One More Mile

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Wednesday - April 16

Tuesday - April 15

  • 1h 05m
  • 6.00 miles
  • 10m 49s /Mi

Sport & Health
Raining this morning and I wimped out. good thing what was supposed to be a light rain turned into a steady downpour.
This run felt really bad. Legs were kind of OK but the energy and overall physiology just wasn't there. Would have liked to do 8 but decided to call it short. At this point less is probably better than pushing through.

Monday - April 14

Sunday - April 13

  • 4h 06m 28s
  • 20.00 miles
  • 12m 19s /Mi

The Mall downtown DC
Parked at Haynes Point, took the Mount Vernon parkway down to the 14th st bridge into DC. Down to the Mall where I ran laps. Paul did the first 8 miles with me and then he went down to the tidal basin and enjoyed the Cherry Blossoms. He met back up with me for the run back to the car. I got my 20 in and he got in 11. Great day!. Then we went and saw Reid's new apt and headed up Columbia Pike and to my utmost delight Mom's is still in business. Haven't been there in 30 years and it was exactly the same. Guess where we had a delicious lunch? An Awesome day. And my legs felt good running too. Last long run before C&O.

Saturday - April 12

  • 4h 05m 07s
  • 20.10 miles
  • 12m 11s /Mi

C&O Canal
from Brunswick
ran the first 5 out and back with Paul. It was nice to have the company. Then I just had to do a 10 miler on my own. Felt OK. Not great physically, left IT is tight, but not bad. I felt pretty confident mentally the entire run.

Friday - April 11

Thursday - April 10

Run #1
  • 29m 21s
  • 2.28 miles
  • 12m 52s /Mi

Worman's Mill
Just didn't have it this morning and called it off.

Run #2
  • 43m 21s
  • 2.62 miles
  • 16m 32s /Mi

Worman's Mill
First really pretty day of Spring!
Paul and I just went for a walk.

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