The following equipment is nearing replacement:
  • 1h 10m 24s
  • 7.35 miles
  • 09m 35s /Mi

my first colonoscopy is DONE. UGH! Good news...removed 2 polyps (one rather large). Bad news, that means I'll be testing every 3-5 years instead of 10. Doc thought all looked benign. Pathology in a couple weeks. Lord, I dislike this protocol! Breakfast was amazing post.

Lounged all day as prescribed.
  • 52m 52s
  • 5.27 miles
  • 10m 02s /Mi

from home, to the easy section of the trail and back. 3.25 on trail. This may be my go to trail running in season. Plus my hill repeat section is on the route!

holy cow. 4 hours of shopping and trying things on. I really don't like to shop, but this place is a once a year deal! Got lots of stuff...for my sisters in law, me, my daughter, the boy's lady and a few polos for the boy for work. Love how much I save over retail there! You really have to be careful as many things are damaged/torn/holes etc, but you can save a ton! They have gap, athleta, banana republic, piper lime. Wish I had the girl with me so she could score some things. She is too picky/tactile/tall and lean for me to buy for her.

Finished the drive through construction state aka Ohio and made it home for dinner. The bird was screaming and on my head in a second. Dave had a nice plain dinner for me as I have my first colonoscopy wednesday. I really just wanted a giant salad, but no fiber. UGH! It is so good to be home! I love adventuring, but Dorothy had it right...there's no place like home!
so bummed! The weather finally did it's thing. Ride was cancelled due to severe thunderstorms and lightning. BOOHOO! I was really looking forward to riding other 50 today! Instead I just slowly got ready and chatted with everyone before departure. I just love love love this camp. Such a great group of people, just riding hard, shooting the shit and hanging out with like minded nerds. LOVE.

Made my way to Florence KY through another wretched storm, this time with hail! Power shopping in the am at the athleta outlet!
  • 3h 45m 16s
  • 52.61 miles
  • 14.01 Mi/hr

ride time only. Dang! Hard and beautiful! LOVE!

Blood Sweat and Gears 50 mile route. Damn. It was hard and beautiful! Very nice ride with about 4000 ft of gain. Was bummed that one of the descents was not as fun as I had hoped. Too many hair pins turns,loose gravel. Love the new 520 courses with the elevation map. Like knowing just how much more suffering aka climbing there will be! :D

Today it was me and the guys. Camp did two different routes and white my ego wanted to go climb Beech Mountain my brain overruled, wisely. I was surprised at how good I was climbing and feeling considering my spotty training leading into camp and think this was a smarter choice. And it was not easy by any means!

We couldn't get ice-cream as the little shop wasn't open for season yet, so when we stopped for beer, we hit up the food truck outside. Carne asada taco as pre dinner snack! Delish!

  • 5h 54m 23s
  • 61.52 miles
  • 10.42 Mi/hr
Day 2 Boone. BRP to Summit Mt. Mitchell. Gorgeous day. Hard to believe it was snow, black ice and sideways frost last year! Today I think it hit the mid 70's! Epic beautiful challenging climb! I practiced my descending following Dave's advice and following Ralphs line. FUN!

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