• 2h 52m 19s
  • 15.16 miles
  • 11m 21s /Mi

Parked on 5th Ave, ran the beach down past Lowdermilk to the jetty then back to Lowedermilk where I took a quick potty break and refilled water. Ran the road from there back to the pier. Back on the beach for a few more miles the other side of the pier (found this to be really good running) until I hit another jetty and couldn't go any farther. Ran back most of the way on the beach too. Finally moved up to the road for a bit just before the pier because my right knee was getting pretty loosy goosy. Headed back down the beach towards lowdermilk to get in what I'd need to make the full 15.

Probably 12 in the sand and 3 on the road. I was doing real good until just over 11 then it started to get pretty tough.

Much cooler (low 70s) and very windy today. The Gulf looked like the Atlantic, White caps and all churned up. No ocean swim for me today. Tried to relax on the beach and read/rest for a while afterwards but the sand blowing was just too much.

  • 30m
  • 1200.00 yards
  • 02m 30s /100 yards

Pelican Preserve outdoor pool
Really tired after my beach run. This only included one 100 and lots of rest between the 50s. Just wanted to get some in.

TOmorrow's bike ride could be interesting.

  • 59m
  • 16.97 miles
  • 17.26 Mi/hr

From home to the Airport
didn't get out until just after noon. traffic was bad. Wanted to go about 9am next time I'll have to try a little harder to insure I get out there earlier.

This was quite windy again. Did a good job of hanging in there with it.

  • 44m 18s
  • 5.08 miles
  • 08m 43s /Mi

Pelican Preserve
Wow. Didn't expect this today. Nice and cool. Love this neighborhood so many people out and about. Still looking for another actual runner though.
8:57 - included the boardwalk not sure gps was tracking very good
8:05 Yeah
8:30 continued hard for .4 then started cool down

Nice job!

  • 54m 01s
  • 1749.78 yards
  • 02m 57s /100 yards

Ft Detrick
Expected to struggle with the longer pool and have always hated that I have to swim over the drop off into the deep end. WOW. I felt OK. Neither were an issue. Slow but absolutely doable.
1x200 yes 200 meters without stopping!

Then I spent 2min 16sec with a kickboard and went backwards. Could not figure out how to propel at all. If I could figure out this kicking thing maybe I could actually get my pace so that it at least isn't embarrassing.

  • 48m 14s
  • 5.29 miles
  • 09m 07s /Mi

Ft. Detrick
After work. So much going on at work these days that it is hard to make myself leave the office in time to do a workout. Started in daylight and dark when I finished vs the morning run where it is dark when I start and light when I get done.

11:15 c/d for .29

Nice job

  • 21 Day
  • 10m

Morning AB session
had to do the coffee and cliff bar this morning so no aerobic workout. will try to run after work.

  • 48m 11s
  • 5.01 miles
  • 09m 37s /Mi

Ft Detrick

What has turned into my normal detrick loop. Chilly morning did the first 1.5 wearing a sweatshirt then took it off and had to carry it. Felt OK. Dark. No headlamp but I seem to be doing OK with it, of course there was a very nice moon.

This is a place holder until I get the info out of my watch

  • 21 Day
  • 30m

Upper body
Did this workout off from the video on my phone. It worked just fine.
Will I ever be able to do pushups?

The next morning I had the hitch in the top of my left hip again. I'm now sure this is coming from the scissor twist. I will modify this next time I do this workout.

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