• 1h 56m
  • 10.00 miles
  • 11m 35s /Mi

Pelican Preserve
Proud of myself for getting out there and getting this done. Didn't get to bed until 1:00 and then was up a couple of times. No interval watch just walk a little and run a little. Legs didn't have any zip but they felt OK.

Played pickle ball this afternoon. That was fun and worked up a sweat but won't log it as a workout.

  • 5h 30m 36s
  • 31.00 miles
  • 10m 39s /Mi

Osprey Fl
Oscar Scherer park
3rd place overall, 2nd place masters
course was 4 laps. I got stronger each lap

This was Florida trail running. Different than NC or MD or VA trail running but it was nice. Definetely no hills. More sections of loose sand than I expected. The first lap I ran in the sand, the second lap I figured out how to run in the scrub which was very interesting. Usually if you get tripped up by roots you catch your toe, the scrub would grab on to your shoe in the center of the foot and try to take you down. The loop had several different sections that each had their own personality.

They also had a 25K where people only did 2 laps (nice that the 25K had red numbers and we had black). I would do a 100K on this course with 8 laps.

This was training run number 1 for the Keys 100. I ran much harder than just a training run that I might do on my own. The last lap was close to 'racing'. I took a lot of strength today from the Ft. Myers marathon that I did in 3:55. That race was a complete shock to me but in it, I just kept pushing. I didn't let myself get scared because I thought I would blow up if I didn't pull back. I did the same today.

I used 3:1 for the whole race. The last 4 or 5 miles, for my walk I would walk 20 strides and then do an easy job for the rest of the minute then go back into full stride on my run.

Steve took me to Jersey Mike's for dinner last night. It worked it's magic once again.

Next up Croom Fools 50 miler!

Oh, I spent a bit of time on lap 2 running with a guy wearing a Keys 100 T shirt. Picked his brain a lot. He is also familiar with the Croom course and said it is hilly. Ouch!

  • 21m 39s
  • 1.76 miles
  • 12m 18s /Mi

Pelican Preserve
Rode the bikes up to the community center with Cindy and Dave today and ran the boardwalk loop with Dave. Just kept it real easy and very short.

Game time tomorrow.

  • 1h 17m 31s
  • 7.05 miles
  • 10m 59s /Mi

Pelican Preserve
I was just exhausted yesterday and did not run. Took it easy on this run. Did not use an interval timer but took a lot of 20 step walk breaks. Legs feel a bit fatigued and was getting some twinges in my knees and lower legs. The hard surface is taking a toll. Probably just a real easy couple of miles tomorrow and then 50K on Saturday.

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