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Monday - July 1

  • Yoga
  • 17m

Fact: my life is awesome. By any and all measures.

Feeling: Just at a low point. A really low point.

Healthwise I'm a bit shot at the moment but I'll get better (lo and behold, miracles happen, yeah, I went to a doctor ... okay, it was only because I was already taking Mutti, but still). It's also normal to feel (quite) depressed after having had a fever and blowing your guts out and eating basically nothing for three days. Crap, that's depressing just to read!

Also, staying in bed wasn't an option today. I spent as much time sitting as I could, and yes, everything got pared down to make-or-break, but it was still a full-on, typing-and-on-the-phone-even-at-the-doctor's kind of a workday. And the usual. Bullshit all day from everybody, I'd reached the fuggets point by 10:30am (well, 12pm is average, so it's gotta come earlier sometimes I guess).

Pretty much everything--financial, business, legal, personal, physical, Mutti, household--you name it--is in a very difficult place right now.

Wait. Spiritual--it feels terrible but I know it's at these times when the wordless miracles are formed. So that's good. Family relationships are good ... better than ever.

All the other stuff will work out. It's just actually working it out, even if it's just a day or a moment at a time, that's so goddamned hard. And I know being sick makes it 10x harder.

Is it normal to feel like you would hate everybody and everything right now, but you can't just quite care enough to?

Not you. You, I like. :) I love. A lot!!!

Sunday - June 30

Deep fatigue, deep muscle cramps--odd but hopefully they'll go away. I mean, the kind that you can still feel and keeps hurting and being sore long after they're gone.

No more puking. Yay. Not so frequent shitting. Yay. Keeping water, ginger ale, coconut water down. Yay. And white bread. And a small bowl of baby cereal. Yay.

Fever is back down to 101F. Yay.

Pretty much everything else--Mutti, household, business, legal, financial, you name it--is still a motherfucking shambles but HEY! I didn't think about it ALL WEEKEND because I couldn't! All I could do is puke crap and recently grab a bit of fevered sleep! :)

C'mon, look on the bright side with me :)

Saturday - June 29

  • Yoga
  • 10m

All cooling, naked, lying-down poses on tile floor.

Spent all (and I mean all, 'til about 9am this morning) night blowing it out from both ends. Great core workout. Down 4kg. Race weight, here I come!

Also running a 101F fever that's climbed to 102F.

Was finally able to keep some ginger ale down, then later a few sips of coconut water, and tonight finally a bit of cool water, hot broth, and a small crustless piece of white bread.

We'll see what happens tomorrow. Deep fatigue (like, lifting arm to turn light off seems like a lot), painful muscle cramps (not to mention stomach cramps!) probably from loss of electrolytes, slowly replenishing.

Gonna try to catch the end of Le Tour Stage 1--have been able to watch bits and pieces but just can't sit up for that long.

Friday - June 28

  • 45m
  • -----
  • -----
Run #1
  • 30m 45s
  • -----
  • -----

Aquajoggie after the swim. This sucked sweaty balls.

Run #2
  • 10m
  • -----
  • -----

Transition run after the bike

  • 2h 00m
  • 4000.00 meters
  • -----

Tip: DO NOT DO a workout that arguably history's greatest athlete says includes "sets that I consider the toughest type an athlete can do."

Tip 2: read to the end for the real kicker.

P.S. Time includes a locker-room run mid-workout to get backup goggles since the originals had the band SNAP from diving in!

WU: 300 EZ straight into 200 IM kick straight into 300 by 50 fly/50 free (WTF?!)

MS1: 2 rounds (4x50 free moderate-hard @1:05, 4x50 free hard-to-near-sprint @0:55)
straight into 4x50 free @1:30 (sprint last 25)
straight into 100 free EZ @2:00R

MS2: 10x50 free ALL OUT SPRINT from a dive @1:30 (IhateyouIhateyouIhateyou)
-after doing the first 5 in the high :30s, I decided to do the 2nd 5 merely hard-near-sprint but on a shorter interval barfbarfbarfbarf)

"Active Recovery" set, she says (smoking crack):
4x200 @5:00 100 fly/100 free

MS3: 4x100 free ALL OUT SPRINT ... stop. just stop. No way I could do this ... and it's because my LEGS were shot. I wound up doing 4x100 hard pull, alternating with paddles and without, @2:00.

400 CD

AND HERE'S THE KICKER ... her own personal experience with this workout:
"I had more yardage planned for this workout, but I broke down in the middle of the session and decided to cut the workout short." FACHMIE

  • Yoga
  • 25m

Thursday - June 27

  • 30m
  • -----
  • -----

Not a walk. A run ... in crocs 'n' socks with a backpack and towing a suitcase. You get the idea. Run across the big parking lots, run between terminals, then run to the gate.

  • Walking
  • 30m

Soft sand walking all over the site of the OAKLEY PRO SURF CHAMPIONSHIPS in Keramas, Bali :)

Wednesday - June 26

  • 1h 00m 07s
  • -----
  • -----

SO did not want to do this. Was going to bag it. But then I remembered how much I enjoy my TITS while naked.

  • Walking
  • 11m
Rats. I completely swapped yesterday's and today's workouts. Too tired to fix. Oh well. Yesterday I was too tired to do anything but walk 11 minutes!

Tuesday - June 25

Run #1
  • 20m
  • -----
  • -----

Aquajoggie after the swim

Run #2
  • 44m
  • -----
  • -----

Sunset land trot in Crocs. Still too painful to put into running shoes.

  • 1h 20m
  • 3400.00 meters
  • -----

Never fails. I look at the workout and think, that's not so bad. By the 2/3 or so point of the main set, I'm thinking, "I hate that bitch!!!"

WU: 400 last 25 ea/100 dogpaddle @1:00R to next set (focus on diagonal)
DS: 8x25 @:40 2 rounds (25 L-arm, 25 R-arm, 25 catch-up, 25 swim) focus on diagonal
KS: 4x50 kick (IM) 25 hard/25 EZ @1:30
MS: 15x100 free descending intervals by 3
1-3 @2:05, 4-6 @2:00, 7-9 @1:55, 10-12 @1:50, 13-15 @1:45
DS: 3x100 @:30R, 50 kick / 50 L then R 1-arm
PS: 4x150 alt pull/swim @3:00 focus on diagonal
CD: 200 IM EZ

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