• 1h 04m 14s
  • 3234.72 meters
  • 01m 59s /100 meters
  • 57m 06s
  • 6.09 miles
  • 09m 23s /Mi

  • 1h 05m 37s
  • 20.69 miles
  • 18.92 Mi/hr

3x6 ftp, rest z2.
perfect teams and strong effort today. after a frustrating start to the day. felt good.

  • 30m
  • 3.34 miles
  • 08m 58s /Mi

Brick z4 out z2 back.

  • 44m 41s
  • 4.56 miles
  • 09m 48s /Mi

3x3' z5. cool out. felt good but slow to start.

Planned to get up early so I could swim AND run before a doc appointment but just could not get up. It was COLD and WINDY all day, the doc took a lot longer than expected and well...i just didn't do the swim. Which I need to do. I don't know what my deal is with swimming on tuesdays!

My girl got really sad last night. I am so frustrated for her. I just want her to be not depressed and have some energy. This shit is insidious. I am so leary of her going down the rabbit hole if she moves out and I don't see her daily. I hate it.

  • 46m 03s
  • 2137.90 meters
  • 02m 09s /100 meters

no wetsuit in the lake. damn slow. frick.
all swims in the lake will have a push from flag to flag at the end of the swim. Figured I could get used to that feeling of pushing for the swim exit. It's about 200 yards.

  • 39m 15s
  • 10.82 miles
  • 16.54 Mi/hr
  • 1h 00m 25s
  • 6.01 miles
  • 10m 03s /Mi

  • 2h 52m 58s
  • 56.36 miles
  • 19.55 Mi/hr
  • 56m 19s
  • 5.56 miles
  • 10m 08s /Mi
was supposed to be race rehearsal day. But with yesterdays ride in the legs, I was just trying to push tempo and see how much the run would suck. :D Pretty darn happy with the power and pace on the ride. My lady parts were my limiter here I think. Super angry. :-/

The run was slow as all get out and expected. I felt ok, but the legs just did not want to go. First run at Stony in a long time. I also did have a big break between. Some teammates arrived as I was getting off the bike, then a cute young couple on cruiser bikes needed a pump and I helped them out. The extra rest should have helped the sticks, but nope.

Over all, not bad.

Then I had to head over to the mall...aka hell. To get the phone thing handled, at the apple store. Long story short...the AT&T rep said I'd save money going to the apple store because the phone was in warranty even if it was water damage. I "saved" $6, and wasted 3 hours. So pissed at the shitty advice from the AT&T guy. PLUS...I have to go back because they didn't have my model of phone. More time wasted. Crap!

  • 4h 28m 04s
  • 80.57 miles
  • 18.03 Mi/hr

wore the new en suit. Felt pretty good. No pockets so shoved my phone in the leg of the suit and it's basically dead. The screen won't allow me to open stuff, but texts still come through. Great. Wonderful. Second iPhone to crap out on a ride in 10 months. Awesome. :-/

  • 21m 26s
  • 2.26 miles
  • 09m 29s /Mi

brick. to Grand River and back. Not super hot, but I did get kinda warm in the suit. It has cool black though...may be better with h20.

long day in training and killed the phone. Decent day otherwise.

Had a great time going to Sandy's barn and meeting Sammy, Riff Raff her pup and all the other horses. The girl even got to ride Sammy a bit! The bad news is she stressed out when Sandy told her the main thing about being a vet tech is the people you work with. The girl is not a people person like her mother. She is so comfortable caring for animals. But like Sandy herself had to learn as a vet, you need to be compassionate and caring to the owners of the pets to help get the best for the animals. She was so stressed, she started to cry. Sandy was so good with her! And what the girl doesn't realize about herself is she is already doing just that at the shelter. Anytime someone needs any info on an animal, she jumps right in to help. She just sees herself as a non people person, and I have to help her realize she has the skills an drive to help the animals in this way. Not how I had hoped the meeting would go.

The girl and mini horse, Romeo!

  1. Romeo!

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