Work in Kansas and more hanging out with Jenny. So nice to stay with her and not be in a hotel!
Kansas city for work and a visit with Jenny. :-)
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Lunch hill run.

Really tired again this morning. Not sure why I am so tired! :-( I feel so unsettled. Lots of boxes packed. I will be happy when I can start moving into the new place. Hoping I will feel better once I am settled. No appointments today, so that is good. It will be a busy day at work. Need to pack for my Kansas trip this evening as I leave early tomorrow morning.

My parents, sister, sister hubby, and their two girls (age 3 and 2 months) are going to Disney World next week. My mom's wish. The one thing she really wants to do. They are planning on taking lots of pictures. This is going to be a magical trip for my mom. They have a wheelchair arranged for her. My parents are flying to Orlando since the drive is too long for my mom. It is about a 2 hour direct flight from Cincinnati. First time for my mom to fly! My sister and her family are driving down from DC since it would be too much stuff for them to try to pack for a flight.

I still think frequently think about my grandpa - miss him.

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Fasting blood work appointment for a yearly physical this morning and another appointment this afternoon.

I fasted, went to the lab for my appointment, and waited. They didn't have the order from the doctor! UGH!!! I need to call the doctor and then reschedule with the lab. It might be a week or so before I can do this. I am traveling for work again this week. Going to Kansas city for this trip. I am excited about this trip because I will have some time to spend with my good friend, Jenny, who lives in Kansas city. She is going to pick me up from the airport and I will stay with her. Really looking forward to this. It is always good when a work trip allows you to see friends/family.

Not feeling great this morning. Still coughing and very tired. Skipped the morning swim - no surprise. Needed to leave work at 2 today for an appointment, so I didn't have time to workout at lunch. Going to be a rest day.
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200 kick
2 X 300 pull
200 kick

Did some packing today. Still nervous about my move in a few weeks. I am only moving about 30 minutes north up the coast, but it is going to be really different living with Mike. I am really looking forward to a 15 minute commute vs an hour plus commute.

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