If the Fat Crazy Cat Lady Can ...

Thursday - August 14

  • 22m 30s
  • -----
  • -----

And that's what I could do today and that's whutIdun.

Wednesday - August 13

  • 4h 02m 30s
  • -----
  • -----

Welp, that's what I could do today, so that's what I did :)
There were shenanigans too. I'm not the brightest bulb, but one of them did involve a light bulb. At least I didn't crash off the trainer ... (but nearly so in another shenanigan ... )

Tuesday - August 12

  • 26m 15s
  • -----
  • -----

Travel day. That's what I could do today, so that's what I did.

  • Walking
  • 10m

Monday - August 11

  • 25m
  • -----
  • -----

AND I did a 25min aquajog after that. Good thing too because right when I got out is when the lightning and thunder really started (and hasn't stopped since, evening now) and I wouldn't have been able to get a run in.

  • 1h 21m
  • 3500.00 meters
  • -----

Sheila shit on steroids. And I was in a shitty shallow hot 50m pool, and a storm blew in strong enough for the drops to hurt like darts hitting me and blow me around the pool, BUT it did create a nice cooler top layer. :)
WU: 400 free, 200 I.M. kick, 200 drill
MS: 4x500 @11:30
1. 100 fly/50 bk/50 br/300 free
2. 50 fly/100 bk/50 br/300 free
3. 50 fly/50 bk/100 br/300 free
4. 200 I.M./300 free
MS2: 5x100 free @2:10 alt mod/fast then fast/mod
CD: 200 stroke/free

I think I said earlier that if by the end of a day, Mutti and I are still alive, have had a bite to eat and the roof's still on, we're at 100%!

Well, MOST parts of the roof are still on ... that storm was bad enough to blow some tiles off and the weight of the water that came in tore open a section of the ceiling and leaked through. The entire upper half of our (large, 25-step, thickly carpeted) staircase is soaking and smells like wet dog.

So basically, SNAFU (situation normal all fucked up). My brother did point out that my procrastination on the house remodel/repair paid off. Woulda been really shitty to have to replace all that carpet again! To be fair, I didn't procrastinate ... had already put a lot of time and effort in with remodeling company when the head guy got cancer :( poor fellow. Their team is on hiatus regarding new jobs for the time being.

As for the new contractor, nobody wants to work (nor is it particularly feasible to do so) until the rainy season is over. It was supposed to end in March. It's now August with no sign of abating.

Sunday - August 10

Bike #1
  • 20m
  • -----
  • -----
Bike #2
  • 46m 16s
  • -----
  • -----

The rides were supposed to be one, and longer, but right now it's great to be able to get in whatever, whenever.

Could be Mutti's having a bad spell of a few days, or this could just be going further down the rocky slope of Alzheimer's.

For those not in the loop and because I've been fairly mum, I'm taking care of Mutti by myself mostly (have reprieve a couple days a week) while searching for new caretakers. And the level of care she needs is now 24/7 ... it's actually more challenging because she IS still mobile ... highly mobile ... and active ... and AAAAARGH TURN THE STOVE OFF WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!

See what I mean? :)

Saturday - August 9

  • 1h 07m 17s
  • -----
  • -----
  • 10m
  • -----
  • -----

Swim cords. The bitch that popularised these should be beaten with them!
Oh. She kinda beat herself up for, like, 20 years ...

Sport #1
  • Walking
  • 05m

Whaaat. I log everything. I should log my burps ... those are serious, long, and take effort.

Sport #2
  • Yoga
  • 30m

Stretchy yoga.

Friday - August 8

Run #1
  • 21m 30s
  • -----
  • -----


Run #2
  • 24m 30s
  • -----
  • -----

Land runny with Scootie boy!

Swim #1
  • 1h 15m
  • 3200.00 meters
  • -----

Great swim, so grateful to get out. Tough swim, mostly medley in a 50m pool, more bang for the buck on limited swim time.

Swim #2
  • 10m
  • -----
  • -----

Swim cords. EeeyaaaOUCH.

Jakarta may (overall) be a big ugly dirty crowded shithole, but then there are still so many side streets like this, and the flower floating down to bless my moment ...

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