• 50m
  • 2600.00 yards
  • -----

250 kick
250 pull
250 kick
250 pull
100 cd

  • 2h 00m 42s
  • 13.25 miles
  • 09m 06s /Mi

Run along the coast in the rain.

Rain most of the day. This was actually good since San Diego needs the rain. It was nice to have a quite day and take a nice afternoon nap.
Dinner with Missy! Love having a friend from home in town.

  • 3h 50m
  • 58.32 miles
  • 15.21 Mi/hr

Coast ride to Camp P and then back south. I dropped Mike off in Encinitas and then rode to Torrey Pines to climb the hill and back. Need to start getting in some faster riding.

  • 23m
  • 2.57 miles
  • 08m 56s /Mi

Brick run.

  • 54m
  • 2800.00 yards
  • -----

200 kick
200 pull
100 IM
5 X 100 (50 drill, 50 swim)
10 X 50 fast @:50
100 cd

  • 45m
  • 4.80 miles
  • 09m 22s /Mi

Lunch run

Happy it is Friday! The new place is almost fully unpacked and organized. A few more pictures for the walls and organize the garage is all that still needs to be done. The Rescue Mission is coming Wednesday to pick up a couch, futon, chair, lamps, tables, etc. that we have in the garage. Items that didn't fit! Once these items are gone, we will actually be able to organize the garage and decide on bike and gear storage systems.

My friend from home, Missy, will be in town for at least 2 weeks starting on Sunday! It is going to be great to see her. She is coaching for the Wounded Warrior Games again this year at Camp Pendleton. Seems like she is here about twice a year for this.

  • 30m
My car was not ready yesterday, but they called and it is now repaired and ready for pick-up. :-)

Skipped the bike workout this morning - tired. Feeling so much better by this evening.

  • 48m
  • 5.35 miles
  • 08m 58s /Mi

Lunch run

Fasting blood work to complete my yearly physical exam. No swim this morning since the doc wanted me to have the blood work done before exercising. I would like to mix up my training and add some different things. I know I need to kick up the intensity. Lots of classes and options to do this. I just need to get out of my comfort zone and do it!

My car is being repaired today - hope to pick it up after work. Professional meeting this evening - Society of Clinical Research Associates (SoCRA) that I plan to attend.

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