• 21 Day
  • 30m

Decided to go for the burpees this morning. Good stuff. Tough stuff.

Heading to West Point this afternoon so this will be it for the day.

  • 10m 35s
  • 1.23 miles
  • 08m 36s /Mi

Worman's Mill
Playing Sudoku and lost track of time. Couldn't make it to the gym in time for Nan's spin class. oooops. But turned it into a good workout anyway.

Started the run just as it started raining. Not raining hard but the forecast didn't look good, decided to just do one lap and then go inside and do legs with Autumn.

  • 21 Day
  • 30m

Lower Body
A mile warm up run and then the workout. Wish I had time to go back out for a mile cool down run.

  • 45m 10s
  • 5.02 miles
  • 08m 59s /Mi

Worman's Mill
A morning run! Once again, I started out just for a run and as I got going it turned into a pretty good run. This wasn't 'tempo' but it wasn't laid back either.


  • 39m 39s
  • 4.01 miles
  • 09m 53s /Mi

Worman's Mill
After work.
This felt really bad, surprised it is under a 10min pace, felt like I was just slugging along. Legs were really sore. The combination of the yoga on saturday and the sunday run.

  • 21 Day
  • 30m

Total body cardio
Morning workout. This sure gets the heart pumping. It is also a LOT of upper body/shoulder work.

  • 1h 42m 33s
  • 10.01 miles
  • 10m 14s /Mi

C&O Canal
Point of Rocks
Went the other way today. Good decision. Upper 60s and beautiful blue skies. Perfect day for a run and lots of people on the canal.

Didn't know how I would feel today. Took my first dose of the bone building drug this morning. No side effects when I took it but I did have a bit of reflux when I picked up the pace during the run.

Didn't start out with a plan but quickly decided I'd try to do 3:1 at least on the way out and then turn the music on for the way back and just do whatever. No interval watch so I just had to keep on eye on my watch. The intervals felt really good and I continued to do them until about 6.3 when I hit the bathroom stop on the way back.

Very pleased with this.

  • 21 Day
  • 10m

Couldn't have a day without Autumn. Ab workout before bed. I could definitely feel yesterday's yoga.

Sport #1
  • 21 Day
  • 30m

Pilates morning

Sport #2
  • P90X Yoga
  • 1h 30m

I like the P90 yoga better than the 21 Day.
It has been years since I have done the entire hour and a half of this. Now I remember why I always stop after the chair pose. It was really tough.

Thought I might watch a movie downstairs later and do some stretching while the movie played, not after this I'm not. I'll just snuggle up on the couch for that movie.

  • 21 Day
  • 30m

Lower body
Hair done last night. No sweating.

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