severe angled crossing) and there was a crash. 6 of 9 riders went down... one stayed down. Rider broke his hip and will be in recovery for a minimum of 6 weeks... bed-ridden for a minimum of 2 weeks. I dodged a bullet yesterday.

Back is a little better today... ankle is being problematic. When will this sh!t end? :(

was going to ride today with an end of year social ride... but it's POURING rain and I have to limit my exposure to accidents for the next couple weeks. "NOTHING is jeopardizing this trip... or you're DEAD MEAT!!!!" ... her words. 'nuff said.
  • Dancing
  • 25m

I got in a few dances before the back and ankle protested too much.

work sux... 'nuff said.

Fun night out with friends dancing at a local club.

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  • Physical Therapy
  • 1h 20m

Back and ankle worked up today.

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yesterday spent dealing with the pain in the mouth... ends up NOT being root canal issue. It's a clenching issue, need to get a new mouth guard maybe?

Back is very painful, so I'm resting until Saturday, I have a leisure ride in the morning planned.

Brake lever cannot be replaced... at least from the first source I checked. They said replace the whole STI unit... $200. Going to go through some more sources and see if that's true.

Back was horrible yesterday after the treatment... but feels slightly better today. Ankle is still painful but bearable. On top of all that, I have another infection in my gums... had one in July just before the cottage and my dentist said that it may come back... well guess what it's back and just in time, because I wouldn't want to be dealing with this while in Spain. :( I better be mostly healthy by then or Sweetums is going to kill me. :o
  • Physical Therapy
  • 01m

Therapy on the back... fun times...NOT. :(

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