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Cloudy High 34FLow 26F
  • Temp: 34F
  • Hum: 80%
  • W: 4mph NNW
High 35F
Low 25F
High 35F
Low 28F
High 38F
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Low 34F
  • 35m 51s
  • 3.55 miles
  • 10m 05s /Mi

ran from the house on the main road...out looking at the mountains. Didn't want to do a face plant on the snowy trail

got a last lil run in. Ran the road and to the mountain. Goodness gracious, it is so gorgeous! I will miss seeing all that beauty every day!

Hit costco after an easy flight back, and of course life and chaos were waiting for us at home. It was lovely while it lasted, but I'm glad to be home with my fluffs, and babies.

  • 45m

butt homework
ankle homework

didn't get to ski today after all. :( Big dump of snow which of course is ideal, but scared us back to Denver as everyone had to work Monday, and Kelly's car only has front wheel drive. It was freaky driving through the pass area with all the snow and tire chain stations for semis...really bad visibility too. We did see big horn sheep, hawks and draft horses on the way back though.

We pretty much watched football and hung with Matt the rest of the day after arriving back in Centennial.
  • Skiing
  • 3h 30m

not really skiing...just taking lessons. One tiny run was all she wrote. It was harder than I remember and warm. Like 40's warm.

Up early, got loaded, dropped the pups off and headed to Beaver Creek. Saw big horn sheep, draft horses, and coyotes on the way. It was a little stressful to get all of us checked in, with our rentals and ready for the lesson. Then Kelly and Brad didn't finish the lesson. Not quite their sport. Brad did join Chris for a run and fell a ton. Dave fell hard the first run and then got better, but was having a hard time with the elevation. Didn't seem to effect me really. Chris seemed to pick right up where he left off. Me? the lesson was very basic and we did one tiny run from the ... wait for it... Buckaroo lift. LOL.

We had a nice dinner, sat by an outdoors fire pit, then had a drink before turning in for the night. My dates were pretty much toast by 9. :)

  • 32m 23s
  • 3.01 miles
  • 10m 46s /Mi

trails by Chris and Kelly's place

Perfect flight with a tailwind. Met up with Matt and had a beer. Chris grabbed us and after getting settled, I went for a run on a trail right by their house in SHORTS! Whoo hooo! Saw lots of bunnies and just enjoyed running someplace new. I'd kill for 5 miles of trails right out my door!

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