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Logging this shit b/c it's good shit and a woefully overlooked and critical aspect of training, overall health and performance

Pretty much just a grief-heavy shitsplatterfest of a day. I shunted some of my work to Kingsley and did the rest, but barely.

And yeah ... last night's sleep was 1) sleep for an hour or so 2) wake up from nightmares 3) piddle around for an hour since I'm adrenaline-pumping wide awake now 4) repeat 'til I gave up at 7:30am and stayed awake

Mental score: 3

Physical score: 3

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BIG pyramid. Very solid work at the top!

Mental score: 6 (I know, try not to die of shock, I'll do likewise)

Physical score: 5 (perfectly good as that's neutral)

Makes a huge difference when I can get a relatively full, relatively uninterrupted night of sleep.

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Some little pyramids. Solid work at the top end, though.

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Wee tranny run.

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Aquajoggie after swim.

  • 1h 05m
  • 3000.00 meters
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Perth Hills Tri Club. It's a 5:30am session so I was as shocked as anyone I made it ...

WU: 300fr, 200pull, 200kick, 100 EZ
MS: 12x100 free @2:00
IM: 12x25 IM sprint @:15R, 100 EZ
PS: 200 pull mod
CD: 400fr w/some back, ascending by 100s

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Wraddling with Kingsley. Some crazy bitch screamed names and profanity at us for daring to walk on the street when we don't live here. Uh ... yeah ... and we were actually ACROSS the street. Some people. Kingsley yelled nasty stuff back, she replied, then I unleashed with "Thanks for being so concerned, really appreciate it, hope you have a wonderful evening" and then she REALLY lost her shit *loud unintelligible even more profane* and said she was gonna call the police and report us. I started belly laughing like a hyena and of course that made her even worse ... but Kingsley got an object lesson in how to *REALLY* piss people off and have fun doing it. Drown them in the kerosene of niceties and watch 'em go up in flames :) works every time. It's awesome. And if it ever does come down to a real problem with officials involved, all you ever did was be super polite and nice! Ha ha ha!

It's super satisfying and doesn't get you all riled up--whether on keyboard or real life.

No training. Busy day today--which was good in the sense of having a headache reminds you that you have a brain. I guess. So I kind of have a life.

I also went to the first meeting of the suicide bereavement group. Beautiful people. 

No idea what scores were for yesterday but I suspect decent since I put the ride in and had a relatively full night's sleep Monday night, desperately needed as I hadn't any the night before.

Last night was all right. Not great, but all right, I think I got 6-7 hours of sleep, but frequently interrupted.


Mental score: 5

Physical score: 4

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Jorge hybrid ... Dunno if that made it easier or harder!

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