The following equipment is nearing replacement:
supposed to be a recovery day per Coach, but weather is crap for tomorrow and I'm getting the wheel cover put on today...want to ride it once before the race to see whats what. Getting rid of the hot mess that is the Profile design FC25. It splashes terribly all over Fiona. And I mean ALL OVER. My thighs and shoes and hands are covered too. I am slow enough managing my training time effeciently...I don't need to add 20 minutes daily to bathe my bike!
  • 57m 46s
  • 6.13 miles
  • 09m 25s /Mi

my 10k route from home. Felt good again today. Did lunge series to wu and drills to cd. threw in a 2x.5 at th. Legs felt fine.

  • 1h 14m 36s
  • 2868.96 meters
  • 02m 36s /100 meters

2 out and backs again with the gang...Johnny, Bob, Cujoe, Patrick and Mike. Only intended on swim 1 lap, but adult peer pressure is alive and well. Took long breaks so we recovered each lap. My shoulders/tris were tight lap one from yesterday's efforts!

Another beautiful day at Trout!

  • 1h 26m 11s
  • 26.79 miles
  • 18.65 Mi/hr

Saw a bunch of folks I haven't seen in a long time, and rode first lap with Julie K...another bitch n bike lol. Rode harder lap two. Was approached by a woman post ride regarding an accidental snot rocket and was completely mortified that I'd done that, and worse, that she thought it was intentional!!!! OMG! MORTIFIED! I apologized and thanked her for speaking to me about it. I would hate for someone to think I'm some douchbag jerk who would do something like that! MORTIFIED!!!!

Happy Birthday America, and Happy Birthday to my sissy! :)

Great night of fireworks at Crescent Sail Club in Grosse Pointe. Good food (too much of course) great company and a nice walk with my sissys-in-law on LSD to look at the fancy houses. :)

  • 50m 49s
  • 2817.87 meters
  • 01m 48s /100 meters

RR swim with the wetsuit at Trout Lake. Not bad. Probably no wetsuit on race day, but I'm not worried. Just can't use too much gas in the drink. Gonna need it on the run. Beautiful calm water for the swim today. Love trout!

  • 2h 18m 48s
  • 40.40 miles
  • 17.46 Mi/hr

wu and 3x10 te
Bitch and Bike with sister for a lap. I MISS OUR TRAINING TIME SO MUCH! Was great to ride a bit with her!!!

Nothing flashy, just enjoyed some intervals and saddle time on a gorgeous day!

  • 20m 02s
  • 2.27 miles
  • 08m 49s /Mi

With Brian...dang it! He took me the hilly way! Gotta run that more often for my bricks. Was fun running with Brian instead of his speedy wife for a change! :)

  • 59m 52s
  • 6.50 miles
  • 09m 13s /Mi

MUCH better run today. Thank goodness. Ran the same route as Tuesday but added some of the flat mtb trail and meadow on the way home. Don't know if it was the beet juice, brand new shoes, nutrition on run, or all of the above, but man what a difference! :)

deck being refinished today, and the painter called off. Surprise. NOT.

I sure wish all the contractors on this house were more like the deck guy.

Worked in the yard spraying round up and cleaning, sort of organizing garage. Can't finish that until the garbage dumpster bag with all the construction stuff is filled and removed, and the contractors get the h*ll out. They will not be doing any cutting inside my garage. Like everything else, this is being done twice. Grrrr.

Didn't work out once again.

Did convince Dave and Kaity to go out for mexican at a small well rated taquira. It was really tasty. Had a fire to clean up the area I'd like to store the kayaks and paddle board under the deck. It was full of brush and twigs from the yard. Slow but sure, things are getting done

  • 59m 46s
  • 6.10 miles
  • 09m 48s /Mi

omg...this run sucked! Was to be a 2x1 th mile repeat run, but Broke the miles into .5 and hit the slow end of TH for the last two. Not even close on the first two. UGH. Ran my 'new' 10k route from home.

shower door installed yesterday but still wrong. Adjusted today and finally showered in the damn thing. Dave loves it. Me, its a nice shower, but not worth all the bs and $. He is happy, so I am happy for him.

Fascia is repaired. I got up and cleaned the gutters, and the painter guy got some of the uppers. Not the ones that face our neighbor of course. Don't have a ladder tall enough for that, but they need to be cleaned. Baby trees are growing!

Dave repaired some items that needed attention today too. Overall a kind of productive day.

Sadly, prepping dinner I looked out the window and there was a dead bird on the deck, and its baby (almost full sized but a fledgling) sitting next to it. The girl went out and picked it up in her hand. I got her birds "bubble" travel case and she contacted a bird rehabber. We keep it safe overnight, feed it in the am and hopefully baby bird will fledge and be flying in a day. It was so sad seeing it just sitting by its mama. :( Love my nature girl for springing into action!

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