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  • 1h 03m 02s
  • 5.98 miles
  • 10m 32s /Mi

lots of walking today as Terese has not really run past 3 miles post NYC marathon. Fun to see her and Cath out in the chilly air. Ran/walked mostly with Terese. LOTS of deer over 20. They will be culling them this week. Hide little deer, hide!

Didn't get to sleep till past 3 with alarm at 6:30. Not great. Beautiful sunrise on the way to the park. Temps were very cold, but wind was amazingly low! Rare at Stony. Everyone indulged me and we ran the path vs the trail. I can't afford another fall. Elbow is still very swollen, gross and sore. Boohoo.

Carnitas are cooking and I'm taking a nap!

  • 1h 23m 13s
  • 14.49 miles
  • 10.45 Mi/hr

4x9' ftp w/ long recoveries
10' te
especially #4

  • 30m 03s
  • 3.16 miles
  • 09m 30s /Mi

z2 brick. felt awesome. nice low hr. used new speeds based on calculations yesterday.

great time out to dinner with Jo and Billy for my delayed birthday dinner. Enjoyed a Bumpy cake brown ale! Dinner was good and next time we go to Rochester Tap we will stay for the music. Band was setting up as we left to go see La La Land, which was different but very good. Bill gets good sport award for going to a musical! :D

    Run #1
    • 09m 02s
    • 0.53 miles
    • 17m 03s /Mi

    to calibrate speed on my treadmill. It is off 2.6%...faster than stated on controls. It doesn't seem like much, but I could tell! Now if I can just figure out how to calibrate my foot pod property to to the correct paces, my data will be uploaded correctly and I won't have to fiddle with it. YAY

    Run #2
    • 29m 31s
    • 3.10 miles
    • 09m 31s /Mi

    z2 work today. liking the new shoes

    • 10m

    swim cords
    pu's 22
    no planks due to smashed elbow!

    Mine and my sissy in laws Good Luck Witch day! Happy Friday the 13th!

    • 1h 01m 28s
    • 12.50 miles
    • 12.20 Mi/hr

    vo2 intervals. ow. enjoyable ow.

    • 29m 58s
    • 3.04 miles
    • 09m 51s /Mi

    really like how the shoes felt today, and ran sans socks too! Brick felt really good. Nice low hr. :D

    Had fun in Ferndale getting caught up with the californians! Excited to ride with them this March!


    Did all the laundry when I got home and threw together a nice lentil soup recipe I saw in Runners world mag. Hope it tastes good tomorrow!

    Full moon on the ride home was spectacular!

      After running errands (Dave got his new Jeep! YAY!) I finally got my running gear on and headed to ISMP to run. Its been forever since I've run outdoors, and I wanted my 6 miles OUTSIDE, plus it was like---38-40 degrees!

      The park paths are usually cleared and since we had all the snow and then rain yesterday I figured I'd be good to go. Looking at the path while driving into the park it looked great as did the road. Went into the bathroom to do my lunge series in the warm, came out, and for some reason took the path instead of what I always do (which is run-through the parking lot to the path) and BOOM. In an instant I was flat on my face, brain rattled, knee bleeding and elbow whacked and bleeding so hard. FOOK! I really hit the deck hard, and knew my 15 seconds of running was all I'd get. Damn it. I think I hit the only patch of ice on the entire path making the left turn from the bathroom to the main path. Lovely low area with black ice apparently. Son of a b*tch.

      After I sat a bit to collect myself in the car, I just looked at the happy runners out on the DRY path as I left. FOOK.

      I had plans of jumping into a masters class tonight. Um, nope. Hope the elbow feels better and I can try on Monday. :-/
      • 20m

      roar body weight exercises, and "kettle bell" stuff, with hand weights, pu's core planks
      Loved the half get up!

      The girl crashed Dave's Jeep 12/11. He finally got the insurance company to total it Friday. He settled on a pay out yesterday, and if weather is not crappy we will pick up his new Jeep today. What a cluster. All this bs was due to 2 inspectors contracted to USAA that did NOT do their jobs properly. Sometimes its good that my husband does not quit until he gets what he wants. I am so glad he won't be getting a repaired vehicle with some questionable repairs as stated on the claim originally. He will be in a safe OEM vehicle. He was the hammer ( as usual) and this time the nail was USAA. Glad someone else got the treatment for a change lol.

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