Commitment and Consistency

Thursday - May 23

Run #1
  • -----
  • 6.00 miles
  • -----

took Andi to lampblack...its a little over 6 miles didnt wear garmin and didnt pay attention to time

Run #2
  • 1h 13m 38s
  • 6.60 miles
  • 11m 09s /Mi
started with a sore throat yesterday but decided i have to start running running again! in 2 weeks I have back to back marathons....uhhhhh its not gonna be pretty haha

Wednesday - May 22

  • 45m
  • 13.50 miles
  • 18.00 Mi/hr

spin class

woke with a sore throat thought maybe was the air conditioner...finally turned it on. Taught spin class and circuit then had a massage. Got all the weeds pulled and 9 bags of mulch out then power washed the back so got a lot done! Thought about running but my throat is raw....took some vitamin C and just chilled the rest of the day. Mentally just havent had the mo jo....I was hoping to find a marathon or 50K close by this weekend but looks like Im gonna have to try to keep myself out there in the forest for a long run. Next weekend is the marietta river rendevous bike tour-looking forward to that but will be a crazy weekend.....will head to zanesville friday evening stay the night the ride leave saturday am....stay in the dorms in marietta come back to zanesville home then teach class monday, after class take the dog to the kennel and Tanner and I will head to cinci as our flight leave early Tuesday am for Salt Lake City...we arrive at 10am tues so we decided to take the drive to yellowstone tuesday and are staying at Old Faithful Inn right across from old faithful...then weds will start driving down to Garden City to Bear Lake for the runs friday and saturday but will stop off at Jackson Hole in the Grand Tetons!!!! Thursday at Bear Lake we have a dune buggy rented for 8 hours to play in the mountains....should be a great run cation!!! My runs start at 6am and 5:30am so even if it takes 6 hours will have plenty of time to do stuff around bear lake those afternoons....then fly home sunday.

Tuesday - May 21

Run #1
  • -----
  • 4.00 miles
  • -----

took a walk this evening...super hot but just wanted to get out and walk..pretty sure its a 4 mile loop may be a little more or a little less.....will run it sometime again soon and wear my garmin. Have to drive to work tomorrow have a meeting immediately after class then a massage at 10 gonna be a tight schedule

Run #2
  • 1h 58m 55s
  • 7.25 miles
  • 16m 23s /Mi

Elevation Gain: 1,873 ft
Elevation Loss: 1,867 ft
Min Elevation: 724 ft
Max Elevation: 1,354 ft

Went with Louvina and Joe to the trails and decided to explore the backpack trails since the log trucks have been so bad and not slowing down...took the blue blaze and discovered it was the day hike trail that starts on the main road.....they havent been keeping it up so lots of high weeds and I was covered in to the main road and decided to take the main road back to the car. Lots of nice hills today.

Monday - May 20

  • 45m
  • 13.50 miles
  • 18.00 Mi/hr

spin class

  • -----
  • 10.00 miles
  • -----

Sunday - May 19

  • RACE DAY: American Triple-T Ohio - Race #4: Little Smokies Half Iron

Saturday - May 18

  • 29m 16s
  • 1438.87 meters
  • 02m 02s /100 meters
  • 1h 47m 40s
  • 25.33 miles
  • 14.12 Mi/hr
  • 1h 11m 22s
  • 6.55 miles
  • 10m 54s /Mi
Well i totally kicked ass this am.....havent done the full triple t since 2009 due to my sons high school tennis but have completed it 3 times and did the half only twice so had nothing to prove. When I signed up I signed up with a discount code knowing that I would be training for umstead 100 which was 6 weeks ago and really wasnt sure how recovery would go or if i'd be biking or swimming at all...well i did get 4 15-20 min swims in and think 6 bikes with a century last weekend...doesnt quite prepare you for those hills and its hard to train on them due to a lot of dogs on a typical day being loose. I do have a 16-24 mile loop that can get part of some of the courses in it and did it twice. I am pleased with my time and pushed a little harder on the run with the thoughts in my head that i may not go do the afternoon race....its super hot and humid and its a bike swim run format and wasnt looking forward to getting in the cold cold water after the hilly bike but was kinda looking forward to the bike because its an impossible course to do without the race going on due to traffic....has like a 5 mile climb too! The parking is also a mess and I knew if i didnt get out their early i would have to park at the lodge which is up up up and up friday nights course bike hill and that would suck at 7pm tonight to have to bike or walk it to get my then i thought ok just go and if you can find a place to park do i loaded up the car at 2:10 20 min drive and 3:00 start but I wouldnt get to start till later due to time trial start but would still have to be part way there and said not in the mood im just really regrets as it wasnt really a race for me anyways....plan to return and do the half ironman tomorrow....can tell i have swam thats for sure!!! But I did make it all the way up Thompson hill!!!! there was a ton walking it.  Usually Im in the bottom 10 at this race and i think there was like 40 plus behind me!! WHOO HOOO!!!

  • RACE DAY: American Triple-T Ohio - Race #3: Olympic PM
  • RACE DAY: American Triple-T Ohio - Race #2: Olympic AM

Friday - May 17

  • 07m 14s
  • 338.83 meters
  • 02m 08s /100 meters
  • 16m 10s
  • 5.00 miles
  • 18.56 Mi/hr
  • 08m 58s
  • 1.01 miles
  • 08m 52s /Mi

  • RACE DAY: American Triple-T Ohio - Race #1: Super Sprint

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