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Monday - September 22

Started out my day with Brian's home made scones and coffee. I'd be even FATTER if that man were my husband! Much to do today...Leaving for Chattanooga to volunteer early Friday. Then Vegas. Then college weekend. Oy. Off season really isn't off!

Sunday - September 21

Great party at the lake. Only bummer was I did NOT sleep well the night before, so no run before the guests came, and the weather was of course, crappy. Every gathering I've had at the lake for my team or tri friends we've ended up indoors. Such a shame since the lake is so wonderful. At least the MTB guys got their ride in before hand. :)

As usual, WAY TO MUCH FOOD. Oy. The kids really enjoyed the leftover desserts though. :)

Saturday - September 20

  • 28m 02s
  • 2.83 miles
  • 09m 54s /Mi

Felt like total shit whole run. Who put the sand bags on my shoulders and stuffed cotton in my lungs????

From the lake on the road. Had to squeeze a little run in before the wedding. Had a blast at the market with Julie, got all my prep work done for the party and just wanted a little run to feel wonderful before heading to the wedding. Uh, yeah. Not today. :( BLECH.

The rain held off however, and the wedding, while a little unorthodox, was very nice. Had a great time dancing with my siblings and tasting the father of the brides home made beers. Which were VERY tasty. The storms rolled in around 8, we went home, got changed and hit the movies. Nice date night with my hubby. :)

Friday - September 19

  • 57m 07s
  • 4.44 miles
  • 12m 52s /Mi

at Pontiac Lake. Need better trail shoes...they are fine for Stony trails, but not here. Need firmer footbed. Looking forward to having the time to make my way all the way around the trail soon. Maybe post Vegas

really slow run on the trail. Perfect day. Haven't run this direction in a long while. I love how focused you have to be on the trail. Just my own breath and the sounds of fall critters in the woods. Ahhhhh.

Thursday - September 18

  • 28m 13s
  • 3.15 miles
  • 08m 58s /Mi

from home...5k route. just ran as I felt after lunge wu. Wearing new shoes felt MUCH better than old shoes. Duh!

Wednesday - September 17

Another day of running around. Doc for Kaity in the am, then out to AA to grab race wheels (so generously loaned!) and chatter with Chrysta, then to Koris to deposit said wheels (and chatter with her adorable hubby!) and to the mall to shop for wedding stuff. Of course, I ended up getting stuff for the boy and Dave. None for me. LOL. Then it was our last THS open house for Bri. Tissue Please!

No workouts...just lots of car time and a sore ass. Kaity's treatments are very expensive...gonna have to resolve the butt issues without the help of $50 art sessions. She is worth every penny though!!!

And Dave is my hero. I was whipped and heading to bed when I saw dishes in the sink, (my pet peeve...can't go to bed like that!) and he agreed to take care of it for me. Sweeter than a bouquet of roses to me!!! Love that guy!

Tuesday - September 16

  • 31m 20s
  • 3.15 miles
  • 09m 57s /Mi

ran from home post OT in older pure flows. My perfiformis/high hammie is bugging me. Enough to consider ART or strength training. WTF.

  • 20m

run drills and myrtles post run

Social day today. Extended lunch (it always is!!! ) with Terese, Cath and Julie. Lots to celebrate. Got the whole IMMT story from Terese (who barely made the cut off -the reward was getting her finishing medal from TJ Tolkinson!) celebrating Julies new job and just being together. Then I had dinner with my Pammy and went to a food combining class (yep...I do it all wrong!) and had a drink afterwards.

It was lovely to spend some time with my friends. My Kaity is really really struggling, and its hard to deal with for all of us. I know as a person who lives in minutia that I have to pull back and look at and to the overall process, but as her mama who wants to make it all better NOW, it is very hard to do. Nobody tells you that parenting is the HARDEST JOB YOU WILL EVER HAVE AND THAT NO MATTER HOW HARD IT GETS YOU CAN"T QUIT! I've known that for years now. But my mother certainly didn't tell me that when she was demanding grand babies!

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